Welcome to Chaleuria!

Confetti and flowers and hearts!

Jan. 7 is the official birth of Chaleuria, a home for passion and all aspects of love! As the translating scene has exploded in the past two years, sites dedicated to wuxia, romance, comedy, and other genres have sprung up. We’re here to celebrate heat and fire and the fluffiness that isn’t quite found anywhere else yet!

Cha is the only danmei site with official authorizations and backed by Volare Limited, so rest easy about the longevity or legality of our projects! We’ve got two novels ready straight off the bat for you, and a few others accumulating chapters in the wings so that we can announce them with a bang. Please feel free to dive into The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse translated by PKitty and Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits translated by MoMoePom and kelaude.

With that, I’d also like to introduce other members of the team: your neighborhood fluff etvolare, Director of Operations krrizis, Master TLCer MoMoe, and editors Draygan, Rei, and Slumber. Special shout out to Yuuko of the volare marketing team for putting together the adorable graphics for the Cha launch! Readers, please feel free to join us in our Discord!

Welcome to everyone, and please support us going forward!

<3 etvo

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