TLCPS – Chapter 90: Carnal Feast! (NSFW)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 90: Carnal Feast!

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Checker: Tezuka


    In that case, Grandfather…”


   Zhang Heng’s grandfather sighed as he could only compromise.


   “If you like him, continue to do so and follow your heart. The world is huge and vastly populated. After all, it isn’t easy for you to meet someone you like…”


Zhang Heng’s grandfather recalled the past.


Ever since Zhang Heng was born, he watched him grow up from kindergarten, elementary, and high school. He was the one who watched his progress and gave Zhang Heng’s silly parents a little advice. However, Zhang Heng wasn’t outstanding and he was slightly silly before he went to high school.


Every time Zhang Heng came home from school, his body was covered with bruises. Even his exam papers and homeworks were filled with red crosses.


“Zhang Heng, bring it over.”


Little Zhang Heng hid the exam papers behind his back. He dragged his feet and walked over to his grandfather at turtle speed: “Grandfather, I… I… “ Little Zhang Heng really wanted to explain something or perhaps, he wanted to quibble.


However, this wasn’t Little Zhang Heng’s fault. He was serious in class and serious about his homework. It was just that he really could not understand…


Zhang Heng’s grandfather knew his grandson well, but he was slightly unable to believe that his grandson would be so stupid. He couldn’t help being disappointed because after all, his grandson was the company’s heir.


“Bring it over. Don’t you need it to be signed? Your parents won’t be home this week.” Zhang Heng’s grandfather swiftly grabbed the exam papers behind Zhang Heng’s back and quickly signed his exquisite signature on the paper.


Zhang Heng’s grandfather spent a lot of effort mastering this signature so that no one could forge it when he signed contracts.

His grandfather handed the exam papers back to little Zhang Heng: “Work hard, otherwise you will not have a share of the inheritance!”




Little Zhang Heng was aware what an inheritance meant. He watched too many family dramas with his mother.


Little Zhang Heng took the exam papers and fled to his room. Incredulously, his grandfather did not whoop his ass. In the past, his grandfather would have beaten him. He would also fiercely scold and question Zhang Heng on whether he goofed off by playing games or reading comics after class ended.


In the end, his grandfather did not beat him up.


  Little Zhang Heng who had returned to his room and did not hear what his grandfather had said in the living room: “… If it is ruined in the hands of my grandson, I am willing to accept it.”


In the years to come, Zhang Heng’s grandfather trained and educated him painstakingly. His efforts paid off when Zhang Heng finally blossomed. Partially, Zhang Heng’s interest in his studies was aroused when he met Gu Zhun, who loved studying with every fibre of his being. Hence, things got out of hand. Everyday, he would attempt practice questions fervently while exclaiming in his heart: “Oh gosh, what is this! This is interesting! What does fx mean? It turns out that it’s a function notation and not a korean girl group! Woah—”

Since then, a bad student became an elite student.


 Later on, a silly boy became a loyal and overbearing president.


 Zhang Heng’s grandfather recalled every bit of Zhang Heng’s growth. He remembered it as if it was just yesterday, Zhang Heng was still that little boy who pleaded for forgiveness pitifully but now, he had grown up. Now, he was someone who wasn’t afraid to love nor hate. He was a person with beliefs and capabilities.


 “Zhang Heng, be brave and pursue your happiness. Grandfather won’t stop you and neither can I stop you.”


“Grandfather… Thank you.”


 Zhang Heng stood up and gave the increasingly thin, old man in front of him a big hug. “Thank you for your understanding.”


Zhang Heng bid his grandfather farewell and returned to his office.


  “Gu Zhun, Grandfather agreed to us being together.”




“Yes, really.”


Zhang Heng nodded his head and assured Gu Zhun once again.


  “… Why so sudden?”


Zhang Heng told Gu Zhun what happened in the conference room but he did not tell Gu Zhun about the price or more accurately, a condition that his Grandfather had laid down—


“He wants us to have a child.”




 “Hahahaha, that was in the past. Now he wants us to train a successor.”


“That scared me… It turns out to be that.”  Gu Zhun breathed a sigh of relief. Zhang Heng’s bated breath caused him to be anxious.


Zhang Heng smiled devilishly: “Why don’t we do it tonight.”






“What are you laughing about!”


Gu Zhun slapped Zhang Heng’s body.


“Oh, you dare to beat your husband!”


Sure enough, Zhang Heng carried Gu Zhun and threw him on the bed at night.


“What do you want?” Gu Zhun frowned and pursed his lips, “Just because of this morning… Guys can’t get pregnant… You did not properly study biology during high school.”


  “No, of course I studied it seriously. It’s just that, I am just… Don’t you think that we rarely did it since our trip on the road?”


 “Did what?”


  “Did it?”


 “So what is ‘it’?!”


