Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 50 Su Xiaoyun’s Secret

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Drogan

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 50 Su Xiaoyun’s Secret

“Okay!” I held Su Xiaoyun’s hand and caught up to Wen Jiubo.

Thank God, let’s get out of here now.

However, I felt Su Xiaoyun’s hand fidgeting in mine, so I looked back. “What’s wrong?”

Su Xiaoyun’s face suddenly flushed, and she stammered, “No…nothing.”

At the same time, a paper fan suddenly appeared in Wen Jiubo’s hand. He opened it and began to chant,

“Open a door to Hell, lets spirits through but not back in. My time is up, time to go; back to the place I know, home is where I wish to be. This is my will, so might it be.”

After that, a white light glared in front of me and I immediately lost consciousness.

I didn’t know how long I had been out. Shivering, I was awakened by a frigid breeze that froze me to the bone. I began to realize that I was lying on the icy cold ground, right next to the pit Wen Jiubo and I dug. I saw the grove around me and buildings in the distance. It was so quiet that I could only hear the whistling of the wind. The haze seemed like a hallucination.

Devil’s Night…was it a dream?

“It wasn’t a dream.” I heard a cold voice, “Get up, we need to leave.”

This voice, was it Wen Jiubo? I stood up immediately and dusted myself off. Wen Jiubo stood nearby, but Su Xiaoyun and Bai were still lying on the ground.

“Erm, is it morning…” Bai rubbed his eyes with his little paws, muttering. He obviously hadn’t fully woken up.

Su Xiaoyun also came to. She blinked her eyes, still confused. But when she saw my face, she uttered a shout as it all came rushing back to her.

“Let’s go back to my house.” Wen Jiubo grabbed Bai’s fur and hoisted him up.

“Ay, Wen Jiubo! You put me down right now!” Bai’s howl echoed in the dead air.

Relieved, I took a deep breath. We had come back safely and none of us had been eaten by demons. However, Su Xiaoyun looked exhausted, so I reached out to help her.

“Come on, it’s freezing here.”

Su Xiaoyun hesitated before taking my hand.

I grinned at her, feeling some relief. It appeared that no matter what she had experienced during Devil’s Night, her emotions were relatively stable now.

“Gu Yu, watch your step!”

Su Xiaoyun shouted right before I lost my balance and nearly fell into a filthy water pit. If it wasn’t for her, I would definitely have gone in head first.

“Hahaha! Gu Yu, you idiot!” Bai looked back, laughing wildly at me.

“Shut up! You’d better watch out or I’ll cook you for dinner!” I glared at Bai, threatening him. The goddamn ferret didn’t take my words seriously and blew me a raspberry.

“That stinking ferret is always like this, please don’t mind it,” I explained to Su Xiaoyun.

I waited for a few seconds, but she didn’t respond. I looked back at her. Su Xiaoyun silently lowered her head. Even though I kept talking to her, she didn’t say a word all the way back to the old residence.

“Su Xiaoyun, hey, Su Xiaoyun?” I was puzzled and caught up. “Slow down, why are you walking so fast?”

“Enough. Gu Yu, I think you’d better leave me alone.” I didn’t expect her to give me the cold shoulder. She shot past me and went directly into the house. What surprised me even more was that she had never been to this place before, but somehow, she entered the house and navigated through several rooms like she had been here many times.

I stood still, speechlessly watching Su Xiaoyun traverse the house.

What’s happening? Did she hide something from me? Why is she suddenly acting like a total stranger? What did she go through during Devil’s Night?

No, first I should ask…what happened to Su Xiaoyun? Was she related to the death of those students?

“Well, as I expected, she’s hiding something from us,” muttered Wen Jiubo from behind me.

“Hold on.” I narrowed my eyes skeptically at him. “Wen Jiubo! Tell me the truth, do you know something?”

Wen Jiubo didn’t reply. He gave me a grin before stepping into his house. Inside, Su Xiaoyun had curled herself up on a chair, hiding her face behind her knees. From the way her shoulders were shaking I guess that she was crying.

I was helpless. For me, the most terrible thing in the world was a crying girl, and I was awful at consoling people.

However, Wen Jiubo acted like he didn’t see anything. He beckoned at me to come in. “Come on in, why are you still standing there?”

After seeing that I entered the house, Wen Jiubo then looked at Su Xiaoyun. He searched his pockets, took out a handkerchief and gave it to her.

“Wipe your tears,” He said softly, but his tone was flat.

Su Xiaoyun took his handkerchief and wiped her face in silence. She then looked up and whispered, “Thanks.”

“God, you humans like crying so much.” Bai jumped off from Wen Jiubo’s shoulder and stood on the table. “What happened to you, why are you crying?”

It was the same exact question I wanted to ask. Su Xiaoyun remained silent for a few seconds before talking.

“I’m sorry…”

I didn’t expect her apology. But before I could ask, Su Xiaoyun continued,

“Gu Yu, I’m sorry. And Mr. Wen, what happened at school, all those missing people, their deaths, it’s all my fault…”

I was stunned by her words. I glanced at Wen Jiubo, who raised his eyebrow and seemed very interested in what she was about to say.

“Oh? Have you finally decided to tell us?”

Su Xiaoyun nodded. She seemed to regret everything that happened. She glanced at me and said, “En, I think I shouldn’t keep it from you. However, I’m afraid that after I tell you, we won’t be friends anymore.”

I had a bad feeling about what she was going to say. The way Su Xiaoyun looked at me was so strange, it was as if I was going to suddenly disappear at any minute.

I looked at Su Xiaoyun and firmly shook my head, “No, we will be. Go ahead and tell us. How could I be angry at you after all these things we went through? I’m not that kind of person.”

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