UTDS – Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 12 Qing Yu (4)

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 12 Qing Yu (4)

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Drogan

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 12 Qing Yu (4)

The fox watched Qing Yu silently; Qing Yu took it for the fox’s tacit approval, so she boldly approached him again.

She gently stroked his fur and found at least a dozen wounds that had not yet healed, most of which still had the arrowheads or spearheads stuck inside.

“If you don’t pull those out, your wounds will never heal!” Qing Yu blurted out.

The fox stood up and scornfully glanced at her. “As if you care.”

“I, I——” For a second, Qing Yu did not know how to reply, but she quickly refuted, “Why? So do you think that there are no good people in the world? Do you think that all human beings are as ferocious and evil like you?!”

The pupils of the nine-tailed fox immediately constricted. “Ferocious and evil? You——”

Before he could finish the sentence, he let out a groan because of the sudden severe pain in his thigh. He looked back and found that the princess was holding a blood-stained arrow in her hand.

“Don’t make those noises, just endure it.” Qing Yu threw the arrow on the ground and then she grabbed another broken spear shaft stabbed in its body.

“You!” The fox growled. But before it could release its anger, this bold girl interjected it.

“If you don’t treat those wounds, they will get infected, and the consequences will be terrible. You might lose your legs.”

Maybe the fox was frightened because of Qing Yu’s serious tone, but he stopped complaining. He lay quietly on the ground and turned his head aside, letting Qing Yu treat his wounds.

It took Qing Yu a while to pull out all of the broken weapons from the wounds. The mixture of short and long broken wooden sticks laid piled on the ground with blood dripping from them looked quite shocking.

Qing Yu checked his wounds one last time and felt relieved. Then she gasped and sat down on the ground.

“Well, that is everything that was stuck inside your wounds. I believe they should heal soon enough.”

Qing Yu felt exhausted and had to sit down for a break. The bruises on her body began to ache.

“So, you have to thank me for——” Qing Yu gasped, but she did not hear any response. She turned around and found that the fox had already gotten up. She stared at him, but the fox just turned around and walked away.

“Hey! Stinky fox! ”

Qing Yu almost cried out. She worked so hard to clean up his wounds, however, instead of being grateful, this bastard fox walked away!

Qing Yu felt that her kindness was wasted on this fox. For that moment, she even forgot the idea of running away, and she just sat there, feeling really angry.

However, after a short while, a low voice called her.


Qing Yu looked up. The fox had returned with some green herbs in its mouth. He chewed on those leaves before applying them to his wounds.

Qing Yu stared at him and thought, ‘Did he leave to look for medicinal herbs?’

While Qing Yu was absent-minded, the fox drew closer to her. Qing Yu subconsciously held out her hand, and some chewed up herbs fell on her palm.

“Thank you,” the fox said. “This is a token of my gratitude.”

Although the nine-tailed fox still looked distant, it was surprisingly straightforward, which was totally unexpected.

“You… you have a good heart,” Qing Yu said in surprise.

The fox snorted, “Don’t put me on the same scale as you humans.”

The fox’s attitude greatly evoked her curiosity.

“Hey, you. You said that people in our country framed you. What happened? ”

“You don’t know?”

Qing Yu shook her head. “No, I don’t. I’m the princess of the country and my father’s only child. My father protected me so well that he never let me know anything outside the palace. When I knew about you, you had almost destroyed our country.”

The fox looked at Qing Yu, amused. “So, that is to say, you didn’t know anything at all and you just blindly sacrificed yourself?”

Qing Yu’s face flushed. “Ye…yes! But if I knew from the beginning that you were just a perverted fox, I would never have done that!”

The fox glanced at her and did not answer her question, but then he said abruptly, “I did nothing wrong. Qingqiu is surrounded by the sea on three sides. The salt in the seawater can easily enter the farmlands. Of course, a salted land cannot grow crops. Furthermore, you human beings recklessly cut down too many trees in the mountains. Without trees, the land can’t store water, and your farmland certainly became drier as time passed. Your stupidity caused that, none of that was my fault.”

Qing Yu smiled and said seriously, “Em, I believe you.”

