UTDS – Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 31 The Cause

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 31 The Cause

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: DPalmz

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 31 The Cause

Shi Yitong shook his head and waved the phone in his hand, “I’ve already tried, but she won’t answer her phone. I asked her dorm mates, but they didn’t know where she wais either. I think she’s in trouble now. Because of what’s occurred lately on campus,  I’m afraid something bad has happened…”

“Hey! If you know something, tell me now,.” I hurriedly interrupted Shi Yitong, “What’s wrong with Su Xiaoyun, did you say something happened to her?”

“Alright, calm down. I’ll tell you,.” Shi Yitong sighed. He pulled me into a chair in the nearby parterre., “Gu Yu…Do you know about the haunted dorms inat our university?”

My heart skipped a beat. I thought about what Zhou Lang said and nodded, “Do you mean, Su Xiaoyun…”

“You’re correct,” said Shi Yitong, with a sad and worried look on his face, “I heard that Su Xiaoyun encountered this supernatural thing.”

“Did she hear the sound of knocking at midnight?”

Shi Yitong nodded, “Probably two days ago, Su Xiaoyun suddenly called me. It was midnight, I picked up the phone despite feeling sleepy and heard her crying. I asked her what had happened, and she vaguely mentioned that there was someone outside, knocking on the door. I said,: “Why didn’t you answer the door?” but she began to cry again. After a few minutes, she refused to talk to me, and so I hung up. It was my fault. I should have noticed something was wrong. But I was so sleepy that I conked out as soon as I put my phone down.”

“What happened after that?” I asked.

“The next day, a girl I didn’t know found me and asked if I knew where Su Xiaoyun was. Confused about who she was, I inquired. She told me she was Su Xiaoyun’s dorm mate and that Su Xiaoyun didn’t come back to the dorm at all that day. They had no idea where she was.”

I had a bad feeling, “She didn’t go back to her dorm all day? And no one knew her whereabouts?”

Shi Yitong shook his head, “Su Xiaoyun…Her relationship with others is not good. It seems she quarreled with her roommate the day before this thing happened. Therefore, no one knew where she went. I heard from her roommate that Su Xiaoyun behaved strangely all semester. She was alone and rarely interact with others. And then she disappeared suddenly. Has she contacted you in these past few days?”

I shook my head, but then I thought that since I rarely use my phone, I might have missed her reaching out to me.

“All in all, what’s happened recently is extremely bizarre. Gu Yu, you are the most perceptive man among us, please don’t tell me you haven’t noticed these freaky things shaking up our school.” Shi Yitong looked at me. “Ghosts and disappearing girls. I believe our campus is haunted.”

“Probably…” I answered vaguely.

“What do you mean by ‘probably,’ isn’t it obvious?” Shi Yitong became anxious, he banged his thigh and said, “Gu Yu, let’s go and find Wen Jiubo. Ask him to help us. We must find Su Xiaoyun. If something terrible happens to her…”

“Take it easy,” I said resignedly, grabbing Shi Yitong’s arm, “It doesn’t mean she’s disappeared. Su Xiaoyun probably had something urgent to deal with and didn’t tell us. We can’t say she’s disappeared simply because she wasn’t here for two days. Besides, I just saw her come to class. So, don’t worry. She’s not a child, and it’s highly likely that she’s safe.”

It seemed that Shi Yitong was persuaded as he released some of his tension. He nodded, “But what about the haunted dorm in the university? Do you mean it’s merely a prank?”

“Er…There is a possibility.”

“Do you mean someone was so bored that they played a prank on everyone? In both the male and female dorms? Is it simply a coincidence?” Shi Yitong shook his head firmly. “There must be something wrong. Let’s go and get the exorcist.”

“Uh, Don’t go!” I stopped him and complained, “You don’t like Wen Jiubo, do you? Why are you so eager to see him now?”

“This concerns someone’s life! Besides, it relates to my Goddess Su. Of course I’m worried.” Shi Yitong crossed his arm and looked at me, “What’s the matter with you? You don’t want to see him?”

I was at a loss of words for a second, “Oi, you saw I quarreled with him, didn’t you?”

Shi Yitong paused as he started to remember, “No way? Because of that? Did you quarrel like a teenage couple?”

“No, we didn’t quarrel like a teenage couple!” I was caught between a cry and a laugh, “You didn’t see his face. He was angry with me. I don’t know why he was so furious, but I don’t want to see him right now. He would probably just give us the cold shoulder anyways. Why should we?”

When thinking about Wen Jiubo’s mercurial personality, I was reluctant to see him.

“But doesn’t he know a lot about supernatural things?” asked Shi Yitong.

“No, he doesn’t. He didn’t know what the monster in the forest was,” I disagreed, “Even though Wen Jiubo is an excellent exorcist, it doesn’t mean he knows everything. He said so himself.”

Wen Jiubo once warned me after we returned from Mt. Yanjin that someone had probably  started targeting me. Since then I became vigilant, and…

“Besides, since this thing happened at our school, we shouldn’t ask an outsider to help us, or at least, we should investigate it ourselves first,” I said firmly.

Shi Yitong looked at me. Although he was a little reluctant, he eventually nodded.

“Fine, your words are reasonable. Besides, we’re brothers who have experienced several supernatural events together, and I believe we can do it,” said Shi Yitong .

“Okay, let’s meet here after our last class and we need to ask the people about the ghosts to see if there is any useful information we can find.”

Shi Yitong nodded and said, “We should also look for Miss Su’s whereabouts.”


We stood up. We had spent too much time talking. It was lunchtime now, the cafeteria was probably full of people. We needed to go to the cafeteria quickly before there was nothing left to eat.

“Uh, one more thing.” Before saying goodbye, I suddenly remembered something. I turned around and asked Shi Yitong, “Do you mind if I ask more people to join our investigation?”

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