TLCPS – Chapter 88: Why Can’t Guys Be Together

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 88: Why Can’t Guys Be Together

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Chapter 88: Why Can’t Guys Be Together

“Tsk, take a good look! As expected, nothing good will result from marrying a man. Not only does he live off you, he can’t even cook!” Zhang Heng’s grandfather, who was seated on the sofa, regarded him coldly. It was clear that those words were directed at Gu Zhun.

Shocked by the sudden criticism, Gu Zhun’s hands jolted and the bowl he was holding accidentally slipped. It landed on the floor, crashing and breaking into pieces.

Standing at the side, Zhang Heng was stunned by the sudden turn of events but he quickly realized that this was not the time to be gawking. In this Zhang family mansion, Gu Zhun could not depend on anyone other than himself.

He had to be a reliable person that Gu Zhun could depend on.

Immediately, Zhang Heng squatted down to pick up the broken pieces, regardless of the fact that his fingers were bleeding from the cuts of a few razor sharp pieces.

“Ouch.” Zhang Heng’s soft cry of pain drew the attention of his mother, who had sensitive hearing. She immediately stood up and ran to the bar between the living room and the kitchen. Zhang Heng’s mother asked her son with concern: “Son! Were you hurt? Show it to mom quickly!”

“… It’s no big deal.” Zhang Heng turned his head, lifting his fingers to show his mom that everything was alright. However, under the watchful eyes of his mother, a drop of blood followed by another welled up from the wound that was invisible to the naked eyes

Zhang Heng’s mother wanted to get Zhang Heng to leave the kitchen: “Son, I think you should not stay in the kitchen. Mom knows you too well. Sooner or later, you would blow up the kitchen, hurt yourself, and drag Gu Zhun down with you. Just hand this place to little Zhun.” Zhang Heng’s mother revealed a gentle smile as she turned and asked: “Isn’t that right, Gu Zhun?”

“Huh…” In an attempt to signal for help, Gu Zhun’s eyes fleeted towards Zhang Heng, but it was for naught because Zhang Heng’s grandfather ordered: “The person who got hurt in the kitchen, stand aside obediently.”

Since his grandfather had spoken, Zhang Heng could not disobey or else it would make his grandfather more angry. It would only serve to mess up the plan of getting into his grandfather’s good books.

Zhang Heng walked out of the kitchen, leaving Gu Zhun behind in a daze to deal with the unprepared ingredients.

Roughly five minutes had passed but Gu Zhun was just bumbling around.

As time ticked by, Zhang Heng’s grandfather started getting impatient and he uttered another hurtful sentence: “Hmph! This kind of useless person. What use would they have when they enter our household? We still have to pay for his meals and incur losses.”

“Grandfather!” Zhang Heng was seated on the sofa and unable to move as his mother fussed over the wound on his finger.

Gu Zhun stood in the kitchen and clenched his fist tightly. His whole body trembling…

Since the start, Gu Zhun had always disliked fighting a battle unprepared.

This battle was a mistake on his part as the joy of being in love had clouded his rationality. He should have remembered that Zhang Heng and him were completely clueless when it came to cooking. If he did, they wouldn’t be in such an embarrassing plight before the housekeeper opened the door.


Just why…

Why was it so difficult for two people who mutually liked each other to be together?

Just because he and Zhang Heng were guys meant that they weren’t destined to be together? Wasn’t it unfair?

I love Zhang Heng… Why can’t we receive your blessings?

Gu Zhun lowered his head, his brows furrowed. His lips were pressed into a thin line and his eyes were moist and slightly red…

He really wanted to tear up… but he couldn’t…

As a man, he shouldn’t cry! It was just not knowing how to cook! It was rare in itself for a guy to be able to cook…

“Gu Zhun…” Seated in the living room, a wave of self blame arised in Zhang Heng’s heart when he saw Gu Zhun standing in the kitchen with his head lowered and his shoulders trembling.

He shouldn’t have been so silly as to bring Gu Zhun here to look for trouble. It even caused Gu Zhun to be subjected to his grandfather’s mockery.
Zhang Heng was overwhelmed by sadness…

What should he do? From the expression on grandfather’s face, it was clear that he had forbidden him from helping out… But Gu Zhun was fighting this battle alone! How could he just sit there and do nothing? How could he be fit to say that he liked Gu Zhun by the way that he was acting now?

“If you don’t even know how to cook, how will you be able to take care of Zhang Heng? After all, you’re the bottom in the relationship… hmph!” Zhang Heng’s grandfather was staring in front with a stern and imposing gaze.


Unable to tolerate it any longer, Zhang Heng stood up and broke free from his mother’s grip. He quickly entered the kitchen and right in front of his family, he embraced a trembling Gu Zhun.

Zhang Heng comforted him softly: “It’s alright… it’s alright…”

“But, but…”

Gu Zhun’s voice was laced with a slightly nasal tone. It seemed that he was really about to cry.

He really wanted to portray a good image and show his strengths in front of Zhang Heng’s family. It was to prove that he was worthy of Zhang Heng and that he could make him happy.

I hoped that you could give us your blessings. How I had sincerely hoped that…

But why?

Why do you refuse to give us your blessings?

