TLCPS – Chapter 93: Sister Got Married

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 93: Sister Got Married

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Editor: Espada

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After their meal, Gu Li made a phone call to her fiance.


“How’s the preparations going along on your end?”

 The other person on the line replied: “It’s almost ready. Your parents promised to attend the wedding. They are very happy to be able to see you in a wedding dress.”


“Okay… that’s good.” Gu Li covered her phone and turned back to look at Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun, who were sitting on the sofa helping to write invitations. She smiled and said: “Previously, I did not bring you over to meet my little brother and caused him to worry… Now that everything’s alright, I’ve already told them.”


 “You are always like this, keeping everything in your heart. You would only speak of it when you are absolutely certain. You truly love your brother.”


“Yes… He is my loved one. In the future, I will also have you by my side. I am really happy now.”


“Give me a kiss~ Muack~”


“Hahahaha~ Muack~”


It was already late into the night when Gu Li hung up the call. She saw that Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng had almost finished writing the invitation.

“Do you guys want some snacks?”


Zhang Heng was still like a child from all those years ago. Whenever food was mentioned, he would always think about cookies, biscuits, and chocolate. He was always very happy and in high spirits although the midnight snacks in Gu Li’s house were all very common and could be bought from anywhere.


However, it didn’t simply fill Zhang Heng’s stomach. It was the love and concern that also warmed his heart.


“I want! I want!”


Gu Zhun was still seriously writing the guest names and invitation but he still said: “I want hot milk.”


Gu Li felt that it was slightly funny and gave a snort of laughter.


It felt like time flew really quickly… When was the last time that Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng sat in the living room and wrote something seriously? They even made a ruckus about having midnight snacks…

It seemed to be at least seven years ago…


At that time, they were two young boys in the living room. Now they have grown and become the most important person in each other’s lives.


Gu Li walked into the kitchen to prepare supper for these two ‘brothers’ of hers. Gu Zhun still kept his old habit, where he liked to drink a hot cup of milk before going to sleep.


Zhang Heng was still the same. He could eat anything as long as it tasted good.


The wedding preparations were almost done. Now they just had to wait for the wedding to commence.


“We warmly invite you.” Gu Li sent the invitation out in succession, notifying friends and family by phone. Of course, when it came to relatives, there weren’t much people except for Gu Zhun and a few others.


On the day of the wedding.


Gu Zhun finally saw Gu Li’s boyfriend.


This brother-in-law looked simple and honest. His character seemed honest and reliable. Throughout the entire wedding oath, he would always look at Gu Li even if she did not look at him.


Afraid that Gu Li would fall during the wedding toast, he would always hold her hand. He would also try to carry the train of the wedding dress by himself.

 “Toast properly. You don’t have to bother about me, I’m not that delicate.”


    His brother-in-law replied: “Sometimes, you push yourself too much so I must look after you.” That sentence showed Gu Zhun that this time, his sister met the right guy.


He was her Mr. Right!


Gu Zhun’s parents attended the wedding too.


  Gu Zhun’s father wore a faded and old suit, but he was glowing. He went forward to hug Gu Li.


“Daughter… I am sorry.”


Gu Li patted her father like a mother comforting a child. She smiled and said: “Dad, it’s alright. It’s all in the past. Aren’t we doing well now?”


 “That’s right~ Old man, don’t cry so miserably. Today is a joyous occasion.”


  Gu Li knew her mother came when she heard her voice. Of course, her mother came with her husband and two children.


“You came.”




   Li XiaoYue stepped forward and whispered in Gu Li’s ear: “I have to inform you about some things first. These things were supposed to be told by a matchmaker, but they are no longer popular now. I think you already know about it, but it is still better to tell you…”


At this point, Gu Li was roughly able to guess what her mother wanted to tell her… It should be about bedroom skills?


Zhang Heng watched the mother and daughter at the side and guessed what Li XiaoYue wanted to say. Zhang Heng mimicked Li XiaoYue. He stepped forward and kissed Gu Zhun’s lips. Afterwards, he leaned close to his ears and said: “You should also properly learn about it.”


“Learn about what?”


“… This and that…”


Gu Zhun pinched Zhang Heng’s waist: “Say something intelligible.”


“Well… The gist of it is… when we are in bed… you’ve to cooperate with me….”





Throughout the whole wedding, everything proceeded smoothly. Everyone at the venue appeared to be in high spirits and there were many familiar faces. During this event, Zhang Heng roughly got to know different people connected with the Gu Family.


