UTDS – Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 63 Hijack

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 63 Hijack

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Drogan

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 63 Hijack

What? Who’s he talking to?

I loosened my grip. However, all of a sudden, the person behind me grabbed my hand, arm-locking me from behind. I struggled to break free but failed.

I turned my head back and saw Su Xiaoyun’s familiar face. But her expression was very strange, it was an evil sneer as if she had already won.

Yes, that’s right! She’s not Su Xiaoyun, it’s the parasite spirit!

“Finally…” It started to talk next to my ear in a low-pitched voice.

It was definitely Su Xiaoyun’s voice, but it sounded extremely creepy.

“It has been so long, and I finally have it,” Su Xiaoyun —— No, the parasite spirit who possessed her body, cackled. “This girl’s body.”

I was shocked and tried to break loose from the arm-lock, but the parasite spirit dragged me back and strangled me. I was struggled violently but failed to break free. The spirit was much stronger than me.

“Gu Yu!”

At that moment, even though I was seized by the evil spirit, I could still see through the corners of my eye that Wen Jiubo’s aura had shifted completely. There was no wind inside the building, but the edges of his clothes were blown up in the air. His black clothes danced wildly, like an ominous sign.

Wen Jiubo’s eyes sharpened. He frowned, pointing the fan at the parasite spirit behind me and said while stressing each word, “Let him go, or I swear, I’ll torture you until you wish you were never born.”

Even though I was terrified by Wen Jiubo’s expression, the parasite spirit behind me showed no fear at all. He laughed even louder.

“Really? I see, you really care about this boy,” the spirit said in Su Xiaoyun’s voice, making it sound even creepier. But before I could speak, I felt his grasp on my neck getting stronger and I could hardly breathe.

“Don’t get closer!” The parasite spirit shouted, “Exorcist, if you come one step closer, I will break this boy’s neck, and I mean it!”

I narrowed my eyes and looked at Wen Jiubo. Unexpectedly, he hesitated because of the spirit’s warning.

“Good… Now back off and get rid of that shitty fan!” The parasite spirit shouted.

Wen Jiubo’s face became sullen, he glanced at me and then moved two steps back. Then he bent down and put his fan on the ground, even though I was signaling him not to by blinking my eyes.

“Are you satisfied?” Wen Jiubo raised his arms, showing his empty hands to the spirit. He said coldly, “Now let him go.”

Of course, the spirit didn’t do what Wen Jiubo wanted. Instead, it asked for more, “Don’t play with me, exorcist! Now remove all the barricades you set up around this building. If not, I’m gonna drench this place with this boy’s blood!”

“Impossible!” Wen Jiubo snapped and this time he didn’t give in. “I’ve already done what you asked. I’ll remove the barricade once you let him go!”

“Damn you, exorcist! Do not bargain with me!” The parasite spirit yelled, choking me even tighter.

No, this situation would reach an impasse if it continued. Besides, I could tell from the parasite spirit’s strength that it never planned to let me walk away alive. It wouldn’t be long until it ran out of patience and killed me.

What should I do…. What should I do?

Am I going to accept my fate and die without a fight?

All of a sudden, something occurred to me, something very strange that I felt from the beginning.

It was this familiar feeling. The moment the parasite spirit was summoned, It felt like I had met this man before…

“Zhao… Xiangzhi!” I stammered his name with difficulty. “Zhao Xiangzhi, the youngest son of Mrs. Zhao, who lived at the entrance of the Hongkou village, Zhao Xiangzhi!”

The instant I said his name out loud, I felt its grasp loosening. And then it growled in Su Xiaoyun’s voice,

“You——! You! How could you know?”

At this moment, I bent down and tried as hard as I could to break free from his grasp. However, just before I could break free, the parasite spirit quickly reacted and jumped on me, knocking me to the ground.

With a ’bang’, my head hit the floor. Besides the stars in front of my eyes and aches all over my body, I felt something strange.

It was resonance. The moment I was knocked out by the parasite spirit, I began to see those whirling scenes again.
“If I can be reborn…I wish to not be born as a human.”

Zhao Xiangzhi’s voice was deep and full of strength, echoing from the sky above the village.

The crowd burst into laughter and jeers.

“He’s indeed a demon!”

“He knows he’s a monster!”

The executioner was laughing so hard that he couldn’t keep his chopping knife steady. When it came down, Zhao Xiaozhi moved his head aside and dodged a fatal blow. The chopping knife only nicked a bit of skin on his neck.

Zhao Xiangzhi didn’t say a word. He covered his neck with his hand, stood up and ran away.

This caused an uproar in the crowd.

“No! He escaped!”

“We can’t let him run away!”

“Don’t let the demon get away. Everyone, catch him!”

Resultantly, Zhao Xiangzhi ran as fast as he could in the front, while behind, a group of people ran after him.

Zhao Xiaongzhi was tired but finally arrived at his home. He locked the gate from inside and no one was able to get in.

As a result, the group of people couldn’t do anything but wait outside the house. Some younger, stronger men tried to climb over the wall, but the wall was too high. Even if they managed to climb up over the wall, they couldn’t jump off to the ground. As a result, the villagers waited outside, trying to find a way.

Someone suddenly suggested, “Let’s set it on fire.”

The others immediately echoed, “Yes, you’re right! Let’s set it on fire!”

“Burn the demon’s house down!”

After a short while, the villagers gathered some branches, lit them up and threw them into the yard. The fire quickly engulfed the house. At first, I could hear the hens cackling in the house, but soon, they all became roasted chickens.

Zhao Xiangzhi curled himself up in the yard. His face and neck were dyed red with his blood. He painfully struggled to stand up, but he couldn’t escape his burning house. In the end, he collapsed on the ground, swallowed up by the fire.

The fire burned for three days and nights straight, until everything in Zhao Xiangzhi’s house burned to ashes. The villagers showed great interest in gossiping about this event and the story was told from generation to generation. It was said that a vicious and evil monster was killed in a fire during that night, and the people who set the fire became true heroes.

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