Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 1 Book of Thunder – Chapter 65 Exorcism

Translator: Linc

Editor: Draygan

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 65 Exorcism

“That’s right! We should kill her now!”

What surprised me was that this second sentence had been spoken by my second female cousin. Her hair had been messed up by the broken window from just before, and the makeup on her face had been smeared with tears. Combined with her current fearful expression, she looked completely pitiful.

“That’s right! This woman has been possessed by a demon!” Someone else also started yelling. “Why aren’t we killing her?!”

“Kill her!”

“Don’t let her remain here!”

“She’ll kill someone!”

Unknowingly, all the diners looking upon the spectacle and the workers in the restaurant had started yelling; my uncle, my male cousin and my female cousin were amongst them. They all started yelling loudly, the fear on their faces slowly turning into excitement.

Kill her. Kill her.

This entire scene… was like a gladiator arena.

However, Wen Jiubo seemed entirely unmoved by the atmosphere surrounding him. His lips were still thinned, his brow furrowed tightly, still staring at that demon.

That demon laughed, it’s mouth opened wide. “Ah, humanity! This is why we love humanity! Darkness, evil, chaos. Meat, meat, meat… this so-called humanity is merely nothing more than living meat! Delicious!”

“Shut up!” Wen Jiubo suddenly shouted, not only silencing the wangliang, but everyone in the crowd surrounding us also immediately fell silent.

“A mere wangliang dares to boast so blatantly!” Wen Jiubo’s eyes flashed, those obsidian eyes almost shooting daggers. “To think I thought you were pitiful at the start and was going to let you live. Now you’re just asking to die!”

The wangliang’s face immediately twisted in fear, but it still acted tough and said defiantly, “N-not possible! We’re one with her now. If you kill us, you’ll kill her! This body belongs to that boy’s family, you won’t kill her!”

Wen Jiubo showed a chilling smile. That expression was one I had seen before, within that box-like structure. It was the expression he had shown just before he killed Wang Zhong.

Ice-cold, hard and utterly emotionless. There was no pity, forgiveness or even hatred. He was just like the cold blade of a knife, it was as if he had no feelings towards taking a life.

Was he… really going to kill my second aunt?!

Was there really no other way left?

Just when I was still sinking in my panic, Wen Jiubo suddenly turned around and called my name.

“Gu Yu!” Wen Jiubo reached a hand out to me. “Is there anything you don’t need on you? Give it to me!”

I didn’t even think before I took half a step back, “No! I can’t let you kill my second aunt!”

“There’s no time, hurry!” Wen Jiubo yelled loudly. It was like he had said, the wangliang seemed to have sensed danger and it was controlling my second aunt’s body, wanting to escape from this restaurant.

“No! I won’t let you kill her!” I returned an even firmer expression.

Even if my second aunt was beyond saving, even if she was actually going to be like my grandfather and eaten by a wangliang while she still lived, I was not going to let Wen Jiubo kill her. If he was really going to kill so casually, then what was the difference between him and the wangliang who ate human flesh to survive?

“Gu Yu!” Wen Jiubo raised his voice again. The expression he directed at me was more resolute than it had ever been. His hand was still unwaveringly held out towards me. “There’s no time, believe in me!”

I looked towards him silently and he also returned my steady gaze.

Ugh, what reason did I have to believe him?

“What do you want?” I asked.

Wen Jiubo seemed to let out a breath, glancing hurriedly at the escaping wangliang. “Anything! As long as it’s something you’ve used before, the longer you’ve used it, the better!”

I patted myself down and finally found a pen in my trouser pocket. I had used this pen from senior high all the way until now, and it should meet his requirements. Even though I had absolutely no idea what he was going to do.

“Is a pen okay?”

“That’s fine, throw it to me!”

I threw the pen in the direction of Wen Jiubo. He caught it easily and then the corner of his lips tilted in a sliver of a smile.

What happened next was a miracle – Wen Jiubo’s entire person suddenly started glowing white. It was a soft light, and both his hair and clothes floated gently in this light.

It was a skill that I had never seen before.

That wangliang seemed to have been struck by the light. It made a surprised noise and couldn’t move anymore. Wen Jiubo’s formed a strange sigil with one hand and also started chanting a spell.

“I invoke the power of the Divine Marshal of the North.”

“By the power you hold and that of your court, smite these demons and turn them into dust!”

I couldn’t understand a single sentence of Wen Jiubo’s chant, but the nest of wangliang within my second aunt’s body started struggling painfully under the power of those words. It was as if they wanted to part from my second aunt’s body, but like they had said before, they were already one with my second aunt and this prevented them from escaping.

It was then that Wen Jiubo suddenly stopped chanting, his eyes showing a sliver of killing intent. My heart froze and before I could shout anything, Wen Jiubo suddenly grabbed the pen and headed straight at my second aunt.

The pen stabbed right into my second aunt’s heart with force! Even I, who was standing to the side, could hear the sound of flesh and blood parting.

“Second aunt!” I shouted, unable to control my urge to rush forward.

However, before I could move, my second aunt’s body seized, her mouth opened and a thick black smog floated out from within her body. The wangliang’s sharp voice was screaming in surprise.

“You —! You are! Damn you, it’s actually you, you —”

Before the wangliang could finish its sentence, Wen Jiubo’s eyes flashed. His hand moved again, harshly, and the pen almost pierced right through my second aunt’s chest.

Following that, the thick, black smog swirled viciously like a typhoon, heading towards us. Not only me, but the entire restaurant full of people could feel the choking black fog. However, apart from coughing non-stop, I could also hear the gut-wrenching screams of the wangliang coming from within the black fog. It was as if they were suffering a great deal of pain before they vanished.

But after a few seconds, that scream faded into nothingness along with the black smog.

“Second aunt! Second aunt!” I pushed aside a few people who were in the way, uncaring of myself as I rushed forward. My mind was filled with the image of Wen Jiubo stabbing her in the chest with my pen.

Wen Jiubo held my second aunt in his arms, her face was pale without any color. Seeing this scene caused my blood to freeze within my body from head to toe.

Wen Jiubo raised his head to look at me and he smiled. He laid my second aunt flat on the floor, tilting his chin at me. “Look closer.”

I hurried forward, dropping to a crouch next to my second aunt. A miracle had happened, there was no wound on my second aunt’s chest and no blood at all either. I turned my ear towards her to listen – although it was slightly weak, I could definitely hear my second aunt’s heart beating.

“Oh, your pen.” Wen Jiubo’s lips curved, passing the pen that was in his hand to me. The pen was also in perfect condition, it hadn’t even been stained even a little by blood.

I stared at him in astonishment, unable to speak at all.

“As long as I’m here, I won’t allow anyone here to die.” Wen Jiubo said quietly, placing the pen into the palm of my hand.

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