TLCPS – Chapter 94: Wash Up and Prepare to Get Eaten

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 94: Wash Up and Prepare to Get Eaten

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Editor: Espada

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“Don’t boss me around!”


“The main thing you need to do today is to wash properly.”


“Why…” Ye RuiXi had a blank look on his face. Why did he need to wash properly? It was not as though he was going to be eaten…


No… My beloved little Ye RuiXi, you are going to be devoured by Wen YiHong.


Wen YiHong walked towards Ye RuiXi the moment he hung up the call.


“Do you want to take a shower first?”


“What? Me? Hahaha… Okay…”


Ye RuiXi stood up from the bed. However, his legs seemed to have stop functioning. He couldn’t even move forward, let alone walk.

‘What’s wrong with my legs?! Come on! Don’t fail me!”


 Wen YiHong was not a fool. He was able to tell that something was wrong with Ye RuiXi.


“What’s wrong with you?”


   “Nothing… Nothing is wrong…” When Ye RuiXi said that, he was actually so nervous he couldn’t speak. However, he still had to force those words out of his mouth.


Wen YiHong sneaked up to Ye RuiXi’s ears from the back and said: “Oh? Is that so?” He even squeezed Ye RuiXi’s butt while he was at it.

In front of others, Wen YiHong was a well mannered gentleman. However, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it came to Ye RuiXI.

Wen YiHong blew into Ye RuiXi’s ear and said: “Make sure to wash properly.”




   Hold up! These words! Why was it exactly the same thing that Zhang Heng had said on the phone! Are the both of you in cahoots!?


 Why did he have to wash properly?


Ye RuiXi was very puzzled and curious. Although he was reluctant, he instinctively walked into the bathroom and shouted while he was inside: “Wen YiHong! Get me a towel!”


 Wen YiHong handed it to him obediently. The whole bathroom was filled with steam and a fragrant whiff of body wash drifted out from the open door gap. From the gap, it was possible to roughly see a muscular hand with veins stretching out.

Wen YiHong gulped as he suppressed his inner desire and handed the towel over.


After that, he immediately fled from the scene!


 “God…” Wen YiHong’s face was red as he covered his mouth and gasped for air.


Ye RuiXi, you’re such a teaser… Why didn’t I discover that he liked me earlier on? That way, I’ll have more time and reason to accompany him by his side and enjoy him.



Not only did Ye RuiXi carelessly forget his towel, but he was so nervous that he even forgot to take his underwear.

“Wen YiHong! Take my underwear from the bed!”


Wen YiHong was at the bar table when he heard Ye RuiXi’s shouting in the bathroom. He quickly rushed over to the bed and saw that there was a variety of underwears on the bed. Ye RuiXi also took out some underwears from his bag and left it there before he took a bath.

Which one was it?


Wen YiHong hazarded a guess.


As though he could read Wen YiHong’s mind, Ye RuiXi cried out again: “Grey! Today, I want to wear the one in grey!”


“But… there is dark grey and light grey… Which one do you want? There are three dark greys and it seems like only the brand is different?”

Wen YiHong really wanted to hammer Ye RuiXi.


Because Ye RuiXi shouted again: “I want XXX brand!”


“You’re so troublesome.” Even though Wen YiHong complained in his heart, he still walked towards the bathroom. Through the small door gap, he passed the underwear to Ye RuiXi.

“If I don’t screw you, I’ll admit defeat.”

Wen YiHong laid down those solemn words.


Inside the bathroom, Ye RuiXi was still clueless about what was lying in wait for him. He remained soaked in the tub as he pondered about the situation. Why did Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong tell him to wash himself properly?!


Did they have psychic powers? Or did they understand each other that well?


If that was the case, I’ll get jealous and so will Gu Zhun!


Ye RuiXi seemed like he was lightheaded from soaking in the tub for too long. He started mumbling to himself and even the content of his murmurs were extremely silly.


A man loses his rationality when in love. This statement was especially apt when used on Ye RuiXi. He was simply the perfect embodiment of it.

Ye RuiXi was already in a daze before he entered the bathroom. He kept trying to guess the reason why Wen YiHong brought him to a hotel. For him, staying home to play games and cuddling was fine…

Readers who read until this point, perhaps you might have felt that Ye RuiXi was too pure? After all, how could he not have known about such things when he liked and did his best to pursue Wen YiHong?


   Hahaha, Ye RuiXi was this kind of person. His parents with an arts background would always tell him this: “Little XiXi~ Regardless of anything, as long as you like a person, nothing should stop you even if he is a boy just like you.”

At that time, Ye RuiXi didn’t really understand why a man would like another man. His father and uncle were all men who liked women; They were guys who proposed to women, held a wedding ceremony, cut a huge cake, and a few years later, an adorable little angel would be born into their family.

  Why? What was the reason behind it?

