TLCPS- Chapter 31: The Little Boy is Unable to Repay

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 31: The Little Boy is Unable to Repay

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

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Chapter 31: The Little Boy is Unable to Repay


The three of them ate supper and drank at the food stall. It was time for them to part ways and go home to rest. Zhang Heng accompanied Gu Li, who was venting out her unhappiness, and drank two glasses of Tsingtao beer, so he was unable to drive. Gu Zhun had to support his sister into the backseat. She did not have a high alcohol tolerance, yet she consumed so much beer. Gu Zhun sat in the driver’s seat. He had to serve as the driver for these two main characters and drove back to his house. Gu Zhun settled his sister down, closed the door, and went to the living room. He kicked Zhang Heng, who was currently slouched on the sofa with his legs crossed: “Hey, are you alright? Do you want to sleep in my room for awhile?”


“… can’t I sleep here for the entire night?” Zhang Heng heard that he could sleep here for a while, especially on Gu Zhun’s bed that was filled with his scent! It was entirely filled with Gu Zhun’s smell, so didn’t that mean he was surrounded all around by Gu Zhun?


“Why don’t you go back when you have your own house? Don’t you feel embarrassed, shamelessly staying at another person’s house, especially one that has an unmarried woman at home?” However, Gu Zhun naturally refused. It was hard to tell whether he would be interrogated by Xu YaLe when he went back to the office tomorrow.

When Zhang Heng heard such replies from Gu Zhun, he could tell that Gu Zhun was not very willing. However, he really wanted it to be like seven years ago, when he was joined at the hip with Gu Zhun, glued together all day.


But… since Gu Zhun was unwilling, why would Zhang Heng force him? Moreover, he was only able to smell Gu Zhun’s smell, yet he was unable to do anything and could only forcibly tolerate it. That feeling was the same as not being able to eat meat for a long time, and when you finally get to do so, someone actually told you that it wasn’t for you.


That unbearable feeling was a living hell.


“Forget it, I better go back. You should rest soon.” Zhang Heng stood up and walked to the entrance. Just when he finished wearing his left shoe, Gu Zhun’s voice called out behind him: “Thank you for your help.”


Little rascal, you actually know how to thank people…


Zhang Heng wore the other shoe and pinched Gu Zhun’s nose. Gu Zhun frowned and heard Zhang Heng say: “You are welcome—To express your gratitude, just accompany me on a business trip.”




Zhang Heng pulled the door open. He turned his head, and the corners of his lip were slightly raised up. It was not a sinister smile, but it felt like he was plotting something behind that smile. “This is an order from your superior, you’re not allowed to disobey. We will leave tomorrow. See you at the company’s parking lot.”


“…” Just when Gu Zhun wanted to ask Zhang Heng where they were going, Zhang Heng had already pulled open the door and rushed out. Moreover, he walked very quickly, as though he was afraid Gu Zhun would chase after him and say: “Sorry, I am not capable enough to accompany President Zhang on a business trip.”


Zhang Heng was banking on the fact that if Gu Zhun decided not to go, then Gu Zhun was disobeying a superior’s order and bringing his own personal feelings into work-related matters. It would be a huge psychological pressure on Gu Zhun, be it for work or for personal matters.


As such, it was certain that Gu Zhun would accompany Zhang Heng for that business trip.


“Hm hm—” Zhang Heng sat in the car, started the engine, hummed a popular Beijing song, and drove back to his empty villa.


The next morning, Gu Zhun was packing the last suitcase. He stuffed a charger, a universal adapter, and all those insignificant daily appliances into the last few empty spaces in the suitcase. Gu Li rubbed her drowsy eyes, yawned, and looked at her brother busily packing.


“What’s the matter? Going on a business trip?”


“Sister, how did you know…? Yesterday, you clearly fell asleep the moment you lay on the bed.” Gu Li walked into the kitchen and took out milk and bread. She said: “Don’t talk about your sister as though she is a pig. I found out when I woke up and walked past your room. I saw that the notebook on your table was still lit up and went in to take a look. I did not expect that Zhang Heng was the one who sent Japan travel guides and Japan travel tips.”


“…” Gu Zhun did not deny it. He succeeded in securing the last zipper, “Yes, we’re going to Japan for a business trip.”


“Well, have fun!” Gu Li shouted as she patted her face with cold water in an attempt to wake herself up.


A discerning person would only need to slightly think about it and they would notice that there was something fishy. Which superior would ask their subordinates to ‘accompany’ them for a business trip? Which superior would personally send a gentle reminder? Furthermore, it was filled with guides that were mostly about eating and drinking, there were no work documents. Perhaps only Gu Zhun, the silly protagonist in this whole matter, still naively thought it was a business trip.


When he came to the company’s parking lot, Gu Zhun quickly found Zhang Heng’s car, because Zhang Heng was seated in the car with glaring headlights as an indication.


Gu Zhun pulled his suitcase and walked over. He placed his suitcase in the trunk and sat in the front passenger seat.


“Good morning, did you eat breakfast yet?” Zhang Heng had always fantasized about a scene where lovers would greet each other good morning and good evening intimately. Unfortunately, he never had the chance.


However, Gu Zhun still had a face of indifference. It seemed to say, ‘President Zhang, whether I eat or not doesn’t concern you’, but he still replied out of politeness: “No.”


