UTDS – Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 29 The End Of Our Story

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 29 The End Of Our Story

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Drogan

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 29 The End Of Our Story

What? I was dumbfounded.

At this moment, Wen Jiubo disappeared in a glaring white light. With a deafening roar that could shake the Earth, a gigantic nine-tailed fox appeared in the center of the city.

I was astonished when I saw his true form in my own eyes.

Even though I had seen the nine-tailed fox in my dreams before, I was still stunned when I actually saw him. The giant white fox was about three stories high, with nine thick tails swaying in the air. He seemed to be confused by the sudden surge of power in its body as he growled in pain, revealing scary sharp teeth.

The nine-tailed fox stumbled a few steps before bumping into an almost collapsed building. The house then collapsed entirely. People who witnessed this began to scream.

Xu Yingchen laughed crazily. “Truly a giant monster, the head of all evil beasts. In the end, it is no different from all other monsters. It was simply hiding itself in the dark! It’s no different from a street rat! Now just wait and see how humans kill this bastard!”

“You——Xu Yingchen!” The anger almost engulfed me. I felt like I never hated a person so much in my entire life. I wanted to kill him right now! No, I wanted to tear him to pieces!

Before I even noticed, I was already standing in front of him. Finally, Xu Yingchen stopped laughing. I stabbed him in the chest with the green fan. Now, blood was gushing from the hole in his chest like a fountain, dying my fan red.

He spat a mouthful of blood as he looked at me, laughing creepily again. His laughter almost drove me crazy.

“I… have no regrets,” Xu Yingchen stopped laughing and whispered into my ear. “I can witness this before I die; I have no regrets left…”

I stabbed the fan into his chest over and over again like an emotionless robot. I watched the blood flowing out the wound constantly until a voice stopped me.

“Gu Yu, enough! He’s already dead! ”

It was Zhu Xuan. I turned back and saw them standing behind me.

He’s already dead…

He died?

It took me a few seconds to realize what I was doing. I was stained with blood, while the fan had lost its original color and was broken, it could not be used again.

Xu Yingchen was laying on the ground, lifeless, his body cold. But what pulled me back to reality was Wen Jiubo’s painful groan.

I didn’t know when, but more and more people had gathered around us. The sirens of the fire trucks and ambulances came from afar, and armed policemen were carefully approaching us. I could also see some reporters among the crowd.

“Breaking news! After the city was hit by a black tornado, an unidentified huge fox-like creature has suddenly appeared in the city center. It has started to destroy the city after its appearance. The creature is about three-stories high, and it might possibly be an unknown species that has not yet been discovered! The mayor has dispatched firefighters and armed police, hoping to control this dangerous animal before it can cause any further damage…”

I harshly pushed that reporter away. “Get lost! He is not a dangerous creature! He is not the one who destroyed the city! Stop faking the news!”

The reporter who was knocked down by me was terrified. He instantly shouted, “Officer! Officer! There’s a lunatic who is trying to cause trouble! You need to stop him right now!”

Upon saying that, two armed police officers tightly grabbed each of my arms. I struggled but was unable to break free.

“What are you doing here, kid?! Get out of this place, it’s too dangerous!”

“No, you’re the ones that are dangerous!” I struggled violently. “Let me through! Listen to me, it is not a dangerous creature!”

However, my voice was suddenly drowned out by gunshots. The armed policemen stood in a row in the front; they had raised their guns and were shooting at the nine-tailed fox.

The nine-tailed fox howled and began to move backward. I could tell how much pain he was in from his trembling tails.

“It’s working! More firepower!” the commander shouted.

“No! Stop! Please listen to me!” I groaned, but no one listened to me.

Tears slid down my cheeks. At that moment, I thought of something Wen Jiubo once told me.

——”We monsters are very weak creatures compared to humans. So, please don’t bully us.”

Just at that moment, the two armed policemen who were holding me suddenly shouted and released me. I was shocked and looked back. Zhu Xuan, holding a steel stick, shouted at me.

“Go! Bai and I will cover you! Go to him now!”