Just because we are guys means that it is morally unacceptable?

Heterosexuals can be together and so can homosexuals.

Zhang Heng’s hands rested on Gu Zhun’s back and his left hand stroked his back to comfort Gu Zhun. Finally, Gu Zhun stopped trembling.

However, they did not expect that a new round of difficulty was about to start. It was alarming that Zhang Heng’s parents, who were also their only potential hope of support, did not stand up for their son.

They had long been accustomed to the domineering control that Zhang Heng’s grandfather exerted.

It was just like Gao JueXin, a character from the novel 《The Family》.

If you can’t disobey, compromise. If you are unwilling to compromise, remain silent.

Don’t talk and remain silent was the best standpoint.

Over the years, Zhang Heng’s parents, who got together only after much difficulty, was fed up with being subjected to Zhang Heng’s grandfather’s authority in the family. However, they felt that it was the greatest concession and love towards them when he agreed to their relationship and marriage even when they were of different social statuses. They were more than satisfied with this…

This time, their son fell for a man. Not to mention that other than wealthy families having to agonize over whether they would have a fourth generation heir to succeed the company, even ordinary families might not have had the strength in their hearts to accept that their daughter-in-law is a guy.

Gu Zhun’s apartment.

Coincidentally, it was Gu Li’s day off so she slept until the afternoon. When she woke up, she saw a notification on her phone. It was a message sent from Gu Zhun—

【Sister, I am going over to Zhang Heng’s house for dinner tonight. I will cook and impress Zhang Heng’s family!】

“Hahaha… this silly kid. Silly young brother in love…” Gu Li smiled and sighed as she pondered if his character had changed and whether he was so immersed in saccharine words of love that he could not extricate himself…

Gu Li opened the fridge and took a bottle of milk to drink.

She was halfway through the bottle of milk when she finally recalled!

Gu Zhun cooked for the first time on Mother’s Day during the third year of junior high school. He prepared a table full of dishes and sat there waiting for Gu Li to return home from work.

When Gu Li returned home, she saw her beloved little brother smiling at her eagerly as she opened the door and entered. He smiled and said: “Welcome back sis! Happy Mother’s Day!”

“I am back! My good little brother, thank you!”

This year’s Mother’s Day was the same as usual as only Gu Zhun and Gu Li celebrated it together. Gu Zhun had always been grateful to Gu Li for taking care of him during the past few years in spite of the hardship. For him, Gu Li was his mom.

The warmth of his actions had been kept in mind but at that time, it had been covered up by bitterness…

Yes, bitter.

Some of the dishes that Gu Zhun had cooked were burnt.

Gu Li glanced at the kitchen worriedly— The kitchen was in a terrible state! Not only was the sink filled with tableware but the kitchen was also littered with various types of vegetables…

Most importantly, the wok used to fry vegetables had been burnt badly and it was troublesome to clean up. In the end, Gu Li simply threw it away.

Gu Li picked up her chopsticks and casually took a vegetable. When she put it in her mouth, Gu Zhun watched her with anticipation as she chewed and swallowed.

“Sister, how is it?”

“…” Gu Li forced a smile. Her brows were furrowed as she raised her thumbs up and praised: “It was great! Really delicious!”

“Really?! Next time, I will cook it for you again!” Gu Zhun was really happy because his cooking had been acknowledged by his sister.

But… the truth. The truth was… it tasted… really bitter… Yes, it was really bitter…

Gu Li hurriedly said: “No need! You should focus on your studies. You are already in your third year and it is important to study. Just let your sister do the cooking, I would be happy if you could be admitted into a good university.”

“Yes! Sister, I will work hard!”

Gu Li recalled…

“Gu Zhun doesn’t know how to cook! Could it be that Zhang Heng doesn’t know as well?!” Gu Li hurriedly ran into Gu Zhun’s room. After rummaging for a while, she took out a hidden file from a drawer and found Zhang Heng’s home address.

When she found Zhang Heng’s address, Gu Li immediately rushed to the entrance and forgot to take her coat. She wore the most convenient flats and ran to the garage.

“It seems that they have been blinded by love?! These two idiots! Did they forget they paired up during home economics and were scolded because they burnt a wok and broke countless plates that the teacher even asked for compensation? How did they not learn their lesson?”

She ran to the garage, got into the car, and started the engine. She drove to the Zhang family mansion in a rush as she recalled the details of what happened that year.

“That’s right! At that time, Zhang Heng took the punishment alone and the compensation was bore by Zhang Heng… I only knew of it afterwards… Most likely at that time, Zhang Heng had started to brainwash Gu Zhun into having more confidence in his cooking and not to be disappointed, right?!”

The traffic light in front turned red! The car was obstructed from moving forward.

“Damn it! Hurry up and turn green!”

Time was ticking away.

Inside the kitchen, Gu Zhun broke away from Zhang Heng’s embrace. Without raising his head, he silently grabbed the ribs from the plastic bag and numbly washed it under the faucet.

Zhang Heng asked worriedly: “Gu Zhun, are you alright? Let’s not do it anymore… Let’s go back…”

On the other hand, Gu Li cursed and pressed the horn to urge new drivers in front to drive faster.

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