UTDS – Vol 2 Chapter 4 Fate Throws Enemies Together

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 4 Fate Throws Enemies Together

Translator: Linc

Editor: Draygan

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 4 Fate Throws Enemies Together

“What are you doing?! Did you want to cause a revolt? All of you, return to your seats!”

Shi Yitong and I watched Liang Kaifeng closely. The latter glanced at us scornfully before sitting down. The boys who were following his lead also all returned to their seats. It was only then that we let out a sigh of relief and also sat.

“I bet this trip will be the worst one in my life.” Shi Yitong mumbled.

“Mt. Yanmian, homework, missing persons case and the worst thing is that we have to be with that guy.” Su Xiaoyun sighed in agreement. “I couldn’t agree more.”

The school bus drove unhurriedly for over an hour before it brought us to our destination – Mt. Yanmian. I looked out from the bus window, the pale green of the mountain range extended endlessly beyond my view. The mountain peak at the very front was our destination for our camping trip.

“From here, it doesn’t look that terrible.” I said excitedly, undoing my seatbelt. “The scenery is quite pretty.”

“You’re right. I did say that the school wouldn’t just randomly choose a small hill to let us camp overnight.” Su Xiaoyun’s tone also became much more cheerful.

“Students!” Our homeroom teacher clapped her hands together in front of the bus to signal us to pay attention to her words. “We’ve already arrived at Mt. Yanmian, but don’t be too excited. I’m warning you, Mt. Yanmian is an undeveloped wild mountain, so apart from the few places that the school has authorised, no one should run wild! You must keep your phone on you at all time so that I can contact each and every one of you. Please make sure your food and water is well packed away and follow the group closely, don’t wander off. Also keep your clothes with you and remember to keep warm…”

“Not again.” Shi Yitong propped his head up with his arm, complaining, “School trips are all like this. You finally get a little excited and then it’s all ruined by the teacher’s ‘safety talk’.”

“Finally, you need to understand that this trip isn’t for fun. You’re here to learn and experience life. So don’t forget your homework! After the camping trip is over, each of you must write an essay on your practical experience!”

As expected, an entire wave of moans and complaints came from within the bus.

“Really, can’t you just let us have some fun?”

“How can we have any fun when we still have to do homework!”

“Alright, alright, stop your complaining.” Our homeroom teacher used her killer move again. “If you have any objections, don’t come to me, take it to the school’s upper management. Everyone, get off the bus. Remember to stay safe and follow the group!”

All the students filed off the bus with expressions of resentment. Su Xiaoyun, Shi Yitong and I were obviously in the group. However, even so, once we exited the bus and saw that the teachers had already laid out all the bbq equipment, we couldn’t help but become excited again.

“No one said we were going to do a bbq out in the wild!” Shi Yitong almost started hollering in happiness.

“Now this looks more like a trip.” Su Xiaoyun said, also pleased.

However, when it rains, it pours. Just as the three of us took our metal plates and were preparing to grab some bbq ingredients, all of us in high spirits, a random teacher standing to the side suddenly called out to us.

“Where’s the other member of your team?”

Another person? The three of us were all very confused, looking over with puzzlement.

“Four people per team. The teacher on each bus must’ve all mentioned this before?” That teacher explained patiently. “Your team is still short one person.”

We looked at each other; it was probably because no one on the bus had actually listened to what the teacher had said.

“Oh…” Shi Yitong said, embarrassed, scratching his head. “I’m sorry, teacher, we didn’t know.”

“Who told you to not listen on the bus?” The teacher said helplessly. “The three of you are in a team, that means that there’s someone without a team at all. The numbers were all prepared in advance by the teachers. You…”

Before the teacher’s words even finished, we heard another voice, unhappily complaining out loud.

“Why does it have to be four a team? What sort of dumb rule is that? I just want to eat bbq by myself, is that so wrong? If I’m alone then that means I have to starve, is that it?”

We turned around in startlement. The one throwing a tantrum at a female teacher was no other than that annoying Liang Kaifeng.

Liang Kaifeng really didn’t fear anything. He was actually straight up arguing with the female teacher. Maybe his family really had some sort of dubious connection with the school.

The female teacher, who Liang Kaifeng’s anger was directed at, was clearly quite distressed but she did her best to speak kindly. “These are the school rules. The number of people was already sorted prior. If you’re alone, then that means there’s a team missing a member. If that’s the case, then we as teachers would find it very hard to manage. You can’t expect all the teachers to just look after you. Also, it’ll be really bad if you wander off alone and get lost as well.”

“Then it’s your school’s responsibility!” Liang Kaifeng was quite unreasonable.

“Okay, okay, stop arguing. It’s not a big thing.” The male teacher who had been standing next to us walked towards the female teacher, waving his hand. “I found the team that’s short one member. Liang Kaifeng, you form a team with them. Problem solved.”

Liang Kaifeng and the three of us looked at each other, both sides frozen in place. Following that, Liang Kaifeng started hollering in anger, “What sort of joke is that! How can I possibly be in a group with the three of them!”

“We don’t want to be with a team with you!” Shi Yitong didn’t want to show any weakness, so he yelled right back.

“Alright, alright! No arguing!” The male teacher steeled his expression. “This is all because you didn’t obey the rules, what else do you want? Behave yourselves otherwise I’ll send the four of you right back to school and you can forget about the camping trip!”

Hearing that sentence silenced all of us. Even Liang Kaifeng, that little dictator, didn’t dare to say anything else.

The teachers quickly split to take care of other things. Liang Kaifeng glared at me, swearing, “Gu Yu, it’s your fault! I keep running into you, you bad luck charm!”

I felt amused, crossing my arms and looking at him. “Is that so? There’s so many people in the school, including your little troop of boys and girls, why didn’t you form a team with them?”

“I…” Liang Kaifeng was clearly caught out by my words, but he still stubbornly had to reply. “What do you understand?! Someone as high-class as I am, how could I possibly just casually form a team with those low-class peasants. I would be so ashamed!”

“In reality, it’s because no one wanted to be in a team with you right?” Su Xiaoyun’s mocking words were on point. “So many people might fawn over you normally because you have money, but when you really get to a time like this, they all have their real friends and social circles. No one wanted to play with you right?”

“You’re a liar! How dare you say that!” When he heard those words, Liang Kaifeng got worked up again. He pointed at Su Xiaoyun, yelling, “That’s slander!”

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