I looked behind him in surprise and found Bai, Shi Yitong and Su Xiaoyun were trying their best to stop the police from firing at the fox. Even though they knew that it was in vain, they still stubbornly shouted to explain that it was not a dangerous creature.

They… were truly my friends. In that moment, I suddenly realized I was lucky to have met them.

“What are you waiting for?!” Zhu Xuan shouted at me. “Go! Before it’s too late!”

I immediately turned around and ran as fast as I could. I passed through the crowds and the first-aid responders and rushed towards him.

Please wait for me, Wen Jiubo! Please! You can’t die like this!

There were wretched screams from the policemen at the front. It seemed like the pain was too much for the nine-tailed fox so he knocked them all over with his tails.

The commander in front scrambled to stand up as he radioed in. “Our firepower isn’t enough! We have lost control of the scene! Where is the military?”

I seized this opportunity. I rushed through the lines of the police, grabbed one of his tails and climbed onto the fox.

The fox roared as he violently swayed his tails and tried to shake me off.

However, I gripped his fur tight. Though I felt dizzy, I clenched my jaw and continued to climb up.

“Wen Jiubo! It’s me, Gu Yu, you idiot!” I shouted.

Wen Jiubo apparently heard me shouting and stopped shaking his tails. I grabbed the opportunity and climbed on his back.

His back was warm, and his fur felt very soft. However… there were numerous gunshots wounds on his back, with the blood dying his white fur red.

I climbed to his neck and held him tightly. I muttered, “Wen Jiubo, it’s me. It’s Gu Yu. Don’t be afraid, it’s going to be fine. I’m here, I won’t let anyone hurt you again.”

The surrounding became quiet. For some reason, the police stopped shooting at him, maybe because they noticed that I was on him. Wen Jiubo gradually calmed down.

“Gu Yu…”

I heard him calling my name with a hoarse voice, and I suddenly burst into tears.

“Yes, it’s me. I’m here, I’m here with you. It’s over, I killed Xu Yingchen. He’s dead. He’ll never bother us again.”

“You killed him?” Wen Jiubo asked tiredly.

I buried my face in his fur and nodded.

“Idiot,” Wen Jiubo said. “He is not worth you dirtying your hand.”

“I know.” I smiled and pressed my face against his neck. “But it’s okay now, it’s over. I want you to know that we’ll leave the city after you heal. We can go to a place far away, we can live in a quiet place where no one will find us. Or… we can travel around to eat all kinds of foods, soup dumplings in Shanghai, tasty crawfish in Hunan, spicy dry noodles in Hubei, and, and Peking duck. I’ve always wanted to go to Beijing to eat authentic Peking duck!”

“You only have one year left,” Wen Jiubo said weakly.

“You can do a lot of things in a year!” I said anxiously, “There are twelve months in a year, and thirty days in a month. We can also do a lot of things together! I swear, I swear we’re gonna have a good time! ”

A muffled laugh came from Wen Jiubo. “I believe you.”

I tightly embraced his neck and pressed my face near his ear. My tears soaked his fur. “Wen Jiubo, please, please… I love you, I really, really love you.”

Wen Jiubo slowly and rather stiffly turned his head, but his eyes shone like the brightest star in the night sky.

He said softly, “If this is our last chance, Gu Yu, I——”

Just at that moment, a sudden deafening roar could be heard in the distance. Then, a shock wave pushed me off him. I fell for a few meters straight to the ground. All I could see were flames and black smoke. After a heartrending howl, the nine-tailed fox collapsed.

“…The military has arrived! They shot that unknown creature down with missiles! Thank God, the city is safe now!”

People began to cheer.

… I wanted to open my eyes, but for some reason, I just could not do that.

It was too noisy.

“There is a kid here! Hey, call an ambulance!”

The darkness.

Like falling into the deepest crack in the ocean, I could not see nor hear.

Wen Jiubo…Wen Jiubo…

I could not feel anything except the warmth of my teardrops when they ran down my cheeks.

“Gu Yu! Let go of him!”

I wished that I would never wake up.

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