TLCPS – Chapter 89: An Unexpected Turn

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 89: An Unexpected Turn

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Checker: Tezuka


Chapter 89: An Unexpected Turn

In the kitchen, Gu Zhun held a knife once again. Gu Zhun’s hand trembled as he held the kitchen knife while his other hand pressed down the fish that was ready to be filleted. The knife was raised into the air but it did not descend for a long time. It was as though the air had solidified.

“Gu Zhun… don’t force yourself…” Zhang Heng tried to persuade him. He knew of Gu Zhun’s stubbornness.

Once Gu Zhun set his mind on something, no one could change it easily.

Having set his mind on Zhang Heng, Gu Zhun would not leave him. He would do all he could to stay with Zhang Heng. Even though he was cowardly seven years ago and up until recently, he really wanted to run away from Zhang Heng… Now, he was shameless and wouldn’t leave him.

The knife that was raised in midair stayed in that position for a very long time but Gu Zhun did not hack it down.

Zhang Heng stretched his hand out to grab the wrist of Gu Zhun’s hand that was holding the knife. His voice trembled: “Forget it… Gu Zhun… Let’s think of another idea… What if you get hurt?”

   Zhang Heng lost his head whenever it was something related to Gu Zhu. This time was no exception.

 Everything was fine as long as Gu Zhun didn’t get hurt.

  However, a gash was left on Gu Zhun’s heart that had mended after much difficulty. Why was he so unlucky? Since he was young, he was always abandoned by others…

At least this time, he was given a longer time to fight for what he wanted…

“Sister…” Gu Zhun eyes were already red but he held back his tears. A man shouldn’t cry and if he cried, Zhang Heng’s family would despise him even more.
As though she heard her brother’s cries, Gu Li stepped on the accelerator, maneuvering the streets before finally arriving in front of the Zhang family mansion.

“Tsk tsk, it is really luxurious. Such a luxurious household. Luckily, Zhang Heng was smart and grew up with a good head on his shoulders regardless of his background…”

Gu Li pressed the doorbell and stopped her remarks. The housekeeper, Madam Li, opened the door. Without waiting for Madam Li to politely ask things like ‘who are you looking for’, Gu Li shoved the door open and rushed in.

  “Gu Zhun—!! Sister is here!”

“…Huh?” Gu Zhun couldn’t believe it. He followed the sound and looked up, “Sister—?”

  Gu Li snatched the knife from Gu Zhun’s hand and pushed him towards Zhang Heng: “Zhang Heng, look after your husband properly.”


Afterwards, Gu Li took the knife and inside the kitchen, cutting and banging sounds emerged. In less than half an hour, all the ingredients had been prepared perfectly and it was served onto the Zhang family dining table.

“All of you come over and eat. My brother and I will not be eating.” Initially, they thought that Gu Li was here to help out and did not think that she would act presumptuously. In the end, Gu Li said: “You don’t have to accept Gu Zhun if you don’t want to. After all, we don’t give a shit about marrying into a rich family! Zhang Heng can just marry into our family!”


Zhang Heng’s grandfather was furious! This woman was going overboard!

“Impossible!”  Zhang Heng’s grandfather was about to say. In the end, his grandson was like a rabbit. He hopped over to Gu Li and fawned over her: “Sis is clever! How come I didn’t think of it?”

“Zhang Heng—!! Are you trying to drive me mad?!”

Zhang Heng kept quiet. He only glanced at his grandfather from the corner of his eyes.
   ““Grandfather, do you think that I am like those weak main characters in those family conflict dramas that don’t know how to fight for the person they love? Let me tell you. Even if you fire me from my position and get someone else to be the president, he would not be as distinguished as me nor would you be assured to hand him the company. The company that you have built up from scratch would be ruined! I am not worried if you freeze my card. I am smart; my acumen and knowledge are my greatest assets. Grandfather, thank you for spending so much money to train me into being such an outstanding man from the fool that I was before. Thank you, Grandfather. That’s it, Dad and Mom will take care of you. If you are assured, hand the company over to Dad.”

What else could Zhang Heng’s grandfather say? He could only tremble and clutch his walking stick: “You… want to… sever… your ties with the Zhang Family? You better reconsider this carefully…”

Zhang Heng raised his brows and smiled: “I’ve thought this through carefully. To be honest, I used this avenue tonight in hopes that you could accept Gu Zhun but since you refused and made it difficult, I am left with no other choice. Severing ties with the Zhang family isn’t a big deal as I still have the Zhang family’s blood flowing through my veins. The Zhang family has always been a part of my responsibility, but I cannot throw it away because I still need to depend on the Zhang family to improve myself. Now that you’ve given me the chance to throw it away, of course I would make use of this opportunity.”

“… Aren’t you afraid of the gossips that would follow?”

“Why should I be afraid of those gossips?”

“ I have never been afraid since the moment I fell for Gu Zhun seven years ago.”
Gu Zhun, who was behind Zhang Heng, suddenly felt that Zhang Heng’s back was really reliable.

  “… Zhang Heng, thank you.” Gu Zhun softly said.

He said it so meekly but it was also really sincere.

