UTDS – Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 15 Waking up

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 15 Waking up

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Drogan

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 15 Waking up

“I told you, there is nothing left,” the nine-tailed fox said in a low voice.

Qing Yu looked at the ruins, which were once her homeland and secretly clenched her fists.

“There is still one person left.” Qing Yu suddenly showed him a beautiful smile and turned around.

“What?” The fox did not understand what she meant.

“Emm, Jiubo,” Qing Yu held her hands behind her and said to him with a smile. “Can you come over?”


“Just come a little closer,” Qing Yu said calmly.

The fox stood up, although he felt that something was strange, he still did as she asked.

One step, two steps, three steps. 

He did not notice that he was walking towards the broken altar.

Sudden pain engulfed him. The nine-tailed fox roared, trying to break through the invisible power that restrained him, but that sharp pain made him unable to move an inch.

The fox opened his eyes with difficulty and found himself trapped in a blue halo. And right in front of him, Qing Yu was holding a fan and pointing it towards him.

Qing Yu had sealed his power.

She lied to him, lured him to this place and betrayed him.

However, at that moment, the fox forgot to feel angry.

She was crying. Tears, as shiny as pearls, raced down her cheeks. She looked extremely sad.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry… I’m sorry, I…”

She kept repeatedly apologizing.

“What are you apologizing for?” the fox asked in a low voice. “Though I’m not a human, I’m not stupid.”

Qing Yu raised her head in surprise.

“I killed your family and destroyed your country. How could you fall in love with your enemy?” The fox bowed slightly, and his pupil constricted slightly. “I know that you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to take your revenge. I understand.”

“I…” Qing Yu’s tears kept rolling down. She wiped her tears with her hand and calmed down. “The original plan was to use the magic array we prepared in order to seal you after the sacrifice ritual. However, because Yingchen made a mistake, our plan failed. So I’ve been thinking——”

“I see. So you managed to lure me back here to seal me? ” The fox said with his eyes closed and then he suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Qing Yu. “However, I thought you would’ve understood that I’m too powerful for your magic to trap me.”

As he said, his pupils turned into a bloody red, and he began to struggle. However, surprisingly, he could not break out of the ensnarement.

“I know.”

The fox looked at her.

“I know.” There was a bitter smile on her face. “After all, I’ve lived with you for a long time, so of course, I know. But Jiubo, I know that you’re extremely powerful, and I wouldn’t be able to seal you just with this magic array. But I have demon powers as well, and if I were to sacrifice myself——”

“What are you doing?!”

For the first time in his life, the nine-tailed fox was so terrified of losing someone that he even forgot the upcoming danger he faced.

Qing Yu did not answer.

“Talk to me! What are you doing? ”

The nine-tailed fox let out a roar that could shake the world. But he still could not break the halo that trapped him.

All of a sudden, he felt some warmth. He found that Qing Yu had put her hand on his body and gently stroked him the same way she stroked him for the first time. She whispered,

“Shh, don’t be afraid. You’re going to be okay.”

Her warmth, like a wave, passed through his body.

“And I will stay with you,” Qing Yu whispered. “Didn’t I promise you? This time, I will never leave you again. I’m not like you, I’m a good girl who never breaks a promise she makes.”

No matter how hard the fox struggled and roared, he could not move at all.

Qing Yu stepped a few steps back and slowly unfolded the green fan in her hand.

“The spirit of the moon, the longest night of the year. I appeared in your dream on the loneliest night of my life.”

The fox had never heard such a spell in his life. No, rather than saying it was a spell, it sounded more like a beautiful lullaby.

Qing Yu softly sang this lullaby.

“I will walk with you from this moment on; the ripples subside gradually, and I need to close my eyes eternally. I hope my beloved can return to me as soon as he can.”

Upon singing that song, her body gradually became transparent, and then she turned into countless dots shining as brightly as a star. Those shiny dots entwined together to form a beautiful pattern before disappearing into the air.

The power that constrained him slowly disappeared as well. However, the fox felt that his world had suddenly lost its shine.

In the end, Qing Yu vanished in the air, and the fan fell in front of the nine-tailed fox.

No… he was no longer a fox. Wen Jiubo picked up the fan from the ground.

“Qing Yu!!”

A man’s voice came from the distant palace. Xu Yingchen rushed over, yelling like a madman.

“No, NO!”


Then, the dream ended.

No, that was not a dream. For the first time, I realized that.

It was not a dream, but a memory.

What I thought I dreamed, was something that happened in the past.

I opened my eyes and slowly got up from the ground.

I was still in Wen Jiubo’s bedroom, in the familiar old residence. I sat on the ground leaning against the bed.

Oh… I must have fallen from the bed and bumped my head while I was dreaming, I was pretty confused. I held the bed to support myself to get up and waited for a while until the dizziness disappeared.

Then, I remembered that after the earthquake, the sky suddenly turned dark and Wen Jiubo locked me in his room. He and Bai decided to fight that evil man on their own.

They treated me like a useless burden.

I still vividly recalled the long dream that I just dreamed. That was undoubtedly Wen Jiubo’s past. I saw him slaughtering people and getting sealed by a girl.

Then… Wen Jiubo was not sealed by Xu Yingchen. On the contrary, Xu Yingchen cried like a baby after Qing Yu sealed the nine-tailed fox. However, there were still many things that I did not know. For example, who was Qing Yu? And more importantly, what is the relationship between me and Qing Yu? Why did I dream about this girl?

Who is she? 

No, who am I? 

There were too many questions in my mind as if I suddenly entered a maze and got lost.

No, no. It was not the right time to think about these things. I immediately got up on my feet and ran to the window to see what was happening outside.

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