Zhang Heng’s heart would skip a beat whenever someone asked Gu Zhun who was the person beside him. What kind of answer should be given? If he replied honestly and said that he was Gu Zhun’s boyfriend and fiance, they would definitely be shocked. Everyone at the venue would look at them weirdly. Although he didn’t mind, Gu Zhun might suffer a heavy blow and get hurt… If he didn’t reply honestly, would Gu Zhun assumed that Zhang Heng didn’t think he was worthy of him? Even his boyfriend didn’t dare to admit their relationship.

Surprisingly, Gu Zhun already gave a reply when Zhang Heng was still struggling to find an appropriate answer: “Husband.”


“What…” All of the guests left with a stunned expression on their face.


Zhang Heng was also unable to believe that Gu Zhun would be so honest. There wasn’t any hesitation and he didn’t even blush after he told them.

When did Gu Zhun became so… nonchalant?

“Don’t look at me as though I’ve become crazy.”


“… I just feel that… Why are you so… so…”


“Why am I so honest, right?”




“I have thought things through. In this world, there are different types of love. Our love is just one of them. It just so happened that ours is a little special, that’s all.”

“Haha yes, you are right.” Zhang Heng took a strawberry from the cake on the buffet table and stuffed it into Gu Zhun’s mouth, “Reward yourself with a strawberry.”




 The host standing on the stage excitedly announced the last procedure of the wedding: “Thank you to all of the guests for coming today. Let’s not hold up their beautiful time! Now, we will send off our newlyweds! Send them off to their bridal room!”

The whole wedding venue was filled with cheers for the newlyweds.


Gu Zhun saw Gu Li being carried out of the venue by his brother-in-law and placed into the back seat of the wedding car.


Gu Zhun sent them off and saw their car driving into the distance. Some of Gu Li’s bridesmaids and groomsmen stayed at the venue and helped clean up.


“They will be happy.” Zhang Heng slung his arms over Gu Zhun’s shoulder. They stood at the entrance of the venue and looked at the cars on the streets.


It was late at night and the sky was dark, but there were still stars in the sky faintly sparkling. When the wind blew, the dark clouds drifted away and it revealed an entire galaxy of stars hidden in the sky. Awed by the magnificence of the view they saw, Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun finally realized that there was actually such a beautiful galaxy of stars in the real world.


That starry sky seemed to be affirming their love.


  “You should be rest assured.”




Sister will always be happy!


Zhang Heng drove Gu Zhun home.


“Let’s get married too.”


Gu Zhun didn’t think that Zhang Heng would suddenly raise the question. He thought that Zhang Heng would plan the whole marriage proposal and make it really romantic since he was always full of surprises.


Gu Zhun could not think of an answer to Zhang Heng’s question. He really liked Zhang Heng and wanted to be with him, but this wasn’t just a matter between them. It also concerned their families.


They had Gu Li’s support, but it was inevitable that Zhang Heng’s family would have animosity against it. Even if they got married, it was impossible for them to hold a wedding ceremony.


After all, there were many eyes on the Zhang family. This might be a scandal for them.


Gu Zhun was very worried that this would harm Zhang Heng and his family. If that was so, it would be really selfish of him.


  Zhang Heng wanted to continued speaking while Gu Zhun had yet to think of an answer before his phone rang and vibrated in his pocket.




“Oh… Yes…” Zhang Heng took out his phone and saw that it was Ye RuiXi calling him.


“Hello? Ye RuiXi, what’s the matter?”


 “Well… Umm… That…”


Zhang Heng frowned. Could it be that something happened? Ye RuiXi was so anxious that he couldn’t talk properly.


Ye RuiXi stuttered a long time before he finally said: “I wanted to ask you… What would happen if two men had sex?”




  Zhang Heng had a stunned ‘WTF’ expression on his face.


“What’s wrong?” Gu Zhun asked Zhang Heng after he saw him silent for a long time.

On the other line, Ye RuiXi also urged him: “Damn it, say something!”


“… You don’t even know about this? You should have a limit even if you want to pretend to be pure.”




“Do you really want to know?”




 “Alright, I’ll tell you. Get a pen and note it down.”


   “Alright, I have a pen ready.”


“It’s a lovely night if two guys have sex and love each other. If it’s an unrequited love, it’s a night of sayonara.”


“What’s sayonara…?”


“Xu ZhiMo’s poem 《Sayonara》. Please look it up on the internet yourself.”


Ye RuiXi quickly nodded: “Okay! I’ll search it up later. Master, please continue!”


Zhang Heng thought that it was hilarious. In the past, didn’t Ye RuiXi always treat him as a love rival and was always thinking about how to beat him? How did he become so obedient now?


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