“You’re welcome.” Zhang Heng turned around, looked at Gu Zhun, and smiled.

Zhang Heng held Gu Zhun’s hand and Gu Li led the way. The three of them walked out of Zhang family mansion together!

“Dad!” Zhang Heng’s mother was still shouting in the living room hysterically. Of course, this was just an act but sometimes, Zhang Heng’s mother was also someone with a short attention span. “Why didn’t you faint? If you fainted, won’t you be able to stop Zhang Heng from leaving?”

“… Huh?”

 Zhang Heng’s grandfather thought in his heart: “I wanted to faint… but I didn’t…”
They returned to Gu Zhun and Gu Li’s apartment.

Gu Li squinted and looked at Zhang Heng for a long time before she hesitated and asked: “You were serious?”

“Of course.” Zhang Heng replied to her question with narrowed eyes to show that he was sincere and serious about it. But in the eyes of a normal person like Gu Zhun, they were looking at each other quirkily.

“Good!” Gu Li patted Zhang Heng’s shoulder.

Zhang Heng nodded his head: “Sister, please guide me in the future!”

“Of course! You can ask me about anything…”
“…” Gu Zhun was still a little more worried than these two silly people. After all… who knows what might happen tomorrow.

Perhaps, Zhang Heng’s grandfather might have sent out orders tonight to shut out and expel Zhang Heng, just like those television dramas.

“…” However, nothing happened during the second day.

 It was exactly like a clip from China Network Television— “Dear audience, if Earth does not explode, we will not take a break. We will not rest if the universe does not shut down. We will be here regardless of rain or shine. There aren’t four seasons here; there are only two. If you tune in to watch, it is the peak season and if you change the channel, it is the off season.”
 Yes. Today, the company was the same as Earth. It was functioning properly.

  “Doesn’t seem right… Was it the calm before the storm?”

Zhang Heng comforted Gu Zhun: “No, it’s just that my grandfather looked through the entire company and subsidiary companies but he could not find anyone that could catch his eyes. I am not bragging… After all, I am the only successor that he has groomed since I was young.”

“…” Gu Zhun was retorting in his heart— Now you’re bragging and spouting nonsense…

Zhang Heng pinched Gu Zhun’s face: “When did you learn to retort so well?”

“How did you know what I was thinking?” Gu Zhun was stunned… Logically, Zhang Heng should not be able to read his mind…

“I am a mind reader.”


“Actually, it’s not a big surprise. I just understand you really well.”

“…” Gu Zhun lowered his head after he got suddenly teased . His earlobes and cheeks were red.

 The phone at the front desk rang. Gu Zhun, who was an assistant, picked up the call: “Hello.”

 … After a few minutes.

“Alright… I know.”

 Gu Zhun hung up the call. He turned to Zhang Heng and said: “The chairman is waiting for you inside the conference room.”

“Okay.” Zhang Heng stood up. He took the suit hanging on the coat hanger and wore it before pushing the office door open and leaving.

 Even though his back was facing Gu Zhun and he didn’t see Gu Zhun’s expression, Zhang Heng was able to guess that Gu Zhun sported a worried expression as he watched Zhang Heng walk further and further away.

Gu Zhun was afraid that when Zhang Heng left, he would no longer be his. The next time Zhang Heng pushed open the door and walked in, he would be a different Zhang Heng from before.

  He was afraid that Zhang Heng would leave him…

   He was really afraid.
“Don’t worry, I will be back soon. When I am back, I will still be the same. The same person who loves you the most in this world. You must know…:”

“No matter what happens, the person I love will always be you.”

   Zhang Heng pushed the door open and left the office. Since the start, he did not turn back to look at Gu Zhun because Zhang Heng was also trembling. It wasn’t easy managing to suppress the tremors in his voice and talking to Gu Zhun calmly.  He was Gu Zhun’s support and if he became so scared that he trembled, how would he be Gu Zhun’s strength and support?

“Wait for me… Gu Zhun.” Zhang Heng thought from his heart.
The moment Zhang Heng stepped foot into the conference room, he saw his grandfather.


“ You have really decided to sever your ties with the Zhang family? You’ve even changed the way you address me so quickly. You no longer call me Grandfather…”

“Yes, I am a man of my words. I hope that Chairman would be able to understand the feelings of loving someone.”


Zhang Heng’s grandfather stood up, walked over to Zhang Heng’s side with a cane, and sat down. He raised his hand to stroke Zhang Heng’s head: “I know you’ve grown up. You have someone you love and want to protect…”

“Grandfather is able to understand because your grandmother and I and your dad and mom went through hardships before we were finally able to get together. Perhaps… all these years, Grandfather neglected your feelings and caused you to lack the warmth that a family should have. You were young and had to stay in such a huge house alone. You must have been really lonely and scared…”

“I am sorry… for cooping you in such a big house… it was to ensure that you study hard so that you would have the skills to inherit the company in the future…”

“You met Gu Zhun and chose him… You’re right. Grandfather can’t stop you from being with him… You were right about everything… Grandfather can’t find someone as distinguished nor someone I could trust to hand over the company… Compared to you, your father isn’t as bold and decisive… Moreover, we are already old…”

“That’s right… they have grown old…”

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