UTDS – Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 32 The Missing Person

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 32 The Missing Person

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: DPalmz

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 32 The Missing Person

I relayed everything Shi Yitong told me to my other three roommates that afternoon. After expressing their surprise, they all agreed to help. I was so grateful. They always took care of me ever since the beginning of the semester. And now, they were members of ‘Gu Yu’s Supernatural Investigation Team.’

“Actually, I think we should call it ’Little Gu Yu and his Best Friends’ Exorcism Squad’,” said Di Zizhen, putting a finger to his chin.

“I think we should call it ’Little Gu Yu Feeling Bored and Being Idle So He Had to Join Us Exorcist Group’,” said Zhou Lang, all excited.

“Why don’t you just call it ’Little Gu Yu is Single and Feeling Bored Because He Has Nothing to do But He Feels Curious So He Had to do Exorcism With Single Men (Except for Zhou Lang)’s Group’.” Qi Bojian said indifferently.

“Fine, fine, stop joking.” I rolled my eyes, motioning for them to stop.

“Gu Yu, your roommates are so energetic,” said Shi Yitong with jealousy, “My dorm is so different from yours. Everyone there is miserable. Every day they do nothing but play video games. They don’t have dreams.”

“You haven’t seen our dorm head playing video games. I’m telling you when he plays games, he gets in the zone; he won’t pick up even if his girlfriend calls. That’s why his ex broke up with him.” Zhou Lang smiled, placing his hand on Shi Yitong’s shoulder. They became friends in seconds.

“Hey, don’t sell my fucking embarrassment for a new friend!”We chattered joyfully while walking. I had to remind them a few times so that they wouldn’t forget that we had business to deal with.

Today was Wednesday, although we didn’t have classes in the afternoon, there were still many students coming and going in a hurry in the Humanities department.

“Look, that girl!” Zhou Lang suddenly pointed at a student with shoulder-length brown hair in a long dress.

“What’s wrong?”

“She is… she is…” Zhou Lang said excitedly, “My girlfriend!”

Di Zizhen slapped the back of Zhou Lang’s head and scolded him, “Who fucking told you to show public affection now? Are you asking to get beat up?”

“Ah, you misunderstand me, Dorm Head!” Zhou Lang groaned, “Did you forget what I said before? My girlfriend told me the story about the haunted dorm.”

Di Zizhen grudgingly accepted his answer, so he strode towards Zhou Lang’s girlfriend. Perhaps Di Zizhen’s behavior scared the girl, as she took a step back and posed as if she was ready to defend herself.

“What do you want?”

Zhou Lang squeezed through and stood in front of us to comfort his girlfriend, “Xiaoyun, it’s fine, it’s fine. They are my friends and roommates, they just want to ask you something.”

Xiaoyun remained vigilant. “Porn videos are on Baidu cloud drive, 4 for 5 yuan; sex chat accounts, 3 yuan each; Sola Aoi’s nude pictures, 1 yuan each. And don’t ask for my nude pictures, they are not for sale.”

Zhou Lang waved his hand frantically, desperate to get her to stop talking. “No, we don’t want those!” His ears burned crimson.

“Uh? What does a group of men want from me then? To discuss studies?” Xiaoyun was confused.

The rest of us tried very hard not to laugh.

Zhou Lang felt extremely embarrassed, so much so he was almost dying from shame, “No. Xiaoyun, do you remember the story you told me a few days ago about the haunted dorm?”

Xiaoyun thought for a second and said, “Oh! Yes, I remember. Why are you asking?”

“We just want to know,” Zhou Lang said hurriedly, “You told me before, that your friend heard the ghost knocking on the door at midnight?”

The expression on Xiaoyun’s face suddenly became unnatural, and her pink cheeks quickly drained of color. “Why do you ask? Didn’t you say you weren’t interested in the supernatural?”

“Please forgive us,” At this moment, the dorm head Di Zizhen began to talk. “Lately, a friend of my dorm mate encountered this same situation. It seems that it was not a prank. We don’t have any options but to ask around for information…”

However, Xiaoyun interrupted Di Zizhen before he could finish speaking. She replied to him rudely, “Don’t ask me, I’m not an information broker. This isn’t the first time that the campus has ghost stories. All these rumors were proved to be malicious gossip in the end.”

“But your face says the opposite,” I interrupted calmly.

Xiaoyun turned her sight to me. Her gaze was so sharp, I felt like I had been stabbed with a knife.

“What did you say?”

This girl had a really hot temper, but I forced myself to repeat it, “Your complexion is terrible. Did what Zhou Lang mention make you uncomfortable?”

“Who says I am uncomfortable!” Xiaoyun stared at me, “It’s a fake ghost prank. It’s impossible for ghosts to exist! Di Qiu didn’t come back because she had something to do, there’s no other reason!”

Qi Bojian picked up on that key information, “Di Qiu? Who’s Qi Qiu? What happened to her?”

Xiaoyun’s face turned red. She stared at us for a while before slowly telling us the real story, “Qi Qiu… She is the girl who mentioned the knock on the door at midnight. She said after opening the door, she saw a head floating in the air, but after she woke up, it was gone. She disappeared suddenly three days after she told us. No one knows where she went. She hasn’t come back to the dorm since then…”

We were shocked, and no one knew what to say.

“However…However, it has nothing to do with that thing!” Xiaoyun started to argue, “She only had a nightmare that night. As for her disappearance…No, there is no disappearance. She must have had something to do so she went out. It must be!”

“But when you told me this story, you said the dorm was definitely haunted… ” Before he could even finish his sentence, Zhou Lang was interrupted by his girlfriend.

“Nonsense! I never said that!” Xiaoyun denied hurriedly, “You’re wrong! Ghosts don’t exist in the real world!”

After that statement, Xiaoyun turned around and stomped out. She did not turn back even after Zhou Lang shouted her name several times.

We looked at each other but didn’t know what to say. People tended to act like this. They craved adventure and excitement when they were safe and comfortable, but when the real danger occurred, most of them chose to deny the reality and run away.

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