UTDS – Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 6 Running away 

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits

Vol 5 Book of Farewell – Chapter 6 Running away

Translator: PandaWu

Editor: Drogan

QC: Dray

First Published on Chaleuria.


Chapter 6 Running away 

Wen Jiubo must be crazy! 

The monster seemed very hungry. It roared as it quickly ran towards us, its loud footsteps making the entire corridor shake. The monster’s claws almost touched the edges of my clothes, and I barely escaped.

“What are you doing? It’ll devour you if you don’t run faster!” Wen Jiubo shouted at me. He grabbed my wrist before I could recover from the shock.

“What the hell are you doing?” I refuted as I ran as fast as I could. “How can we get out of this place? Now both of us will die in the mouth of this monster!”

We both desperately ran away, but the maze was so complicated that no matter which direction we picked, the only thing we could see were endless corridors with the same exact walls, repeating over and over.

If this continues…we’ll be caught by that horrible monster sooner or later! 

Also, my stamina was far worse than Wen Jiubo’s. After a few minutes, I was already out of breath. My legs were so heavy it felt like they were made of lead.

“I can’t do this anymore, Wen Jiubo…I’ve already…” I said with difficulty. My feet felt like jelly. “We’re going to die here!”

I did not need to look back to know that the monster was approaching. I could smell its disgusting breath.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of something cutting through the wind by my ear. Before I could understand what happened, Wen Jiubo grabbed me and threw me on the floor. I heard the sound of claws piercing flesh; I looked back and saw that Wen Jiubo had taken a blow from that monster for me.

The monster did not succeed. It let out an angry roar before it opened its mouth and tried to bite Wen Jiubo. Wen Jiubo immediately turned and mercilessly kicked it in the face.

The monster staggered back a few meters because of the pain. Wen Jiubo seized this opportunity to grab me and run away.

I gasped, “Wen, Wen Jiubo. I can’t, I can’t run anymore!”

“Do you want to die?” Wen Jiubo angrily asked.

“No, but…”

“There must be a way out,” said Wen Jiubo, as he held my face and looked me straight in the eye. “You have to believe that we will get out. Don’t say it’s impossible, you can do it!”

The monster was still chasing us; how could he suddenly speak nonsense like that!

“I don’t know what to do!”

“No, you do!” Wen Jiubo said firmly. “You must believe me! You must believe in us, and that we’ll get out of this place today for sure!”

I shouted back, “Even if you say that——”

However, the current situation did not allow us to argue further. If we continued, we really would be eaten by that weird monster.

I focused all my attention on imagining an exit as I ran.

I had to believe that there was an exit ahead. As long as we kept running, we would see… Urm, the stairs?

It was so hard for me to think about such a thing right now!

However, surprisingly, just after a short while, a staircase miraculously appeared in front of us.

“Let’s go, hurry!” Wen Jiubo shouted.

You don’t need to tell me that, okay? Without hesitation, I ran upstairs. However, at that moment I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my back, and then I was thrown in the air.

“Gu Yu!” I heard Wen Jiubo’s shout. Then, I realized that the monster had caught me and threw me into the air.

Is he worried about me? 

How would he feel if I were to die here? 

It was so funny that the only thing I could think of right now were those irrelevant and ridiculous questions. I couldn’t help but secretly despise myself.

While I was lost in thought, I suddenly heard a cry behind me. I felt my body being violently shaken for a while, and then the monster loosened its grasp and dropped me on the ground.

Damn, this hurts so bad! 

But I was safe. I immediately looked up and found that Wen Jiubo had leaped high onto the monster’s tail and was still in an attacking posture. One of the monster’s arms was completely cut off, and blood was splashing out like a broken faucet.

However, what was strange was that he did not have any weapons in his hands. It was like he cut those arms with an invisible sharp tool.

“Gu Yu! Are you hurt?” Wen Jiubo asked hurriedly as he came over and helped me up.

I nodded with difficulty. I felt like my body was falling apart.

“Okay, let’s go.” Wen Jiubo rudely picked me up from the ground and ran to the stairs.

Although we did not look back, I could sense that the monster’s fangs were just behind our backs, and if we were to be just a little bit slower, we would end up as its next meal.

“Hurry up!” Wen Jiubo shouted. As we were closing up to the end of the stairs, the light in front of us shone brighter. We ran upstairs as fast as we could and entered that bright light.

It was a miracle that we survived. That was all I could think of.

My mind was completely blank after we entered that light until a familiar voice called my name. Then, I opened my eyes.

“Gu Yu! Hey, Gu Yu! Mr. Wen!”

It’s Bai’s voice. Yeah, it’s Bai! 

Then I heard Wen Jiubo’s voice coming from behind. He sounded a little feeble.

“You idiot weasel, why were you so slow? What did you do?!”

I slowly opened my eyes. It was… neither the crack leading to the underworld nor the old residence. We were in the middle of old, collapsed buildings. Wild birds were singing in the distance.

We were in the ruins of Yan University.

“I’m really sorry!” Bai answered slowly. Apparently, he was angry. What surprised me was that he was not a weasel but the young man I had met several times in the past. He wore clothes reminiscent of a martial art uniform, carrying a huge bag in his hands. “You can’t expect me to be as fast as an arrow when I’m holding a bag this heavy!”

That was definitely Bai. Even in this weird situation, he was still easily talking back.

“Stop whining and get in! Do you want to die here?” Bai prompted.

That sentence was so familiar I secretly smiled.

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