Chinese web novels and their adaptations have gathered incredible steam in recent years, building off of an enormous library of hundreds of thousands of engrossing novels. Danmei (otherwise known as Chinese Boys’ Love) has seen a boom with the most popular ones having been adapted into addicting dramas, comics and animations, some being readily available to the international audiences. Popular danmei titles including “Guardian”, “The Untamed”, “Thousand Autumns”, “The Emperor’s Strategy”, “S.C.I. (Special Crime Investigation)” & “Spirit Pact” have all been adapted from web novels.

The translation scene to bring them to English readers has only sprung up in the last few years, and we occupy the special niche of catering to the danmei crowd.

Chaleuria is the world’s first official license digital publishing company that aims to bring translated danmei titles from China to passionate fans from around the world.

Our library is previewable for free up until the first 30 chapters. Subsequent chapters are unlockable for 8 carrots per chapter. By purchasing a chapter from our library, you are supporting the authors and the digital publishing industry.