The nine-tailed fox narrowed his eyes; it seemed that he did not believe her.

“I don’t believe that you’re inherently bad, but you are very proud.” Qing Yu sat down by the creek and applied the herbs to her wounds. “So I guess that you got angry and began to massacre people after being framed.”

However, her words angered the fox.

“You’re just a human being, don’t act like you know me well!”

“Because I——” Qing Yu ignored its roar and went on. “I think, if I were you, I would have done the same thing.”

The fox narrowed his eyes.

“It must be really painful, right?” Qing Yu answered as if she was muttering. “You did nothing wrong; you’re innocent. However, because of your appearance, they treated you like a monster, and not only that, they firmly believed that they were right and never listened to you. To live like this, it must truly make you feel desperate.”

The fox sensed something wrong from those words.

“No, I’m not desperate. The person you are talking about, it isn’t me, is it? ”

Qing Yu lowered her head and looked away.

“As if you care,” said Qing Yu to deliberately provoke the fox.

The fox squinted its eyes as if it was warning her, but Qing Yu laughed.

“It’s nothing.” Qing Yu looked at the fox. “Ever since I was young, I was able to see strange things. Sometimes it was demons and spirits, and at other times it was other people’s memories. I never understood why. During my childhood, I thought everyone could see the same things as me. However, as I grew older, I learned this was an ability that only a demon girl could possess. Although I’m a princess, everyone in Qingqiu hated me, and sometimes my own father deliberately hid from me. They said that I was ominous, different from them, and I was not worth the title of the princess of Qingqiu. But, what can I do? I was born with this power.”

“Is that so?” The fox frowned.

Qing Yu nodded. “So, in a way, we are the same. When you attacked the village, many villagers said that it was my fault. Because I was a cursed girl, I was the reason why that tragedy happened.”

“Nonsense,” the fox whispered.

Qing Yu could not help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing, nothing. I think you’re actually very cute.” Qing Yu looked at the fox, smiling. “You complained about humans a moment ago, but now you take up the cudgel for me ”

“I never said I would fight for you.”

But Qing Yu laughed even more happily.

“Fox, oh, you stupid fox.”


“Can I touch your tail?”

The fox suddenly became vigilant, as if he heard an alarm in his head. He knew that he should not agree to such an unreasonable demand. He shouldn’t have said those few words, but……

However, Qing Yu was so emboldened that she had already wrapped her silky white arms around his tail and pressed her cheek against it even before he said yes.

“Ah, it’s so warm.”

She wore a weird smile on her face as if she felt satisfied, and then she buried her face in his fur.

She looked beautiful and calm. And perhaps because she was too tired, she actually fell asleep on his tail.

Of course, this poor human girl had suffered so much that was far beyond what a normal human could bear, but somehow she still kept smiling.

The nine-tailed fox gradually relaxed as well. He turned back to look at her, then, he gently put another tail on her.

After that, Qing Yu never tried to escape. On the contrary, she spent much of her time playing around, and she never stopped talking.

“Fox, look! It’s a butterfly! It’s a real butterfly! ” Qing Yu excitedly jumped up and down. She tried to catch the butterfly, but it flew higher.

“No, it’s gonna fly away!” Qing Yu stubbornly wanted to catch the butterfly, and she even climbed onto one of the fox’s tails. And this time, the fox was forced to react.

“It’s just a butterfly. What’s the fuss?” the fox asked irritably.

“No, no! I want to see that butterfly!” Qing Yu climbed up to his back from his tail; she tried hard to catch the butterfly.

The fox was silent for a moment, and then it quickly swung one of its tails in the air, and when it pulled its tail back, she found that butterfly perched unharmed on the tip of his tail, its wings still fluttering.

Qing Yu was amazed. She carefully held the butterfly that might be still in shock after the fox slammed it with his tail. She looked at the nine-tailed fox in surprise. “How did you do that?!”

The fox snorted and stayed silent.

“It’s beautiful…” Qing Yu looked obsessively at the insect in her hand, but just before she could touch it with her finger, the butterfly fluttered its wings and flew away.

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