Ye RuiXi wasn’t a relentless kid that would pester his parents for a convincing reason and brushed off this matter.

It was only when he met Wen YiHong on that snowy day. Wen YiHong had rescued him into the car and sent him to the hospital. He only realized that he liked Wen YiHong after he was discharged from the hospital.

Hence, he remembered the doubts behind the questions he had when he was young.

There wasn’t a reason needed.


Yes, there wasn’t a reason why.


I love you. Even if you’re a guy, it doesn’t matter. Nothing can stop me.


When Ye RuiXi finished bathing, he put on his underwear and pajamas before casually draping a towel over his wet hair. He walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to take a bottle of oolong tea. He poured a cup for himself and kindly asked: “Wen YiHong, do you want a cup of oolong tea?”


“Yes, of course.”


Now you are being so considerate. Why don’t you just tell me what else you had forgotten in a single breath? Why don’t you elaborate more on what you’re going to wear tonight and about the details of the underwear that I would be taking off later?

Weren’t you looking for trouble?


Wen YiHong had a good patience and temperament, but that was limited to friends like Zhang Heng. However, when it came to people whose station were above friends, that would depend on his mood.


That was because people like family and lovers who ranked above friends were people who would tolerate you.


Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong were good buddies but they still weren’t at the level that could be considered family. He treasured Zhang Heng so he would keep his temper in check. But as for Ye RuiXi, he would use another method to love him dearly.


“Here you go.” Ye RuiXi passed a cup of oolong tea to Wen YiHong. He took the cup and gulped it down. After waiting for Ye RuiXi to take a sip, he snatched the cup from Ye RuiXi’s hand and placed it on the coffee table. He beckoned Ye RuiXi to walk towards him.


Ye RuiXi did so obediently, but he was a little nervous. Was he about to be eaten?


Ye RuiXi, do you truly understand what being ‘eaten’ entailed?



“What do you want?”


“…” Wen YiHong kept quiet. He used a fireman’s carry and hoisted Ye RuiXi over his shoulders. Ye RuiXi was short and light, so Wen YiHong was able to easily toss him on the bed.


“Lie down properly.”


“We are sleeping so early?”




“Huh. If not, then what for?”


“Because I am starving.”


Through this dialogue, Ye RuiXi finally understood why Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong told him to wash properly. He finally comprehended what being ‘eaten’ entailed.

Didn’t it mean that Wen YiHong wanted to eat him clean?! Wasn’t that making love?!


Oh my God!


Wen YiHong had not done anything, but Ye RuiXi was already blushing. He squirmed and wanted to get up from the bed. The moment he made a move to get up, he was pressed back down onto the bed by Wen YiHong.


“Lie down properly.”


“Could it be that you…”


  “That I? What do you think I’ll do to you?”


Ye RuiXi was always an honest child. Since Wen YiHong asked him, what was there to be shy about? Since he liked Wen YiHong so much and longed for him, he was just a little nervous…


After all, this was his first time… Who doesn’t have a first time…


He was just wondering whether it was Wen YiHong’s first time…


   What if it wasn’t his first? If Wen YiHong was skilled, wouldn’t that show that he was inferior? Wouldn’t it prove that he was an unskilled receiver?


In the end, Wen YiHong said: “Don’t worry, we are the same. It’s also my first time. “


Ye RuiXi breathed a sigh of relief.


 “I did my research and have theoretical knowledge, but do you?


What?!!! He was actually a veteran?! Sure enough, Wen YiHong had been led astray by Zhang Heng, who was well versed in these things! You weren’t like this in the past!

Wen YiHong smirked and a devilish smile hung on his face: “Did you think that I was led astray by Zhang Heng? Sorry, this is just common knowledge that all guys would know. Only you don’t know about it.”

 “Of course, Gu Zhun doesn’t know about it either.” Wen YiHong added.

This sentence was unnecessary.

“I don’t need your comfort!”


“Hahaha, really? Little XiXi in the recess of your heart you actually do want my comfort, don’t you?” Wen YiHong raised an eyebrow and stretched out his hand to touch Ye RuiXi’s hair that was still laced with water droplets. His other hand roamed over Ye RuiXi’s clothes and unbuttoned his pajamas one at a time.

“Ha. You even brought your own pajamas here…”


“Not going to let you have it…” Ye RuiXi pouted his lips and rebuffed him: “You were the one who told me that we were going on a trip so I brought my luggage over. In the end, you tricked me… you only wanted to have sex with me…”

  “No~ Why would I lie to you? Even if I lied, I would never lie to you. My other luggages are being sent over and they are still on the way. During the next few days, I will bring you around this city and relax. As a president, you should be quite tired.”


 Ye RuiXi smiled and placed his hands on Wen YiHong’s face: “No, I’m not. Vice President Wen is clearly more tired.”


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