UTDS – Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 29 Rumor About The Haunted Dorm

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 29 Rumor About The Haunted Dorm

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: DPalmz

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 29 Rumor About The Haunted Dorm

I probably felt guilty about lying to my dorm mates, therefore, I told them all the stories about what happened to Wen Jiubo and me last night including: Shi Yitong’s grandfather, the old lady trying to find the lover in her dreams, the serial murder-rapist who got caught, and the supernatural incidents that happened after Wen Jiubo and I got back to my house on the National Day holiday. Of course, I didn’t reveal everything to them, such as the mysterious identity of Wen Jiubo, or the intertwined relationship between the cat demon Moxue and Shi Yitong’s grandfather. However, after I finished speaking, it seemed that no one cared about why I quarreled with Wen Jiubo. They gaped in surprise, having all been immersed in these inconceivable stories.

“Gu Yu, you, you… Those stories you told us, are they true?” Di Zizhen’s mouth was opened so wide that I could put an egg in it.

“If those were fantasy, I would write novels to earn money, and I would have no need to study at university anymore.” I rolled my eyes.

“But, but…Oh, my goodness.” Zhou Lang was tongue-tied, “These inconceivable adventures are true!”

I nodded, “I used to doubt these supernatural rumors, however, since I met Wen Jiubo, all these incredible things happened one by one and I was forced to believe them. As for Wen Jiubo, he gives off a mysterious feeling and projects a really strong aura. Even though I say that, you probably don’t understand what I mean…”

“What did I just say?” Qi Bojian suddenly interrupted, “You definitely have a crush on him.”

“Qi Bojian!” I shouted angrily, my face burning. The other two belted out a laugh at Qi Bojian.

“What do you two think?” Di Zizhen asked, looking at the two who hadn’t spoken.

“Mm…How to say this. There are too many things in this world that we humans don’t understand, and therefore it’s possible that demons exist.” Suddenly Qi Bojian became a little depressed. “I wanted to join the Communist Party this semester, but you suddenly told me these stories. Communism is the best; communism is the best.”

“Stop talking about communism. Look at you, a typical poor wretched academic.” Zhou Lang nudged Qi Bojian with his elbow, then turned and looked at me with a serious face, “I believe you. I am telling you, ghosts do exist in this world. I believe it. Uh, do you know about the haunted dorm of our Humanities Department?”

After hearing what Zhou Lang said, the atmosphere immediately changed. I had already told them many scary stories about demons and spirits, but after hearing that, everyone’s nerves were strained to the limit.

“Haun-Haunted?” Qi Bojian stuttered, “Er, no, I haven’t heard.”

After seeing everyone become nervous, Zhou Lang got more excited.

“Well, why are you never interested in gossip? I tell you, you won’t find a girlfriend if you continue to show so little interest in gossip.”

“Fine, cut the nonsense, tell us now!” pressed Di Zizhen.

Zhou Lang cleared his throat and said, “Ah, I heard of it from a classmate of my girlfriend’s best friend. It’s said that the girls’ dorm of our Humanities Department is haunted. Several students have already encountered it. It usually happens between twelve a.m. and three a.m.. When everyone was in a deep sleep, suddenly one girl heard someone outside knocking on the door. ‘Bum, bum, bum,’ ‘Bum, bum, bum,’ the sound was loud and rhythmic. Hearing the knocks, the girl got up to open the door, but what she saw…”

Zhou Lang paused intentionally, making us stare widely at him. Di Zizhen, not wanting to waste words of annoyance, punched his arm yelling, “Do you think you’re doing a talk show? Don‘t keep us hanging. What did she see? Tell us!”

“Aw, dorm head!” Zhou Lang groaned, “It’s not my fault. The fact is, everyone said differently about what it was after opening the door.”

I frowned, my sensitive intuition told me that this was not merely a campus ghost story.

“Why were they different?” I asked, “What did they see?”

“Some people saw a head floating in the air, others saw a female ghost in white with bleeding eyes, and still more saw nothing,” said Zhou Lang.

“And?” Qi Bojian prompted further.

“The girls who heard the knocking were petrified, but they couldn’t speak. When they opened their eyes again, they found themselves on their beds and there was nothing suspicious around them.” Zhou Lang lowered his voice and continued talking, “After they woke up, they asked the other dorm mates. But no one else heard any noise, the night was pretty quiet. They each believed that it was merely her dream.”

It seemed that Qi Bojian didn’t want to believe that ghosts existed in the world, he tried to explain it away, “It’s possible that it was only their imagination. Every campus has its own ghost stories. Do you believe these fairy tales are true? Many of them are told by word of mouth, the gossip makes explainable stories mysterious, and eventually, they become ghost stories.”

“I agree!” Di Zizhen nodded emphatically, “Most of the ghost stories are simple gossip. Because those girls were petrified, they might have misunderstood each other. As a result, they made it sound like a ghost story.”

However, I shook my head and disagreed, “No, I don’t think so. Wen Jiubo once said the demons and spirits originate from human’s hearts. All demons are born from human’s terror, sadness, and hatred. From this point of view, there is no fake ghost story. Besides, since Wen Jiubo and I looked into clients’ requests; countless cases showed that people’s indifference led to the deterioration of the event and victim’s death.”

“I don’t understand. Gu Yu, didn’t you have a falling out with the exorcist? Why do you still care about this kind of thing?” Qi Bojian asked.

I paused for a second before I forced myself to explain, “I still show some concerns over it because I had some contact with this stuff. What’s more, if our school is haunted, doesn’t it mean we are all in trouble?”

Qi Bojian seemed to be convinced by my explanation, he turned his head and asked Zhou Lang, “Hey, about the ghost story you mentioned, did it happen only in the girl’s dorm?”

Zhou Lang shook his head, “At first, I heard this only happened in the girl’s dorm. The girls are chicken-hearted, and they gossip about everything that happens to them. After a while, the gossip spread to our class, and the boy began to discuss the things happening in their dorms. However, the boys are indifferent, they show little concern about the ghost. They just pretended that they had a nightmare. There were no boys that showed any worry. They didn’t realize something was wrong until the girls were so scared that they went to the temple to ask for charms to protect against evil.”

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