TLCPS – Chapter 96: What’s Up With Another Couple Getting Married?

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 96: What’s Up With Another Couple Getting Married?

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

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“That’s great.” Gu Zhun mused about the people around him gradually gaining their own happiness.


They sat on a bench under the setting sun and Zhang Heng hugged Gu Zhun: “Are you envious?”

“…” Gu Zhun shook his head. “No, I am very happy now because I have you by my side.”


  “You’ve always been so straightforward.”


Gu Zhun kissed Zhang Heng’s cheek: “Didn’t you think that my straightforward character was amusing so you always teased me?”


“Hahaha, that seemed to be the case.”


Recalling the events of the past, it was true that Zhang Heng was always the one who teased him one sidedly.

 However, it was also because of those times that his monotonous school life seemed to light up. Slowly, it ignited from a spark and lit his world ablaze .

“Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.”

Now that Ye RuiXi and Wen YiHong’s wedding was over, Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun needed to return to their home country.


“What about you guys? You are going to conveniently spend your honeymoon here before going back? While you are at it, you’ll do it seven times at night?”


“…” Wen YiHong didn’t want to bother about Zhang Heng, who was going off the rail and abruptly changing subjects. It must be caused by his recently sweet and vigorous sex life with Gu Zhun.


Zhang Heng was shocked: “That can’t be right?! Wen YiHong! I didn’t expect that you would be that kind of person!”


Wen YiHong thought that Zhang Heng was done with his piece and wanted to make a move to send them from the hotel to the airport.


   Unexpectedly, Zhang Heng made another scathing remark: “Take your time. Don’t rush, there are so many days. I’ll help you look after your company. Of course, some of the good projects will go to my company!”




Afterwards, Zhang Heng laughed gleefully.


Was this punk still that overbearing and cold president who ruled the company with an iron fist?


Wasn’t this person clearly a fool?


“Tsk, naggy.”


Wen YiHong took the key on the table and went out. He left Ye RuiXi, who was lying alone on the bed sleep talking.

No choice. Last night, he carelessly lost himself in the throes of passion and exhausted Ye RuiXi…


Wen YiHong sent Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun to the airport: “Have a safe journey. I’ll be waiting for your wedding.”


  “Haha, thanks! Go back quickly and check up on your Little XiXi. Who knows, he might not even be able to get up from the bed.”

“… Tsk, so naggy.”


Wen YiHong clucked his tongue at Zhang Heng. Who told him to be so naggy? He was like an old granny, constantly worrying about irrelevant things.


 It would take a very long time to reach China from the Netherlands.


Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun boarded the plane and fell into deep sleep. When they landed, it was already noon. Before they could adjust to the time difference, Zhang Heng was stunned by a phone call he received.



That was because it was a call from Xu YaLe.


On the other hand, Gu Zhun’s phone also rang after Xu YaLe called. It was a call from Ma ShangQian.

Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun exchanged looks before they picked up the call. They were roughly able to guess that something was up. After all, their calls came in at the same time. Did something crop up at the company?


However, that didn’t seem to be the case once they picked up the call.


“Brother Zhang Heng, I am getting married to Ma ShangQian! The wedding is next week. We welcome you and Gu Zhun to attend our wedding!”

On the other hand…


“Senior! Senior! I… I… I… I am getting married to Xu YaLe… We hope that you and President Zhang will be able to attend our wedding next week… B…bye bye!”


“Muacks, bye bye~”


How was it that this couple could be so contrasting when they bid farewell?




Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun hung up the phone at the same time and exchanged glances.


  What’s the deal?


   “Don’t you feel that… there are a lot of weddings… once the end is near…? Before we are able to recuperate our loss, we have to give out wedding gift money again…“



Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun intended to go Gu Zhun’s house to put their luggage down and rest for awhile before they discussed other matters.


“Gu Zhun, how much do you think I should give this time? Xu YaLe has always been my dearest god sister… Ma ShangQian is subordinate… As a president, I would appear stingy if I gave too little …”



“Don’t keep quiet.”

“I don’t know.”


“…” Even if you don’t know about this worldly wisdom, it’s still not an excuse for you to remain silent.


“… I know.”


Actually, Gu Zhun’s mind was occupied— First, he gave a large sum of money to his sister when she got married and even bought expensive gold jewelry for his sister’s dowry. Although his sister gave him almost half of the bride price in return,… he spent quite a lot of money when it came to Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi’s wedding. That did not include the wedding gift money, accomodation, and transportation expenditures… After all, they were enjoying themselves in the Netherlands for over a week.

Now, Gu Zhun was the one who should be worried.

Zhang Heng was the president and his pay was definitely much higher than his.


When Gu Zhun thought about that, he pinched Zhang Heng. Who told you to make a fuss over it. What was there to fuss about?!

“Don’t talk about it anymore.”



 “You’re the president.”

“In that case, I’ll pay your wages.”


What kind of experience was it to have a president as his own husband?


Gu Zhun was probably someone who understood this with first hand experience.


  They still had to attend the wedding. However, they went there and discovered that Xu YaLe’s belly was slightly raised. Initially, Zhang Heng didn’t notice anything but Gu Zhun heard the ladies around them wagging their tongues and found out about it.

