Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 49 Meeting Su Xiaoyun again

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: DPalmz

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 49 Meeting Su Xiaoyun again

That girl looked my age. She was curled into herself on the icy cold ground. Judging from her plaid shirt, which was usually worn by college students, I assumed she was not a demon.

Why was a girl here in a place full of demons? I don’t know where my courage came from, but I decided to walk straight towards her. The girl had her head lowered in silence, even as I stood in front of her.

“Hey, why are you here?” I asked.

However, the girl acted like she didn’t hear me, she didn’t even look up. It seemed that she was whimpering.

“Can you hear me?” I waited patiently, but the girl gave no response.

“Hey…” I reached out, trying to pat her on the shoulder. Surprisingly, my fingers went straight through her.

I was shocked. This girl, is she a ghost?

Before I could figure it out, I suddenly smelled a strong, stinky odor. The smell was so strong that I could hardly breathe. When I looked up to see what happened, I was stunned.

I don’t know when all these demons and spirits began to walk towards me. They gathered around, staring at me like I was some animal at the zoo.

“Is it a human?”

“A stranger?”

“Is he alive?”

“Why is he here?”

“Looks delicious to me.”

I felt like my head was suddenly zapped and shut down for a second. There was only one thought in my head, this is the end, I’m about to be eaten.

At this moment, someone grabbed my hand.

“This way!”

I thought it must be Wen Jiubo, but instead, a female voice came from behind. As I turned around, I shouted,

“Su Xiaoyun!”

That’s right. It wasn’t Wen Jiubo, but the one who had been missing and had us worrying about the entire time, Su Xiaoyun!

Her face was dirty, and her clothes were tattered and torn. I didn’t have the opportunity to ask her what happened as we had bigger things to worry about.

“Follow me!” I didn’t know where her strength came from, but Su Xiaoyun dragged me as we ran as fast as we could. I could hear the demons’ roaring and howling echoing behind us. Suddenly, this fogbound place became noisy.

Somehow, with Su Xiaoyun leading, we managed to shake off all the demons. We stopped at a quiet corner. Judging from the noises, all demons had left.

I hastened to ask her, panting heavily, “Su Xiaoyun, You… why are you here?”

“That’s the question I should ask you!” Su Xiaoyun stared at me, frowning. “You shouldn’t be here!”

Her reply made me hesitate for a minute. “…You say that like this is a place you are supposed to come. Where have you been for so long? What happened to you? Do you know that some people at our university died?”

Su Xiaoyun interrupted me, her tone rising, “God, you have so many questions. I get it, I’ll explain to you when we’re safe. However, you’ll tell me all about you too, okay?”

I paused for a second, “Things about me?”

“Don’t play dumb,” Su Xiaoyun retorted as if she knew everything. “The things about you and your mysterious boss. You’ve been acting cryptically since the beginning of the semester. I’m not blind.”

I smiled apologetically, but before I could say something, a demon’s roar interrupted us.

“Here you are, stop hiding! I found them!”

More and more demons gathered around us, surrounding us completely.

My smile froze on my face. This time, we really would die.

As I was making peace with being eaten alive, a familiar, cold voice rose in the distance.

“I invoke the power and authority of God; we exorcise you, every impure spirit, every satanic power. To protect us, we beseech Thee as we pray, hear us!”

Then, a shining light came from the distance and struck all the demons around us. The light was so bright that I had to cover my eyes. Suddenly, all demons were burned by the glare. Howling in pain, they dispersed quickly. I put down my hand and saw a handsome young man in white walking out of the brightness.

That handsome young man held a long sword and killed the demons that were left behind. The fancy sword fighting skills he used astonished me. He didn’t stop until there were no demons left. Then he narrowed his eyes and looked at me.

“You’re useless. I left you only for a little while, and you were chased by demons.”

“Um…” I looked at Su Xiaoyun and then at the young man. I tried to ask him as politely as I could, “Excuse me, you are?”

The young man almost fell on the ground after hearing that. He yelled at me, “Ay, you moron! You can’t recognize me just because I changed form?”

His familiar tone gave me a hint, “You… are you, Bai?”

“Who else could I be, you idiot!”

“Bu..but,” I was surprised. “How could you be a human? Haven’t you lost all your cultivation?”

Bai scratched his head, “I don’t know, probably because this place has so much negative energy and it doesn’t require a physical body to stay here. I think I’ll be a ferret again after we get out.”

Su Xiaoyun was in shock, she pulled my sleeve and asked, “Ferret? Who is this guy?”

Before I could reply, a familiar voice chimed in.

“You’re right, he is a ferret.” Wen Jiubo walked out of the dark.

“Wen Jiubo!”

“I see…” Su Xiaoyun muttered as if she realized something.

“Gu Yu, why did you run away without any notice, do you know what this place is? If we didn’t manage to get here on time, you would have already become those demon’s dinner!” Wen Jiubo suddenly raised his voice. I was startled by his tone, but I knew I did something wrong, so I had to nod and admit my mistake.

“But, I found Su Xiaoyun!” I pointed to Su Xiaoyun. “Though…I haven’t found out what happened to her or why she’s here.”

Wen Jiubo glanced at Su Xiaoyun. He didn’t seem to be surprised to see her at all. He sighed, “Let’s get out of here now. You’ve made a commotion, so we need to get out before they find us again. I found the gap though.”

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