Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 21 Clingy Girl

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Draygan

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 21 Clingy Girl

“What’s your surname?” I asked.

“I don’t have a surname. Just Moxue,” Moxue replied matter-of-factly.

I sighed, then asked, “Fine. Moxue, what about your parents?”

“I don’t have parents!” Moxue again replied matter-of-factly.

“Do you have a guardian?”


It seemed that this girl did not want to tell us anything. Her arrogance made me annoyed. I rolled my eyes, turned around and left. Moxue got anxious when she saw me leave; she quickly caught up to me and grabbed my sleeve.

“Please don’t leave. I’m sorry, I’ll tell you everything!” Moxue said hurriedly. “My… my parents work outside town; I’m living with my grandma now. I came here today to find some bamboo shoots, I didn’t expect to meet you! I want to be part of this fun activity! Please, I’m really interested, so bring me along to play, ok?!“

“This is not for fun!” Shi Yitong seemed furious. The angry look on his face frightened Moxue.

“Exorcism is hazardous work. We face unknown creatures; if handled incorrectly, we could die at any moment!“

I thought of my experiences encountering demons and spirits and nodded in agreement.

Moxue’s face filled with sadness when she heard Shi Yitong’s rebuke. Her eyes turned red and tears started falling. “Sor…sorry, it isn’t my intent to anger you, I just want to help. I didn’t realize it would annoy you. My grandma is a Buddhist; I have always wanted to do good deeds to accumulate virtue for her and myself so we can be good people after being reborn. I wanted to help you when you said there was a demon, I didn’t mean to hinder you. I’m sorry, I will leave…”

“Well, …we didn’t mean it like that!”

“Right, right, we didn’t say you are annoying. You are not a hindrance, really!”

Moxue stopped crying and looked at us with watery eyes, “So… can I help you?”

Shi Yitong nodded hastily, “Of course, you can! Who said you couldn’t? It’s him, this big brother! I never said that!”

I stepped hard on Shi Yitong’s foot.

“Then, you’re saying I can come with you?” Moxue wiped her eyes and looked at us eagerly.

“Of course, you can. No problem!”

All of a sudden, her tears disappeared and her eyes shone. She shouted while skipping and jumping, “Yeah! You’re so nice! Thank you!”

…It appeared we gotten ourselves into some big trouble.

We searched the grove until the evening and found nothing except for the girl Moxue. On our way back, she not only ate all our snacks but also drank all the water we had. Now she slept in the back seat of the taxi, occupying more than half of it.

“Don’t you need to go home?” I could not help but ask. “Where will you stay if you come with us?”

“Don’t worry.” Moxue shook her hand lazily, “My grandma won’t worry about me. It isn’t unusual that I stay out all night. As for the question of where should I stay, isn’t that now your problem?”

I was caught between a cry and a laugh, why did it become my problem?

“When Shi Yitong and I return, we need to go back to our dorm. Don’t tell me you want to stay in the male dorms with us?”

“That’s fine, it doesn’t matter!” Moxue’s expression was that she did not mind where she stayed.

I was surprised by her reply, I did not know she was such a casual girl.

Of course, it was impossible for her to stay in the male dorms. I had no other option but to take her to see Wen Jiubo’s and have her stay at the old residence. Wen Jiubo had such a big house he could surely offer a room for the girl to stay in.

“The old residence?” There were twinkles in her eyes, “You mean the old residence on the north side of the mountain?”

“Mm,” I replied without paying too much attention to her. I was thinking about whether Wen Jiubo could accept this girl I brought to him without notice.

“I didn’t know there are actually still people living in the old residence, and you happen to know the owner of the house. You are too awesome!” Moxue said joyfully without noticing my worried face.

Luckily, when we arrived at the old residence, we found that Wen Jiubo was not at home. Only Bai welcomed us at the door.

“Where’s Wen Jiubo?” I asked.

“That guy went out, and I don’t know where.” Bai lazily stretched his little claws. “When I came back after a drink, he was not home.”

Did Wen Jiubo know I was coming and intentionally avoided me? Suddenly I felt a little sad, but then relieved. In fact, under this circumstance, it would be more convenient if he was not home.

“Uh? Gu Yu, who is the girl behind you?” It took a little longer for Bai to notice the girl standing behind me. He made a fuss, shouting, “No way! Is she what you humans call, a girlfriend?

I almost fell on the ground when I heard what Bai said, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Isn’t she?” Bai looked at Moxue curiously, circling around her. “Then, who is this little girl?”

“I’m not a little girl!” Moxue pouted and stared at Bai with her large round eyes. “I’m here to help these big brothers to catch demons!”

I sensed the tension between them, it seemed that they were going to fight. I pulled Moxue to my side in a hurry and said, “Alright, alright! We need to find you a room first.”

I did not know what happened to this girl who had bright and shining eyes. She clung to me ever since we were in the bamboo forest. I did not understand why she was so clingy. At this moment she was grabbing my sleeve with a sad face.

“Can I sleep with you?”

“No, you can’t. I heard that if two people of different gender sleep together, they will have a baby!” Bai sternly interrupted her and said with confidence.

Moxue was stunned for a moment and then she laughed so hard that even she cried a little.

“Ha-ha, this ferret sure is funny!”

I was speechless and really wanted to seal Bai’s mouth with tape.

“Ok, ok, I shall not waste my time talking with you. This house is huge, there must be a lot of interesting things!” She skipped away energetically and began to explore the house. Bai stopped me when I was about to follow her.

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