UTDS – Vol 4 Book of Kan – Chapter 45 The Dramatic Twist 

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 4 Book of Kan – Chapter 45 The Dramatic Twist

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Drogan

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 45 The Dramatic Twist 

At that moment, Zhu Xuan said lightly with a smile, “You know what? I still think I should stick to my previous judgment. You’re a lesser creature. Not only you don’t know about music, but you’re also a moron.”

Zhu Xuan’s words provoked the Jade Ruyi. It growled, “What the hell are you talking about!?”

Zhu Xuan remained calm and composed. He looked at him and even made a face at it. “I was only distracting you, idiot.”

At that point, a dark shadow quickly rushed over behind the Jade Ruyi. Then I heard a groan of pain before I could clearly see his movement.

The Jade Ruyi’s eyes were wide open. He slowly turned his head around in disbelief.

He could not believe that the person who attacked him by surprise behind him was Mr. Xu, whom we had ignored all this time. Xu Yingchen did not have any weapons in his hand. His hand directly penetrated the Jade Ruyi——Liang Kaifeng’s chest.

What’s going on … is this still the Mr. Xu that I know? 

Blood splattered all over the room. Even though I knew that Liang Kaifeng was already dead, I couldn’t help but feel my throat tighten, making it hard for me to breathe.

“What’s…what’s going on…” The Jade Ruyi twist his neck 90 degrees with difficulty and saw Xu Yingchen behind him. “Why, why is it you…”

As soon as the Jade Ruyi finished his sentence, Xu Yingchen violently rotated his arm in its chest. With great force, something burst out from inside and the Jade Ruyi screamed in a way impossible for humans to recreate. Then, I saw a string of green smoke floating out of Liang Kaifeng’s body and gradually turn into a scepter, before falling to the ground.

I looked at Zhu Xuan and thought it was what he had planned in advance. But then I found that he was shocked by this unexpected situation as well.

“Xu Yingchen! What are you doing?” Zhu Xuan shouted. “I just needed you to knock him unconscious, but you, how did you…”

Xu Yingchen pulled his hand out, and Liang Kaifeng’s body fell to the ground like a mutilated doll. His hand was covered in blood, and in his hand was the thing which he just crushed——a heart. He shook his hand, then bent down and picked up the Jade Ruyi on the ground with his clean hand. He smiled at Zhu Xuan.

“Well, I’m sorry. However, since it can be solved directly, why should we complicate things so much? Don’t you agree?”

Zhu Xuan took a step back, subconsciously, he wanted to keep a safe distance with Xu Yingchen.

“Thank you for saving Gu Yu and me. Now the problem has been settled, you can return the Jade Ruyi to me,” Zhu Xuan said and held out his hand to Xu Yingchen.

However, Xu Yingchen played with the Jade Ruyi in his hand, looking like he did not have any intention to give it to us.

“Well, I can’t give it to you.” Xu Yingchen smiled and held the Jade Ruyi in his hand. “After all, this is my prey. How can I hand it over so easily?”

“You … are not Xu Yingchen! Who are you?” Zhu Xuan shouted.

Zhu Xuan and I were immediately alert. I had a very bad feeling in my heart.

“I’m not Xu Yingchen?” Xu Yingchen shook his head. He pulled a napkin from a nearby table and began to wipe the blood from his hands. “No, no, you must have misunderstood something. Rather than saying that I disguised myself as Xu Yingchen, it would be more correct to say that Xu Yingchen was disguised as me. Ultimately, the person named Xu Yingchen doesn’t exist in this world.”

Xu Yingchen seemed like another person. His expression and the light in his eyes became cold and ruthless. And for that instant, his expression reminded me of a person…

“You are,” I murmured, “Taoist priest Lingxiao.”

Xu Yingchen suddenly burst into laughter, and then he nodded and said casually, “You’re right. You know what? Whether it be you, or that annoying fox, or the people who don’t know the truth, you all like to call me the ‘Taoist priest’. But, don’t you think it’s a bit strange?”

Xu Yingchen strolled towards me.

“Don’t come near him!” Zhu Xuan yelled. He raised his sword, aiming at Xu Yingchen’s chest.

However, Xu Yingchen did not even look at him. He just slightly waved his arm in the air, and then Zhu Xuan was blocked by an invisible barrier. Zhu Xuan grudgingly stabbed the barrier several times, but only to find in horror that his arm began to change.

Zhu Xuan’s right arm that was holding the sword suddenly began to turn black. Then, the muscles in that arm gradually atrophied like a leaking balloon as his skin turned black and gray, sticking to the bones. The sword was dropped.

“You——!“ Zhu Xuan shouted. He pressed his right arm with his left hand, but that could not stop his muscles from quickly atrophying.

“Zhu Xuan!” I shouted.

Zhu Xuan was worthy of his title of divine beast. He grabbed the sword on the ground and chopped off his right arm without hesitation. Blood gushed out from the wound like a fountain, then he fell on the ground and lost consciousness, perhaps due to the excessive pain.

“Zhu Xuan!” I struggled to get up from the ground and wanted to run towards him. However, a foot suddenly stepped on my neck, pushing me back to the ground. I barely raised my head. My eyes met Xu Yingchen’s cold eyes.

“No, no, no.” Xu Yingchen disapprovingly shook his index finger, and he stepped on me a little harder. Now I could not support even my upper body up with my elbows. “Don’t be so naughty, little princess.”

“Please! I just want to give him some first aid!” I begged him. “He’ll bleed to death!”

“I advise you to save your energy. He’s a divine beast; he won’t die so easily.” Upon saying that, he kicked harshly on my shoulder. The fan I had hidden in my waist flew out. I watched my last hidden card fly away without being able to do anything.

“Now, what were we talking about just now?” Xu Yingchen went over, bent down and picked up the green fan on the ground. He studied the fan with his fingers rubbing the wooden handle as if he missed it very much. “Oh, I remember! I said, a lot of people call me the ‘Taoist priest,’ but in fact, they’re wrong. You see, I’m not like Bai Ze or that fox monster who are full of false righteousness and fake morality. I have nothing to do with ‘Taoism’.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” I said maliciously.

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