Form of Address

The form of the address below is based on what I have researched. It may or may not be correct.

This will be updated as the series goes and if there is a new form of address used.


How the Emperor refers to himself

Ai Qing

Beloved Minister, how Emperor addresses his ministers.


How those who are conferred titles refer to themselves. For example, someone has the title of a Hou (Marquise), he may refer himself as Benhou (can be translated as this Marquise). An official wife may refer to herself as Benfei.

(Titles) + ye

How the people who are conferred title is referred to. For example, Wangye, Houye, Nanye, Ziye, Boye.


How the wife of those who are conferred titles are referred to. For example, the wife of someone titled Wang (King) will be referred as Wangfei. Only the official wife is referred to as such. Concubines and Mistress are called by their titles if the husband decided to raise them in rank.


Another form of Shifu (master).

Name + ‘-er’ 

A term of endearment. Usually used to those who are younger.

‘Ah’ + Name

Also a term of endearment.

Xiao + Name

The Xiao, in this case, means small and again, it is a term of endearment. It can also be translated as Little + Name. For example, Little Shen.

Name + Name

When a name is repeated, it gives out a sense that someone is close to the person. Example: Fengfeng, Xiaoxiao, Momo, Jinjin. Some even upgrade it by adding Xiao in front. Example: Xiao Fengfeng, Xiao Momo, Xiao Jinjin.

Name + Jun

Jun can be translated to Lord.


Address used to refer a person’s superior / or when someone just want to curry favor with their superior.