UTDS – Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 33 The Girl Who Jumped Off The Building

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 33 The Girl Who Jumped Off The Building

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: DPalmz

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 33 The Girl Who Jumped Off The Building

After meeting with Xiaoyun, we tried to find more people related to the haunting. But surprisingly, every person who heard the midnight knocking had disappeared. They either were not in their dorm or went back home because of an urgent family issue. Everyone vanished just as Xiaoyun mentioned.

Those people simply disappeared. No one knew where they went. The more people we asked, the more depressed we felt.

This event was definitely not just a campus ghost story. It seemed people didn’t pay attention to their disappearances because of the short time span. But if this continued developing, it would attract attention from students or even the university.

When we came out of the main building, all my dorm mates who had laughed and joked earlier had become sullen.

“Did you find someone?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t find anyone who heard the knocking. Everyone said they didn’t know where they went.” Di Zizhen shook his head.

“Neither did I,” Shi Yitong sighed. “Both girls and boys, I couldn’t find a single victim.”

“Do you think they … got caught by the ghost?” Zhou Lang bit his lip, “That they were eaten or…”

“Shut your mouth!” Di Zhen smacked Zhou Lang on the head and scolded him, “Don’t jinx it!”

Zhou Lang rubbed the back of his head and spat in remorse.

“How about you?” I turned my head and looked at Qi Bojian. He remained silent while listening to our talk, “What did you find?”

Qi Bojian looked up at me, “Me as well. No one knows where they went. But… I might have gotten some other useful information.”

“What kind of information?” We all looked at Qi Bojian.

“It’s probably nothing.” Qi Bojian glanced at me with doubt, “It may be just the rumor spreading in the campus. I think it’s nothing…”

“Cut the crap and get to the point!” Di Zizhen prompted.

“Okay. A girl told me this while I searched the third floor,” said Qi Bojian. “She mentioned that this supernatural thing happened for a reason. Someone led the ghost to our campus.”

“What?” I frowned.

“Do you know there was a girl who died two years ago on our campus?” asked Qi Bojian with a serious look on his face.

We glanced at each other before shaking our heads. However, Zhou Lang suddenly said, “You mean…the girl who jumped off the Humanities Department building?”

Qi Bojian nodded, “I didn’t know about it until she told me. She said the dead girl was her classmate and that her death was bizarre. It’s said that her life was going well and she didn’t have depression. However, she killed herself.”

“What happened?”

“A month before she committed suicide, all of her friends, classmates, and teachers suffered misfortunes.”

“Misfortunes?” Di Zizhen frowned.

“Em. The girl told me that the dead girl had three roommates, two of them had a car accident, one died, and the other was permanently paralyzed. The third roommate’s leg was bitten off by a large dog when she was on her way home.”

We all gasped simultaneously.

“The classmates of the dead girl also suffered from misfortunes. Some were injured, others were robbed. Even her teacher broke up with her fiance,” Qi Bojian continued, “Eventually that girl couldn’t stand the malicious gossip and killed herself. However, the most bizarre part happened after she died.”

“What happened?” asked Shi Yitong.

“She jumped off the girl’s dorm from the balcony of the sixth floor.” Qi Bojian turned around, pointing at the dorm building in the distance. We could see it from where we stood. The girl’s dorm was one-floor higher than the boy’s dorm.

“She must’ve been flattened after she jumped off the building,” Qi Bojian said. “However, she still was still breathing somehow.”

“She was still breathing?!” exclaimed Di Zhen, almost cutting Qi Bojian off. “She didn’t die? Why didn’t they call an ambulance?”

“They did. They sent her to a hospital right away. But guess what?” Qi Bojian shook his head, “After arriving at the hospital, the doctor found that the organs in her chest were completely traumatized. Her ribs had pierced her lungs, and her heart had stopped beating. There was no sign of life. However, she still had breath.”

The hair on the back of my neck prickled with fear. I felt my blood freeze. The look on the others’ faces told me they felt the same.

“Then, this student told me the dead girl was still breathing, even as her body began to decompose. Her family didn’t feel right burying her like that, so they prayed to Buddha. Finally, the body stopped breathing on the fifth day, so they were able to put her to rest.” Qi Bojian sighed, “The girl told me that the reason why the dead girl still had breath was due to her spirit being full of resentment. Maybe she resented her classmates, who treated her like a jinxed girl, and that’s why she returned to haunt them. But what I was told is exaggerated, and you can’t fully believe it …”

I nodded and spoke in a low voice, “This must relate to our investigation, it might concern the missing people as well.”

“What should we do? I feel this event has developed far out of our control.” Shi Yitong said his voice pitched with concern.

“Have we found all the victims?” Di Zizhen asked anxiously. “Did we miss anyone?”

“This…” Zhou Lang thought for a second, “I heard Liang Kaifeng may have encountered this ghost. But he’s a pain in the ass and no one wanted to ask him.”

“Liang Kaifeng?” Di Zizhen asked, “I saw that rich kid this morning! Let’s go to the Chinese Language Department and talk to him!”

It seems we didn’t lose all our victims. However, to our surprise, when we arrived at the Chinese Language Department, something had already happened.

“What’s going on? Why are there so many people?” By the time we reached the stairs, we were blocked outside the classroom. For some reason, many students stood in front of the door. Some were chatting, and a few were trying to squeeze in.

“What’s happening inside?” Di Zizhen forced his way through the crowd before he saw a few male students banging on the door.

“It’s locked from inside.” A guy turned around and said to Di Zizhen, “We’re going to have class in a few minutes. Don’t know which bastard locked the door. No matter how hard we knock, no one answers.”

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