TLCPS – Chapter 87: My Dad Must Be A Fake 

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 87: My Dad Must Be A Fake 

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Checker: Tezuka

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Chapter 87: My Dad Must Be A Fake

Ever since Zhang Heng uttered those words, Zhang Heng’s grandfather was sullen and his anger brewed in silence.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Zhang Heng’s mother stood at the side and looked at him obsequiously. Her tone was meek and gentle. She felt that Zhang Heng’s grandfather was angry because she went out on a date with her husband that day, leaving him alone and lonely in this empty mansion.


That must be it!


“Dad, there was a reason why we didn’t bring you along… Can’t you forgive us~  We will bring you anywhere that you want to go. How about that?”


Old Master Zhang grabbed his walking cane, banged it on the floor, and stood up from his chair. He looked at the table filled with food and yet, the person who would usually made an appearance wasn’t here.

 … Zhang Heng, you punk. You dare to disobey your grandfather!


Zhang Heng’s mother and father looked at each other, frowned, and kept quiet.


Zhang Heng’s father whispered into Zhang Heng’s mother’s ear and asked: “What’s wrong? I don’t think he is angry with us… Wasn’t he happy before and said that this way, he would soon have another grandson…?”

From the side, the housekeeper heard Zhang Heng’s parents whispering. She came over and explained: “Young master came back the night that you were not around. He even brought a pretty handsome man home. Afterwards, I went out to throw the trash but when I came back, I saw Old Master Zhang sitting on the sofa sullenly. It was most likely related to young master and that man.”

“…” Zhang Heng parents looked at each other and smiled. It seemed that Zhang Heng still couldn’t let go of him.

In that case, let your parents assist you! Without any prior notice, Zhang Heng’s parents wanted to assist their son in hopes that he would be able to settle down soon.


But what should they do about that stubborn old man?


 Zhang Heng’s grandfather was the person with the most power and prestige in the Zhang family. If he said east, then no one could go west. It even extended to his own son. Old Master Zhang was also severely opposed against Zhang Heng’s father’s marriage. Hence, Zhang Heng’s parents were able to empathize.

As for how Zhang Heng’s parents finally got together, that was a story for another time. The crux of the matter was that it would be much more difficult for Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun to persuade Old Master Zhang.

 “Dad, we are full. We will go back to our room first as you slowly finish your meal.” Zhang Heng’s mother found an excuse to leave the scene and pulled her husband along so that they could have an ‘important discussion’.

   “Hold on!” Old Master Zhang finally spoke and glanced at Zhang Heng’s father with a piercing gaze, “Why aren’t you going to work?”


“Dad, did you forget? I don’t have to go to work today… haha…” Once he finished speaking, his wife dragged him up to their room on the second floor.


Zhang Heng’s grandfather looked at their backs and sighed: “Hmph, they are already an old married couple. Yet, they are still so lovey dovey and unafraid that people would laugh at them…”


Afterwards, silence descended.


The silence was broken by a bang. Zhang Heng’s grandfather was furious: “Ridiculous! Isn’t today Monday?! Who are you trying to deceive?!”


Inside the room.


Zhang Heng’s mother asked her husband: “What should we do?”


The character and temper of Zhang Heng’s father was similar to Zhang Heng. Therefore, he brashly said: “It would work if our father learned about Gu Zhun’s merits~! With the help of your mother persuading your father along with the combination of my charms and merits, didn’t I marry you?”


 “Oh, that’s right! Let’s do that! But how should we actualize it? Speaking of Gu Zhun… When Zhang Heng was still studying, they only heard that Gu Zhun was good in his studies. What other good points does he have…?”


Zhang Heng’s mother handed a briefcase to her husband and gently said: “Don’t be too bothered about the details. Just tell Zhang Heng that when the time comes, we will help to chime in praises to his grandfather. Here is your briefcase.You’re about to be late for work. Later on, remember to admit your mistake to your father and say that you remembered the date wrongly. Just now, you made up a stupid lie.”






Zhang Heng picked up the call as it was from his dad. As per usual, he was acting cute and using the tone he picked up from his wife… when he was clearly an upright gentleman in the company.


  “Dad, what’s wrong?”


 “Well… your mom and I thought of an idea. As long as your grandfather sees Gu Zhun’s merits, everything will proceed smoothly!”

What Zhang Heng thought in his heart was: Can I believe what you said? Wasn’t Dad able to marry Mom due to luck? But in such a desperate situation with no other choices, he could only give it a shot.


“In that case— Dad, help me to inform Mom and Grandfather that I will be home for dinner tonight and I’ll bring Gu Zhun along. Inform Housekeeper Li that she doesn’t have to prepare tonight’s dinner. Gu Zhun and I will prepare it instead.”


“…” On the other end of the line, Zhang Heng’s father smiled unfathomably and replied, “Okay, I got it.”


Zhang Heng hung up the call. He looked at Gu Zhun typing away at the office desk next to his and walked over before saying: “ Let’s prepare a meal for my grandfather tonight. Let my grandfather open his eyes and see that there isn’t much of a difference between marrying a man or woman.”

“…” Although Gu Zhun did not really understand Zhang Heng’s thinking, he still went along with it.