Zhang Heng passed over a cup of warm milk tea and a fried pancake roll from the car’s storage compartment. Gu Zhun took it and looked at the breakfast in his hands. To his surprise, he felt an unfathomable sense of guilt in his heart.


Whether he helped to take revenge for Gu Zhun’s sister yesterday or prepared today’s warm breakfast beforehand, Zhang Heng always helped him out too much. It really was too much. This was not the way a superior should treat his subordinate.


Gu Zhun knew that Zhang Heng liked him. Zhang Heng clearly confessed to Gu Zhun during the hot springs kabedon incident at the new employee staff trip. Gu Zhun also clearly knew that this slightly chuuni superior next to him liked him.  


Zhang Heng liked Gu Zhun. Because of that, he was willing to do anything for Gu Zhun. However, Gu Zhun’s attitude was still non-committal and wavering. He was still unsure of his feelings. Moreover, the deeper the love, the greater the pain. There would not be a good ending between two men. It was better to minimize the pain now instead of suffering terribly in the years that followed.

Gu Zhun held his breakfast, looked at Zhang Heng, and intended to tell him. It seemed as if Zhang Heng had realized that Gu Zhun wanted to tell him something, but he avoided it. He just gave a casual smile, pushed Gu Zhun’s hand, and said: “Hurry up and eat, otherwise it will turn cold.”

Gu Zhun had no choice but to eat the fried pancake roll, drink the milk tea, and swallow what he wanted to say into the pit of his stomach. Neither of them talked as they reached the airport.


After flying for a few hours, the plane finally landed at Tokyo airport. Night had already fallen when they landed. The lights of Tokyo Tower were lit. One moment the lights were light blue, the next moment they were pink, and then they were multi-colored. The sky was illuminated colorfully.

There were couples holding hands and shopping around the streets.


Zhang Heng took the bulky luggage from Gu Zhun’s hands and hailed a taxi.


“Driver, go to the Splendid Stay Villa.” The moment Zhang Heng opened his mouth, he spoke in fluent Japanese. There was no awkwardness when he conversed with the driver.


Gu Zhun sat to the side and barely understood the conversation. He could only look out of the window at Tokyo’s streets into the traffic jam during the evening rush hour, and wait for time to pass.

Iridescent colorful windows, exquisitely tailored kimonos, delicious sushi on conveyor belts. In Gu Zhun’s eyes, all of this was a novelty. Although he understood Japan’s local customs from a book, it was incomparable to being there in person, and the shock of personally seeing it was pleasantly surprising.


After moving at a slow speed, they finally arrived at the hotel they would be lodging in. This hotel had hundreds of years of history, the boss was the successor to the family and the inn which had been passed down from generation to generation. The entire layout was in the style of a classic Japanese wooden house, which added great flavor and style to its charm.


The lady boss knocked on the room that Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun were staying in. She knelt with both knees in the proper Japanese sitting position, then politely greeted Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun. She explained the hotel’s history as well as services and invited them to soak in the hot springs after they had their dinner.


Zhang Heng smiled and saw the hospitable lady boss off. Still smiling, he turned to Gu Zhun and said: “Let’s soak in the hot springs!”

“…” Gu Zhun blushed and his face turned red again! He recalled what happened at the hot springs before. The two of them were naked, Zhang Heng had braced both his hands at Gu Zhun sides, his thigh forcibly inserted itself between Gu Zhun’s legs and tried to separate them.


Half of the towel that was wrapped around the crucial bit slipped off, and it became plainly visible.


On top of that, there was Zhang Heng’s sincere confession. He could clearly remember every single word and every single intonation. Just in case…

Zhang Heng smiled bitterly and said: “Gu Zhun, isn’t that rather unkind of you? Am I a beast in human form?” Zhang Heng was easily amused by Gu Zhun, but in the blink of an eye, Zhang Heng solemnly said: “If you are not willing, I will not force you.”

“…I know,” Gu Zhun lowered his head. He could not think of anything to say. Honestly speaking, although Zhang Heng said he liked him, until now, Zhang Heng had not done anything overboard to him. He had not even held hands, kissed, or even forced himself on Gu Zhun…


“I’m not afraid that you will do something to me. I just feel that you don’t have to treat me so well.” That’s right, it was the sense of guilt. He had not done anything for Zhang Heng, so why did he deserve to be liked by Zhang Heng?


“Why? I like you. I want to chase you, that’s why I treat you well.” Zhang Heng held Gu Zhun’s shoulder and looked at Gu Zhun’s eyes. Gu Zhun could see his own face reflected in Zhang Heng’s eyes.


Gu Zhun said: “If you don’t like me, then you won’t want me, and you won’t treat me well. Am I right?”

The deeper the love, the greater the pain… How nice would it be if they were strangers from the start.


“I have never considered not liking you. I clearly know that I like you, no, I love you. Whether it is in the past, present, or future, I love you without any hesitation.”




Gu Zhun stood stock still without speaking. Suddenly the room was silent and it became awkward. Zhang Heng rubbed Gu Zhun’s head as though he was stroking a small animal. He took his change of clothes and walked to the bathhouse.

“I’m going to bathe first. If you are not used to eating Japanese food, just call the delivery number on the table and order takeout from the nearby Chinese restaurant.”


Everything was planned and arranged. Even the Chinese restaurant delivery number had been prepared so considerately… This was certainly not a business trip.


You treat me so well. Is it worth it? Zhang Heng… I’m afraid that I can’t give you anything in return…

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