UTDS – Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 11 Qing Yu (3)

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 11 Qing Yu (3)

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Drogan

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 11 Qing Yu (3)

Qing Yu did not lie. Because of the fox’s rough treatment, some of her wounds had gotten infected. If nothing was done, she would die.

If she was going to die, shouldn’t she at least die with some dignity?

The fox did not say anything for a short while, and then he said, “I see. You can stay outside under my watch.”

“Do you have to watch me?” Qing Yu blurted out.

The light in his eyes became fiery. He bared his fangs and warned her, “Don’t push your luck!”

Qing Yu was scared and took a few steps back. The nine-tailed fox let out a heavy breath from his nose and turned his head to the side.

The frightened little princess became quiet, but before the nine-tailed fox could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard sobbing from behind.

He turned back and found that Qing Yu had collapsed on the ground with her head buried between her knees. Judging from the sounds, she was crying woefully.

This little human girl!

“You… why do you do this to me?” Qing Yu clenched her teeth as tears fell down her cheeks. “Why don’t you eat me too? You’ve killed so many people, so why don’t you just kill me now?”

The nine-tailed fox stared at her and coldly said, “No.”

“Why?!” Qing Yu shouted.

The nine-tailed fox narrowed his eyes and stood up as the aura around him turned threatening.

“You want to die? Since the start, the only thing you wished to do was to sacrifice yourself for your ridiculous country? Do you really think so lowly of other people’s lives that you believe you can save them just by sacrificing yourself? Since you want to die so badly, then death will be the last thing you can get,” whispered the nine-tailed fox as he gazed at Qing Yu. “This is the price that you need to pay for cheating and insulting me twice.”

The nine-tailed fox then walked straight towards the cave. However, before it could enter the cave, Qing Yu began to yell.

“You dirty fox! Don’t look for an excuse! You, you’re just greedy for my beauty! You want to trap me here so you can own me! I’ve seen so many men like you in my life! ”

The nine-tailed fox began to feel a headache and started to think that keeping this little girl might have been a mistake.

After that, Qing Yu tried to escape several times, but no matter what she did, she could not escape from the nine-tailed fox. Gradually, she gave up and stopped trying. She sat at the entrance of the cave every day, looking in the direction of Qingqiu.

However, anyone would feel bored if they did the same thing every day. Therefore, Qing Yu sometimes talked to the nine-tailed fox.

“Hey, don’t you feel hot in the summer?” Qing Yu lay under the sun and asked lazily.

The fox glanced at her and did not answer.

“You have thick fur, don’t you sweat a lot in summer? Don’t you have fleas?” Qing Yu continuously asked. “Isn’t that annoying?”

The fox finally could not bear it anymore and it replied coldly, “They are absolutely not as annoying as you.”

“You! Then, let me go!” Qing Yu propped herself up and looked at the fox. “Let me go, and I won’t bother you anymore, okay? ”

However, the fox just glanced at her, then ignored her.

“Why should I?”

“Why——Isn’t the answer obvious!” Qing Yu felt his question was absurd. “Qingqiu is my home!”

“Even if you go back, you’ll find nothing there.” The fox said slowly. “The country of Qingqiu no longer exists, and all that’s left are ruins. Even if you go back, you’ll just starve to death. Especially for a spoiled princess like you, there’s no way you’ll survive.”

His words, like sharp blades, stabbed deeply into her heart.

“I don’t understand! Why did you do this?” Qing Yu asked, clenching her teeth. “What benefit can you get from killing all of those people? You’re as intelligent as a human being, so why did you act like a beast?”

“Me? Like a beast?” His ears perked up. “You humans are the real beasts! Framing me for things I didn’t do, and you are no different! Just blame everything on a monster! ”

“What?” Qing Yu retorted, “What a joke! You are the culprit who slaughtered every family in our country! My country would not become what it is now if it wasn’t for you!”

The nine-tailed fox snarled, revealed its teeth. “If you humans didn’t use weapons to attack me, why would I attack a small village which had nothing to do with me!”

“A s-small village?” Qing Yu’s eyes were wide open. “Qingqiu is not a small village!”

The nine-tailed fox snorted in disdain. “For me, it is no different.”

His words enraged Qing Yu. Even though she was a prisoner of the nine-tailed fox, as the princess of Qingqiu, she would never allow anyone to insult her country.

“You——stinky fox! Take your words back!” Qing Yu did not know why she did that, or she did not even think about it back then. She reached out and pulled at a strand of his fur.

However, surprisingly, the moment she touched his fur, the fox jumped up from the ground. All the fur on his body stood as if it was in great pain.

Qing Yu was also shocked by its reaction, but when she was recovered from the shock, she found that the fox was glaring at her, roaring.

“You——don’t touch me!”

“Wh..what?” Qing Yu panicked and she retorted, “I barely did anything! How could you be in such pain?”

Soon, a thought came to her.

“Let me see, okay?” Qing Yu carefully approached the fox.

“Get away!” the fox roared rudely.

“What’s the matter? I just want to take a look,” Qing Yu insisted. She quietly approached it. “I won’t hurt you.”

Qing Yu touched that piece of fur again. She felt a weird stickiness in addition to the softness.

She saw a red patch of blood.

Qing Yu smoothed away the fur and found an arrow wound under the thick fur. A broken arrow was stabbed deep in his skin. It looked like the fox was not able to pull the arrow out on his own and the wound had begun to fester and turned black. Qing Yu did not know how many wounds like this the fox had on its huge body.

“Have you seen enough now?” the fox said coldly.

Qing Yu shook her head but then nodded. “No, no, well, the wound…”

“You don’t have to look at it to know that you humans did this to me, do you?” The nine-tailed fox said coldly, and it stood up.

“Wait!” Qing Yu hurriedly stood up as well. “Don’t leave. Can I see that wound again? Please, just a minute. ”

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