It turned out that Xu YaLe was pregnant and judging from her swelling belly, she should be about three months in.


However, Xu YaLe was still wearing killer high heels.


“Wife, are you tired?” Throughout the way, Ma ShangQian protected his wife considerately. When Xu YaLe wanted to go to the room on the second floor to take something, Ma ShangQian quickly ran over and insisted on carrying his wife upstairs.


In the end, Xu YaLe retorted with a sentence: “You’re so petite. What if you drop me?”


“I’ll hold your hand.”


“Don’t you have to entertain the guests?”


Xu YaLe regretted what she had said under stress. As her husband, Ma ShangQian was just being genuinely worried about her. Why did she say such spiteful things to him? Wasn’t she making things hard on him?

“Forget it, don’t accompany the guests lest you get drunk. Hold my hand and go upstairs.”


“Yes, my wife! I’ll do as you bid!”


From the selection of the huge venue to the invitation designs and the live wedding music. During the whole wedding preparation, all these big and small matters had to go through Xu YaLe before it was approved. Even though Ma ShangQian handled some of the preparation, Xu YaLe was involved in most of it.


Hence, Ma ShangQian really wanted to do something good in return for his wife. Moreover, Xu YaLe was now pregnant with his child.


Inside the room.


“YaLe, if you didn’t get pregnant, would you still choose to marry me?”


“That will depend on my mood.”


“If you weren’t pregnant, would you still marry me if I did a simple proposal?




“Wife…” Ma ShangQian looked at Xu YaLe with trepidation.


It was exactly like what the Japanese drama 《Mischievous Kiss》 had said: “Both parties might not enter a marriage equally but after marriage, both parties were equal. No one should have to be more accommodating to the other party.”


Xu YaLe replied: “Even if I’m not pregnant and it was a simple proposal, and even if you’re lacking in every area compared to me, I clearly know about your love for me. That’s enough, isn’t it?”



“Hahaha, next time don’t call me wife. It makes me strangely shy. Isn’t it better to call me YaLe directly?”


“Hahaha… Alright… YaLe…”


Once again, they were being affectionate.


“Didn’t expect that the both of you would really end up together.” Thinking back about it, Zhang Heng was pursued by Xu YaLe, whereas Gu Zhun was pursued by Ma ShangQian. Unexpectedly, they ended up matchmaking Xu YaLe and Ma ShangQian together.


It certainly made one rueful about the unforeseeable way that fate worked.

“Brother Zhang Heng, thank you for telling me that I didn’t love you romantically. I only realized it later and the one for me arrived shortly after.”


Ma ShangQian rubbed his head awkwardly and laughed foolishly.


 Gu Zhun handed a sealed envelope that contained gift money over to Ma ShangQian: “Happy marriage.”


“Senior is still as simple and straightforward as ever.”


“Haha, really?”




“Why don’t you get married soon? Look at brother Zhang Heng’s circle of friends. He kept coughing out gift money for them. Didn’t Ye RuiXi and Wen YiHong get married last week?” Xu YaLe said it with amusement. Suddenly, she seemed to have recalled something and turned to look at Gu Zhun: “I heard that your sister got married recently? Congratulations!”

“Thank you.”


“So you’re still not going to hurry and get married?” Xu YaLe continued.


 Zhang Heng felt a little awkward.


“… Are you guys pressuring us to get married?”


It wasn’t that Zhang Heng didn’t want to get married. He had to know Gu Zhun’s take on it.


Previously when they were in bed, Gu Zhun didn’t tell him anything.


What should be done?


Who knows?


“The both of you should get married quickly.”


“Hahaha… Alright alright…” Zhang Heng quickly chased Ma ShangQian and Xu YaLe away to entertain other guests.


When the wedding was going to end, Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun bid farewell to Xu YaLe and Ma ShangQian before making a move first.


Once in the car, Zhang Heng was unable to hold himself back from asking Gu Zhun that question: “Gu Zhun, do you want to get married? I want to give you a status.”


“I don’t need any status. This isn’t the olden times and I’m not some unmarried maiden from a sheltered family.”


Zhang Heng still felt a little dispirited in his heart. It wasn’t about giving Gu Zhun a name or status. He just purely felt like doing something for Gu Zhun so that he would have a stronger sense of security.


 “A wedding is just going through the formalities.” Gu Zhun looked in front at the tail lights casted by the cars as they zoomed past them.


“Yes, you are right.” Zhang Heng actually understood the purpose of a wedding. It was just to show friends and family that ‘I’m married!’  Hurry up and give me my wedding gift money.
In the future when it comes to Chinese New Year, I will no longer collect red packets. When it comes to that time, I would have to give red packets to your kids… Even though it might hurt Gu Zhun, Zhang Heng decided to talk about what was on his mind after much consideration. “So you don’t want to hold a wedding? You don’t want to let everyone know?”


“It’s not that I don’t want to let everyone know about us. I just don’t think that it’s necessary.”


“Isn’t it good to accept everyone’s well wishes?”


“It’s good. But when it comes to this kind of special love, how many people in this world would truly wish us well?”


“…” Zhang Heng was rendered speechless by Gu Zhun’s retort and didn’t know what to say.

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