UTDS – Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 39 Make Peace

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 39 Make Peace

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: DPalmz

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 39 Make Peace

I opened my mouth but didn’t know what to say. A wave of warmth flowed through me despite knowing it may be a strategy Wen Jiubo was using to calm me down.

“And about before, I promise I will tell you who I am,” declared Wen Jiubo, “If I can fulfill this request safely and we can survive without getting hurt, I will tell you. Can you trust me again?”

I nodded while grumbling, “I didn’t quarrel with you, it’s you that went mental.”

Wen Jiubo had a big smile on his face. “Yes, it’s my fault. If I let you punch me will it make you feel better?”

Every time Wen Jiubo behaved like this, I felt frustrated. He always lost his temper and gave me the cold shoulder for no reason and apologized sincerely afterward. However, the moment I looked into his bright eyes, I forgot all my anger and curses only to end up forgiving him like a fool.

However, it was not the right time to be upset with him. Our priority should be to focus on finding out what happened on campus and finding those missing people.

“So, are you still angry with me?” Wen Jiubo talked to me like I was a child.

“Do you think everyone is as petty as you?” I replied, irritated.

“Good.” Wen Jiubo smiled a little before changing to a more severe facial expression. I was familiar with this look, it indicated that we were going to talk about something serious. “Let’s discuss the request. Can you tell me the whole story first? Although I’ve heard some from Liang Kaifeng’s father, I didn’t think he knew exactly what happened.”

I nodded. I still felt astonished when recalling my memories of the past few days.  A peaceful campus turned into a center of mayhem.

“Em… Where should I begin?” I pondered. “It was mentioned that the haunting started at the girls’ dorm. Several girls heard the midnight knocking, but they saw different things after opening the door. Some saw a ghost face, others saw a female ghost, and still more saw nothing. All these girls passed out, and when they woke up, they found themselves lying on their bed without wounds. But none of their roommates heard any noises.”

“Hold on. They saw different things?” Wen Jiubo interrupted.

I nodded. “Yes, they did, according to the rumor.”

Wen Jiubo nodded. “Em, go on.”

“Then everyone who said they heard the knocking went missing, including Su Xiaoyun,” I continued, ” We don’t know where these missing people are. And then as you already know, Liang Kaifeng was found hanging from the ceiling. He was one of the people who claimed to see the ghost. That’s why we’re all worried about Su Xiaoyun…”

I took a deep breath before telling him the rest of the details of our investigation, including the story about the girl who committed suicide, which Zhou Lang heard from a junior female student.

“Oh? So two years ago there was a girl who still had breath after she died just like Liang Kaifeng?” Wen Jiubo seemed very interested.

I nodded. “What’s more, we were told that before this girl committed suicide, many people around her seemed to be cursed and suffered misfortunes one by one; a car accident, robbery, etc.”

“I see,” muttered Wen Jiubo.

“Do you have any leads?” I felt excited.

“I can’t say I have, but I won’t say I don’t either,” drawled Wen Jiubo. He held a textbook with his left hand and spun a pen with his right. I stared at the spinning pen, worried that it might fall.

“Er, what does that mean?”

“If it is a curse, we may have a direction,” said Wen Jiubo, thinking out loud. “A curse, based on resentment or murderous intention, is the prayer of one person for harm or injury to come upon others. Everything happens for a reason. No matter how horrible the curse is, we can find the origin if there is a link.”

“So what are you going to do?” I asked.

“Well, we should begin with the girl you mentioned.” Stopping for a second, Wen Jiubo asked, “Do you know her name? When did she register at the university? Which department did she belong to?”

“I don’t know yet, but Shi Yitong volunteered to help with the investigation. He went to go ask about it.”

“Shi Yitong?” Wen Jiubo frowned. Clearly, Wen Jiubo forgot who he was.

“I thought you were smart,” I laughed. “He’s my best friend. I met you for the first time because of his grandpa. Did you really forget?”

Wen Jiubo didn’t show any embarrassment even when I laughed at him. Instead, he replied straight-faced, “There are too many people in this world, it’s exhausting to remember everyone’s name. I don’t care about the other people, I only care about you.”

I started at him, dumbfounded. Damn Wen Jiubo, it had only been a few days since I last met him. I couldn’t believe he learned to say such smooth lines without changing his expression, who taught him?

All of a sudden, my phone suddenly rang and the sharp noise interrupted our discussion. I took out my phone, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Sorry, I have to answer this.” I accepted the call. Before I could speak, I heard loud music and noises of a crowd on the other end. And then I heard Di Zizhen’s voice,

“Ay! Gu Yu, are you there?”

“Dorm Head?”

“Yes, I need to tell you something,” yelled Di Zizhen through the phone. “We’re out for a drink, it’s Zhou Lang’s treat. He said he needs a drink to calm his nerves. We wanted to ask you to come with us, but we couldn’t find you after class.”

“Er, okay. It’s fine, you guys have some fun.”

Thank God you didn’t find me, because I don’t want to go, I thought.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise and it seemed that another person took his phone. Then, I heard Zhou Lang’s voice, “Little Gu Yu, where are you? I swear we tried to find you before we left! Please don’t misunderstand us, bro!”

His voice told me he was already drunk. I gave a laugh, “Don’t worry about me, I know you did. I’m still at school now, don’t worry.”

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