UTDS – Vol 2 Chapter 3 Arrival

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 3 Arrival

Translator: Linc

Editor: Draygan

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 3 Arrival

“Is that so? Is it a female ferret?” Wen Jiubo said teasingly.

“Wait a moment! You were just complimenting me, saying that I was indomitable and omnipotent!” I said angrily. “Liar!”

“Hmph, I wasn’t wrong either, you were originally a weak pipsqueak!”

“What did you say?”

“Alright, stop arguing.” Wen Jiubo put up one finger and both Bai and I suddenly couldn’t say a word, as if our mouths had been sealed.

“I’ve already decided, neither of you can get out of it.” Wen Jiubo pointed at me, then pointed at Bai. “Do you understand?”

The both of us nodded hurriedly, and it was only then that I felt my lips loosen and I was able to talk again. Wen Jiubo turned back to write and draw again.

“What are you drawing?” I shuffled over curiously.

“Nothing much, just normal charms.” Wen Jiubo said placidly.

I looked over his shoulder, but all I saw written on the paper was some strange Sanskrit-like symbols. I couldn’t understand a word.

However, Wen Jiubo snatched the charm away hastily. His expression was unfriendly as he said, “Don’t peek.”

“I can’t understand anything anyway, why does it matter?” I muttered. “I’m only curious.”

“Not even if you’re just curious.” Saying this, Wen Jiubo packed away all those paper charms at a steady pace. It was really as if he was hiding some sort of treasure, not letting me see a thing.

“Fine then, I won’t look,” I muttered, eyeing him from the corner of my eye. I suddenly reached out a hand, preparing to snatch the charm papers away when he was unprepared. However, Wen Jiubo was faster, and my hand hit his chest instead.

Immediately after that though, I saw Wen Jiubo’s face twitch as if in pain.

I jumped, pulling back my hand, suddenly scared. “What’s wrong? Did I hit something?”

Wen Jiubo frowned and shook his head, but he still didn’t look too good. He stood up suddenly, putting away the paper charms in his chest. “Don’t mess around. It’s one thing if you can’t help out, but don’t keep just hanging around here. Go back to school.”

Leaving this sentence, Wen Jiubo turned and left the room without looking back.

“What?” That left me standing in place, confused. I looked at Bai, who stood to one side, in bewilderment. “I was just joking, did I manage to offend him?”

Bai seemed completely unperturbed though, his expression placid. He waved his paw at him. “Man, he’s Wen Jiubo. It’s hard to say but he might have that thing a couple of days per month.”

Although it was shrouded with complaints and worry, the school still didn’t change their decision. So just like that, we began our trip on Saturday to Mt. Yanmian.

“I’m so tired.” Shi Yitong flung himself down on the seat next to mine, complaining. “I deliberately set out half an hour earlier just so I could be on the same bus as you, but I ended up having to search for ages. Why on earth is the language department bus parked in such a tiny forgotten corner?”

“Why are you asking me? You should go ask the teacher.” Su Xiaoyun replied lazily.

“You’re so lucky, Gu Yu.” Shi Yitong said suddenly, sounding jealous. “You’re in the same class and department as my Goddess. You can hang out every day together, unlike me, having to deliberately wake up half an hour earlier and wander around half the school to find you two.”

“Why is that my fault? Can you not blame me for everything?” I told him, half-heartedly.

Just as we were chatting on and off casually, Liang Kaifeng boarded the bus with two girls and a group of guys. Even rows away, we could hear the sound of his loud laughter.

“…Yeah, that’s right. That’s why I said you don’t know how to get girls, you don’t have a single romantic bone in your body. How would it be possible for girls to notice you?”

The guys following behind Liang Kaifeng nodded in agreement as if they were students following a master.

“You need to understand what girls like, right?” Liang Kaifeng seemed even more pleased, eyebrows rising as he slid his arms around the shoulder of one of the girls next to him. He leaned close to her ear and asked, “What do you like, pretty lady?”

The girl seemed to be playing hard to get, answering shyly,” I… only want Kaifeng.”

Liang Kaifeng immediately gave a thumbs up. “Did you hear that? She wants a Ferrari. Which of you can afford to give her one?”

The guys surrounding him nodded like a group of bobbleheads.

“Of course, only I can.” Liang Kaifeng started laughing, deliberately reaching out and stroking the girl’s face.

“Disgusting!” Su Xiaoyun swore angrily, turning around so she didn’t have to look at him.

“I really want to punch him really hard in the face.” Shi Yitong muttered. “How can such a shameless man exist in this world? Why does he need the entire world to know that he’s a rich kid! He thinks he’s so good just because he’s rich! And there are so many people following behind him as his henchmen? Pah!”

“This is something out of our control, as long as you have money, you can do anything you like,” I said consolingly to the two of them. “Just ignore him.”

I had originally said this so as not to raise a ruckus. However, I didn’t expect that Liang Kaifeng’s ears were so sharp that he actually heard my words. He brought a couple of them, swaggering over in our direction.

“I think this side looks good, let’s sit on this side.” He sat diagonally behind us, smirking and then put on an expression as if just seeing me, greeting me strangely. “Oh, isn’t this Gu Yu, class 16, language major Gu Xiaoyu? Long time no see.”

Hearing this sort of greeting, I really wanted to poke my tongue out. Why were we so bored just before that we ended up discussing his business?

“It’s got nothing to do with you!” Before I could reply, Su Xiaoyun snapped angrily.

Liang Kaifeng also was clearly provoked by this not so polite response. He immediately furrowed his brows, staring coldly. “Nothing to do with me? If I say it’s got something to do with me then it’s got something to do with me. As long as I’m willing, then everything that goes on in this school has something to do with me! You dare to speak to me like that? Do you know who my father is?”

“Who cares who your father is?!” Su Xiaoyun got even angrier. I couldn’t even hold her back if I tried. “I’m telling you, you’re the type of person who I hate the most. You’re a rich kid who’s got no ability at all, and you still have to bring out your father to threaten people! If you’re that good, then why don’t you earn some money yourself to buy a Ferrari to attract girls?”

“What did you say?” Liang Kaifeng also had a childish temper. After being angered like this, he immediately jumped up. The boys at his side, seeing that their leader had been threatened, also stood up. They looked like they wanted to start a fight.

And both Shi Yitong and I, seeing Su Xiaoyun getting picked on, we were obviously not going to stand aside and let it happen. Both of us stood as well, ready to start a fight with them at any moment. The air between us was filled with mutual hostility.

It was good that at this moment, our homeroom teacher got onto the bus. When she saw that there was a bunch of people standing, her brows immediately furrowed.

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