Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 47 Devil’s Night (1)

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: DPalmz

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 47 Devil’s Night (1)

“Earthbound spirits?” I was curious. “Do you mean there are many demons here?”

“Correct. If I’m right, what happened at school is related to it.”  Wen Jiubo stood up and put the coffin lid back. He dusted off his hands and said, “Let’s go back, it’s already past midnight, it’s dangerous to stay here.”

I nodded, then grabbed onto a big tree nearby and climbed out of the pit. However, the minute I was out, I was struck dumb by what I saw.

“What’s wrong?” Bai came near, but he was also baffled when he saw what had happened.

I didn’t know when a thick fog rose in this place. It was so dense that you could cut it with a knife. I could barely see my hand in front of my face.

“This…what’s happening?” I muttered, “There’s not supposed to be fog was here this season.”

“No, something is wrong.” Bai arched his body and all his hair stood on end, “This is no ordinary fog.”

As I was about to turn around, I suddenly saw something that almost scared me to death.

A giant demon, more than two meters tall, was strolling out of the thick fog. This demon was green, it had a bird-like beak and duck-like feet. It was clearly not human, and it was lumbering right towards us!

I heard a ringing in my head and subconsciously wanted to scream out. However, my mouth was covered by a hand before I got a chance.

Wen Jiubo looked tense. He covered my mouth with one hand and seized me by the waist with the other. My whole body was pressed against his and we just stood there silently. I struggled a little but couldn’t manage to escape, so I was forced to let him squeeze me.

The giant and horrible demon strolled towards us, but it seemed that we were not its target. It passed by, snorting.

I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Wen Jiubo didn’t release me until the monster disappeared into the fog.

“What was that?” I panted.

However, Wen Jiubo remained vigilant. His expression told me that we were still in danger. He grabbed my arm, pulling me away to a nearby tree and hid behind it. I was confused, still struggling to figure out what was going on.

“Shh, quiet,” whispered Wen Jiubo, his voicing tremoring. “We have a big problem.”

A big problem? What’s going on here? I questioned him internally.

“Just like I said, there are too many demon bodies buried here, it has turned into a place full of negative energy. The denser the negative energy is, the easier the balance between the dead and the living deteriorates. There must be a gap between this world and the other world.” Wen Jiubo frowned. “It means we have a so-called ‘devil’s night’ now.”

Inside the impenetrable haze, this weird and disturbing aura became thicker. It was smothering me so much that I could barely breathe.

Devil’s night? Really? … Does that mean, we are now in the netherworld?

“Damn it. We’re screwed.” Bai was nervous. “This place is full of demon auras, humans are not able to endure it. They’ll find us any minute,” he hissed.

I knew that Bai wasn’t exaggerating because I had begun to feel weak, I was almost out of breath after only being here for a little bit. If I stayed here, I would either suffocate to death or be eaten by a demon.

All those stories in Japanese mangas and novels were ridiculous. They often depicted some brave main characters accidentally breaking into the netherworld and fighting with demons. However, with what I experienced now, those brave protagonists wouldn’t get a chance to kill a demon because this evil aura would choke them to death.

What should I do? I looked at Wen Jiubo helplessly. Under these circumstances, he was my only hope.

Wen Jiubo sighed slightly, then he brought his beautiful face down to mine, one of his hands still holding onto the tree trunk behind me. “Gu Yu, close your eyes. Of course, you can keep them open if you want, but I think you will feel better if you close them.”

Wait, what? What does he want to do? My body tensed up. Without any notice, I felt something warm and soft pressing onto my lips.

I didn’t close my eyes. Wen Jiubo’s face was so close, his eyelashes were so long, his velvet black eyes were watery but sad, and the warmth on my lips was…

If I’m not crazy or having some hallucination now, then, Wen Jiubo is…kissing me?

His kiss was gentle. It wasn’t a french kiss but neither was it a simple peck. What surprised me was that it seemed this was not his first time doing it. But his reaction didn’t change, he acted like this was normal, but I was utterly stunned.

“That will do. There will be a chance you will be recognized, but I think it’ll last till we get out.” Wen Jiubo grabbed my arm. “Okay, let’s go.”

“Wait, hold on now!” My face was burning. I wiped my lips with my hand. “Wen Jiubo, what did you do?!”

“Don’t wipe it.” Wen Jiubo stopped me. The look on his face told me that he was not joking. “You’re the only human here. If you’re spotted by demons, I can’t save you. They will eat you alive. I left my odor on you to trick them. It will deceive them for a while if these demons aren’t smart, I hope. What we do now is to slowly walk out of this place, pretending we’re just some demons passing by. We can go back to our world after I find the gap.”

I stared at Wen Jiubo, speechless. He reached out and took my hand. He cajoled me, “It’s quite easy, can you do it?”

Despicable! Why do you act like I’m so weak? Do you look down on me? I grabbed his hands, angrily, “You’d better not show off. And don’t make me have to save your ass.”

“Okay, guys, pick another time to flirt.” Bai jumped in front of us and prompted, “Let’s move, there are more demons around us now!”

“You’re too talkative!” I bickered with Bai. We left our hiding place and followed Wen Jiubo to the open space beyond.

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