At night.


 Once again, Zhang Heng brought Gu Zhun to the Zhang Family mansion. Their hands were filled with big and small bags, containing various ingredients for tonight’s dinner.


“Have you thought of the menu?” Feeling slightly uneasy, Gu Zhun turned his head and asked Zhang Heng. Zhang Heng kept quiet and just patted Gu Zhun’s shoulder. Afterwards, he looked at Gu Zhun with embarrassment and said: “Do you still remember the only home economics lesson we had during junior high school?”



He wouldn’t have remembered if Zhang Heng didn’t mention it. But now that he brought it up…


This time around, Gu Zhun was the one who felt embarrassed. Of course, those feelings of embarrassment were hidden in his heart. Presently, Gu Zhun still had a calm and stoic look on his face.


  During the third year of junior high school, their school implemented a home economics class in response to the reformation of quality education and even hired teachers with experience. (Actually, they got a few middle age teachers who were also housewives to teach the class.)  In order to leave a good impression on the school inspectors, the third year students even had the chance to attend home economics lesson the week in which educational quality inspections took place.

 Of course, there wasn’t any exception this time. Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun were assigned together.

“Let’s prepare an appetizing dish today. Coincidentally, it is Mother’s Day next week. When that time comes, you can put what you have learned to good use and give your mother a surprise!” said the teacher standing on the stage.

 During the rest of the lesson, the teacher was busy cooking and did not pay any attention to all the third year students messing around.


“Hey Gu Zhun, what should be done after we crack the egg? What about the shell? How do we ensure that the egg yolk would flow out from the shell?”


 “Like this…” After that, Gu Zhun demonstrated for Zhang Heng.


 Zhang Heng grasped it quickly.

It was followed by washing tomatoes and Gu Zhun taught Zhang Heng how to cut it step by step. It was pretty easy as Zhang Heng learned it quickly. Other than splattering himself with water when he was washing tomatoes, that dummy Zhang Heng also cut the tomatoes into various odd shapes and sizes.

“… Can you use some common sense to cut?” Gu Zhun finally learned that Zhang Heng was not only an idiot when it came to his studies, but he was also an idiot when it came to basic life skills. Well, it wasn’t his fault… After all, he was a young master from a rich family that had a housekeeper who would cook for him.


   However, Gu Zhun wasn’t any better off because Zhang Heng soon realized that Gu Zhun was only knowledgeable when it came to preparatory skills. When it came to cooking, he was also at a loss.


Usually, Gu Zhun would only help his sister with preparations and he had never stood in front of a wok to fry anything.


 Hence, Gu Zhun did his best to recall how Gu Li would fry dishes and tried to replicate it.




Zhang Heng looked at him with starry eyes as Gu Zhun picked up the tomatoes that had been cut up. He thought that Gu Zhun would be able to display his cooking skills and even mused that he wouldn’t have to worry about going hungry when he married Gu Zhun in the future.


In the end, Gu Zhun swiftly threw the tomatoes into the wok without doing any prep work beforehand, such as heating the wok with oil and adding garlic to stir fry it.


Zhang Heng didn’t know how to cook but when he turned around and saw the other groups doing those steps, he was precautious and asked: “Hey Gu Zhun… Did we miss out on something?”


“…” Gu Zhun ignored Zhang Heng. Currently, Gu Zhun had a smug look on his face that showed ‘no one could beat me at my area of expertise’.


 As such, Zhang Heng didn’t dare to speak out. He silently stood at the side and watched as Gu Zhun fried the dishes.


 “After all, it’s just mixing eggs and tomatoes to create the ‘stir fry eggs and tomatoes dish’.


Thus, Gu Zhun did it according to the name of the dish.

Afterwards, Zhang Heng looked on as Gu Zhun finished frying the dish by himself.




The end product was burnt eggs and tomatoes…


Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng finally recalled their disastrous attempt at cooking.


They looked at each other and hesitated on whether they should press the doorbell to enter…


“Can we run away…?”


“But didn’t you inform your family…?”  Deep inside Gu Zhun’s heart, he really wanted to escape.


   Moreover, the ingredients they bought for tonight were a little expensive and of high quality… it was foolish of them…



 “Why don’t…”


“Why don’t we just say that the supermarket ran out of the ingredients that we wanted? Let’s visit them a few days after we have practiced our culinary skills.”


 “I agree with this idea. It is sensible.”


  Just when they were about to escape… No, just when they were about to leave, the door opened and the housekeeper, Madam Li, stood at the door holding two trash bags like an angel and asked them affably—

   “Why are you standing outside? Did you forget to bring your key? Such a coincidence that I helped you open the door. Come in quickly, young master.”


 “Hahaha… Alright…”


What followed after was dry and awkward laughter…

Afterwards, they looked at each other helplessly and stood in the kitchen under the observation of Zhang Heng’s family.


“Both of you get to work.” Zhang Heng’s grandfather, who was seated on the sofa, saw that they hadn’t gotten started and instructed them.


   How? What should they do now? How do they fillet this fish? Argh! My dad must be a fake!! Isn’t this digging a grave for me?!


How? Help! They need a solution urgently!

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