“…” Zhang Heng did not want to continue arguing with Gu Zhun. He simply pushed down Gu Zhun and pressed against his body heavily. Gu Zhun groaned and quickly covered his mouth.


Zhang Heng definitely wouldn’t stop after he heard it. His hands glided on Gu Zhun’s shirt. After that, he unbuttoned Gu Zhun’s shirt one button at a time and slowly removed his top, revealing most of Gu Zhun’s fair shoulders.


 Zhang Heng kissed Gu Zhun’s lips and greedily sucked on them. Whether it was the upper or lower lip, he did not spare either of them.


“You… has it been a long time since you let off steam…” Gu Zhun buried himself in front of Zhang Heng’s chest and asked pantingly.


Zhang Heng’s lips jerked up and buried his head in Gu Zhun’s neck. The fine fringe on Zhang Heng’s head tickled Gu Zhun. It was as though an electric current was coursing through his whole body, causing him to feel limp and numb.


Gu Zhun raised his arms and hooked it around Zhang Heng’s neck. Zhang Heng raised Gu Zhun’s entire body single-handedly and even moved it slightly further away from the bed by a few centimeters.

Zhang Heng groaned and replied in a magnetic voice: “Yes. Are you ready for the aftermath…”


Gu Zhun’s face immediately turn flushed as he turned his head away and did not dare to look at Zhang Heng. He was afraid that his face would blush even more if he continued to look at Zhang Heng. If that happened, his face would not be pink and instead, it would turn red.


His whole body was burning up as if a spark had set it ablazed.


Zhang Heng’s fingers glided around Gu Zhun’s body. It was very comfortable and very electrifying but it flitted around and did not stay in one place for long.




 This fleeting touch with a slight touch of tentativeness simply whetted one’s appetite.


   However, Gu Zhun didn’t know that Zhang Heng sometimes had mischievous intentions. Zhang Heng had waited for this stoic person underneath him for so many years and yet, Gu Zhun was not willing to give his heart to others. He wanted Gu Zhun to cry out to him: “I want. I really want…”


To Zhang Heng’s surprise, Gu Zhun used a little force and the arms that were wrapped around his neck pressed down. Zhang Heng’s whole body pressed down onto Gu Zhun’s body and Gu Zhun groaned. That sexy groan was not the main point. What was important was Gu Zhun saying: “I want it.”


  There was no hesitation nor shyness. Even though it was pitch dark, Zhang Heng was able to imagine Gu Zhun’s expression right now. He was looking at Zhang Heng innocently without pouting his lips or acting coquettishly. There were no other special expressions as it was a clear expression of desire. This was the first time that Gu Zhun wanted something so urgently, surprising Zhang Heng by the turn of events.  


For the first time, Zhang Heng heard Gu Zhun voice out his fervent and eager desire for him. Of course, it was hard for him to control himself. This silly, big dog was about to become a wolf now.


Zhang Heng pounced and greedily sucked on Gu Zhun’s lips. He even stuck his tongue out to explore Gu Zhun’s mouth, prying open his pearly white teeth and teasing Gu Zhun’s tongue.


“Ohhh… Ah… Oh…”


 Gu Zhun panted continuously. It sparked Zhang Heng to continue his onslaught of attacks.


  Zhang Heng took off Gu Zhun’s half removed trousers and his… Zhang Heng had fantasized about doing so for a long time. It was also because of this that Zhang Heng had to get up in the middle of the night to sort out and clean his bed sheets.



 Zhang Heng also removed Gu Zhun’s underwear and revealed Gu Zhun’s rare object.

“Really adorable…:”


When Zhang Heng said that, it seemed to gained sentience and even trembled. It slowly swelled up and grew larger. The owner of this object was also a rarity as he lifted his hand to cover his eyes and did not dare to look at the man who was pressing on him.


“Don’t continue to talk…”


Gu Zhun became even more worked up and that cute object of his became even more excited and grew bigger. White precum even made its way to the top.


Zhang Heng stretched out his index finger and lightly touched Gu Zhun’s cute object. That little cutie trembled and more white juices started to flow out.


  “Stop looking at it… it’s about to… about to…”


Zhang Heng raised his eyebrows and gave a small smile: “About to what? I have not even started.”


Even after gaining an advantage, Zhang Heng wanted to bully Gu Zhun even more after seeing him like this. Before Gu Zhun could speak, Zhang Heng lightly touched it.


Gu Zhun was able to feel that burning sensation transmitting from the bottom.


He was burning up from lust, but it was very pleasurable.


Zhang Heng’s hand pumped up and down. Gu Zhun’s pants were also in line with Zhang Heng’s tempo.


The pleasure mounted and rose…


“Mmm… Ahh… Mmm…”


Zhang Heng touched the bedside table. Zhang Heng had prepared this lubricant a long time ago as he poured a little on his hand.


“Gu Zhun, can I…? I…” Zhang Heng asked Gu Zhun.


Gu Zhun did not reply.


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