UTDS – Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 30 The Strange Su Xiaoyun

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 30 The Strange Su Xiaoyun

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: DPalmz

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 30 The Strange Su Xiaoyun

“But, it doesn’t indicate…” Qi Bojian still wanted to argue with his atheism theory but was interrupted by Di Zizhen.

“Fine, if you’re so interested, you should ask our classmates about it tomorrow morning.” Di Zizhen resignedly waved his hands and fell onto his bed, “Didn’t you notice the time? It’s past twelve. Don’t you want to go to class tomorrow? We should go to sleep now!”

The dorm head reminded us that we should get up early tomorrow. We stopped chattering and went to bed. However, I tossed and turned, unable to sleep. I thought about the haunted dorm as well as Wen Jiubo.

It was probably nothing, merely another fake story. It was impossible that everything linked to demons and spirits. I fell asleep slowly while pondering.

The rest of the night was quiet. As expected, the whole dorm got up late, and so we were five minutes late when we arrived at class. Luckily, the teacher didn’t say anything and just beckoned us into the classroom. We hastily took out our textbooks and notebooks and prepared to listen to the lecture. Suddenly, we heard footsteps approaching from the outside.

Is there something wrong? We didn’t expect anyone to be later than us. Our second dorm mate raised his head, getting ready to secretly tease this latecomer, but abruptly paused. Without turning, he poked me with his elbow and asked in a low voice, “Oi, Gu Yu, is that Su Xiaoyun?”

I looked up to find that the person at the door was indeed her. I felt guilty about having not seen Su Xiaoyun for a while. I was so busy dealing with Moxue’s problem and by the time I solved it, I quarreled with Wen Jiubo. I was so overwhelmed by all these things going on, I forgot to contact Su Xiaoyun.

However, it was strange, even though I was in the same class as Su Xiaoyun, I had not seen her for several days. She seemed to have a bad relationship with girls. Besides Shi Yitong and me, she did not have any female friends. As a result, there was no one I could ask for her whereabouts.

Right now, Su Xiaoyun, who had ‘disappeared’ for several days, stood at the classroom’s door. She was panting and looked haggard. Even from a distance, I could still see dark circles under her eyes that were beginning to swell. She looked like she had cried.

Her hair was loose and in disarray. What was more surprising was Coo, the black cat she held in her arms.

The teacher was furious when he saw her, “You! What’s your name?!”

Su Xiaoyun answered in a low voice, “Su Xiaoyun…”

“Su Xiaoyun!” The teacher scolded with a finger pointing at her, “It’s already been ten minutes since the class began, shouldn’t you know that? If you don’t want to be in my class, then don’t come. Don’t just suddenly show up at the door when I’ve already started the lecture. And what are you holding in your arms? Who permitted you to bring a pet to class! How dare you! Do you think this is your home?!”

Su Xiaoyun looked extremely pitiful. She tightly held the black cat in her arm and pleaded, “Sir, I swear I didn’t intend to be late. And this cat, I have a good reason for having it. I promise my cat will stay outside the classroom; it won’t make a sound. It’s clever, and I…”

“No!” the teacher angrily interrupted her, “You leave my class right now, do you hear me?”

Su Xiaoyun tried to argue, “But sir, I…”

“Don’t you understand Chinese? Leave!” The teacher shouted furiously.

Su Xiaoyun didn’t have any options. She bit her lip and bowed to the teacher, then turned around and left the classroom with Coo.

“Uh, Gu Yu, isn’t she your friend?” Di Zizhen asked puzzledly, “What happened to her?”

I was also confused but I didn’t know what happened to her. “I…I haven’t seen her for a while, so I don’t know…”

“That girl looked terrible. Do you want to catch up and see what’s happened to her?” Zhou Lang asked me tentatively.

I wished I could rush out of the classroom right now. However, the teacher was still angry. If I rushed out recklessly, I was afraid that there would be some severe consequences. I had to sit and wait anxiously, wishing class would be over quickly.

I was worried about Su Xiaoyun. The rumor about the haunted dorm that Zhou Lang told me last night made me more anxious.

As soon as the bell rang, I grabbed my books and rushed out of the classroom. Unsurprisingly, she was neither outside the classroom nor near the aisle. I searched for her around the building but didn’t see her. Besides, I couldn’t even see her normally sly as a fox black cat.

I felt a familiar ominous premonition again. The more places I searched, the more anxious I became. Suddenly, I bumped into someone as I quickly rounded a corner.

“Watch where you’re walking!” I blurted out, due to my anger and nervousness.

“Gu Yu!” I did not expect the man I bumped into to call out my name, “I was looking for you! I swear I called your phone almost a hundred times!” he said angrily while rubbing his chest.

It was then that I recognized the man in front of me. He was not some stranger, but my friend Shi Yitong.

Did he call me? I immediately took out my phone and saw there were a lot of missed calls. Since I turned the ringer off in class, I didn’t notice.

“I was in class, I couldn’t pick up the phone,” I still felt a sense of anxiety, so I replied curtly.  “What’s the matter? Tell me now.”

“You said you were in class? Chinese language class for undergraduates?” Shi Yitong asked abruptly.

“Of course, what other class can I be taking?” I didn’t know why he asked such a stupid question.

“Did you see Su Xiaoyun?” Shi Yitong suddenly grabbed my arm and spoke with a serious look on his face, “Did she show up to class? Did you see her?”

I began to realize that we were worried about the same thing. I instantly pulled Shi Yitong to the roadside to avoid the stares from passersby.

“I’m looking for her! What happened to her? Do you know anything?”

“You answer me first, did you see her in class?” Shi Yitong became anxious as well.

“Yes, I saw her. She came to class,” I replied hurriedly, “She was late by about ten minutes and she looked terrible. It seemed like she hadn’t had enough sleep and she also looked like she had cried. I don’t know why she brought Coo with her and tried to bring it into the classroom. The teacher got angry and asked her to leave if she didn’t want to be in his class since she was late. She had no choice but to leave. I came out as soon as the class was over; however, I searched the whole building, places nearby and even the cafeteria, but I didn’t see her.”

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