UTDS – Vol 3 Book of Exchange – Chapter 8 Possession

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 3 Book of Exchange – Chapter 8 Possession

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Drogan

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 8 Possession

Wen Jiubo’s hands weren’t warm, probably because his body temperature was lower than humans’. But somehow, they felt comfortable when you held them, so comfortable that…you wanted to hold them forever…

“What’s wrong?” Wen Jiubo’s voice came from above, I suddenly realized what I was doing and hurriedly released his hand.

“No… nothing! Nothing!”

Shoot, I lost control again. I couldn’t tell this to Wen Jiubo. I moved two steps back, said goodbye to him in a hurry and rushed down the mountain while covering my face. It was so embarrassing.


While I was pondering about this whole situation, I noticed the only strange thing I encountered lately.

It was the vase I kicked in that alley after leaving Mr. Cat’s restaurant. I was pretty sure that I didn’t see a vase when I crossed the alley at first. Furthermore, I immediately felt a cold wind behind my back as soon as I kicked it.

It was highly possible that I got possessed back then. I recalled that Mr. Cat warned me that there were many lingering spirits around that area.

I didn’t return to my dorm or stayed in the old residence. I grabbed my wallet and decided to stay in a motel.

If it was possible, I’d like to have a conversation with the spirit inside my body, asking her why it possessed me and why it was behaving like this. For some reason, I subconsciously believed that this spirit wasn’t hostile.

On the contrary, it seemed like it needed to borrow my body to fulfill its wish in the world of the living.

As I was pondering, I heard a voice right next to my ear.

“Hey, kid, where are you going?”

“To a motel,” I replied instantly without thinking.

Hold on, this voice…

A moment later, I realized that this voice, actually… came out of my own mouth?!

“What’s a motel?”

It happened again! A woman’s voice… came out of my mouth! I was startled and hurriedly covered my mouth with both of my hands. But it was useless because my left hand pushed my right hand away.

“You kid, are so rude!”

Wait a minute, I’m rude? It’s you who possessed my body for no reason, and now you don’t even allow me to talk, who is the rude person between the two of us?!

“Human kid, don’t play with me.” The woman’s voice filled with killing intent. “I have your life in my hand, it takes just a thought of me to kill you and possess this body entirely.”

Oh, no! I panicked but before I could resist, something strangled my neck. My mouth was wide open but I couldn’t breathe at all. My whole body was in pain, and I collapsed on the ground, attracting attention from pedestrians on the road.

“Hey, are you all right? Do we need to call an ambulance?”

Some pedestrians came to help me.

Damn it… I struggled to open my eyes but everything was blurry, I was struggling to stand up.

This woman wanted to kill me! If I didn’t fight back, I would die on the street! But, what should I do to regain control of my body?

Suddenly, in the midst of desperation, I had an idea.

Right, she shared this body with me. So if I could feel the pain, she could feel it as well! I didn’t have time to waste so I immediately bit my tongue as hard as I could.

“Ah! Darn it, are you mad?”

I stopped suffocating but I kept coughing uncontrollably. I tried to catch up my breath before I struggled to stand up and quickly ran away from the crowd.

“What’s wrong with this kid?”

“I don’t know…”

I arrived at a place without people. My lungs were extremely painful, but I believed that the woman could feel it as well. She began to scream almost immediately.

“Are you out of your mind! It’s bleeding! Quickly, do something, it hurts!”

I felt angry and amused at the same time, and I scoffed, “You can feel our pain, can’t you? So why did you try to kill me just now?”

“Who said that I wanted to kill you, I was just scaring you. Who knew you would overreact?!”

“This could’ve killed someone, thank you!” I stressed the last two words and helplessly shook my head.

…If someone passed by right now and saw I was talking with myself, he would think I was crazy.

As a result, I began to walk towards the motel.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“You shut up!” I whispered, “I don’t want people to think I’m crazy”

After all that drama, I finally arrived at the motel and paid for a cheap single room. I collapsed on the floor as soon as the door closed behind me.

“Hey, kid!”

That anonymous woman began to talk with my mouth, but I ignored her.

“Hey, kid! Get up!” My hand was raised and patted my cheek. “Do you want me to scare you again?”

This time I immediately stood up. I angrily stood in front of the mirror, staring at my face and said, “Enough! Who are you, why did you possess my body, what’s your purpose? Tell me!”

Unexpectedly, the spirit wasn’t afraid of my threats at all. “What’s up with your attitude? Why should I tell you?”

I rolled my eyes, but I managed to control my anger before saying, “Please, madam, could I have your name?”

“Well.” The woman seemed to be extremely happy right now. “I’m Chu Bai.”

“Chu Bai?” I was surprised. “You have a beautiful name.”

“Of course!”

“To be frank.” I sighed. “Did you possess my body when I was in Mr. Cat’s alley?”

“Mr. Cat? I don’t know who that is, but if you say so.”

…What a woman, she was so frivolous and superficial.

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