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Are you passionate about danmei & R-18? Do you want to help us grow the scene? Bring more awareness to Chinese novels?

Chaleuria is the site to be. We seek to provide quality Chinese to English danmei & smut translations, reviews and more. Want a bit of forbidden fluff? Or a hint of spicy smutfest? Do you wish you could help spread the danmei revolution? Or take over the world with some excellent faptastic reads? (Hint: We love works like Maou no Hajimekata. Good fapread is a good fapread)!

Then look no further! Come one, come all. We eagerly welcome you to our passionate world of heat~

Why translate for Chaleuria?

  1. We have official licensing agreements with Zongheng, 17k, Revebooks, independent authors, and are in talks with traditional publishers. Your translations are 100% legit with no copyright concerns. In addition, you have the freedom to choose from a plethora of novels from their libraries. Win-win? We say yes.
  2. Guaranteed lifetime payout for views from ads on your translation pages. We pay based on views, which means anything you translate will continue to earn you money down the line. That’s a considerable sum every month if you have two or three novels under your belt.
  3. The company oversees the process of turning completed translations into eBooks. Which, when released, will also provide you with remuneration for your work, this includes any other adaptions of your translations.
  4. Access to a group of talented folks who share your passion and drive for the art of translating emotions and culture into another language, of crafting another world and capturing the essence of the author’s characterization of these wonderful characters.
  5. Forget about tech work such as website/server upkeep, copyright negotiations, marketing, administrative work, etc. The company’s got that covered so all you need to do is focus on translating!

We’re looking for the following: 

  • Chinese – English translators
  • Reviewers (Danmei novels, anime & games. Not limited to language & genre)

If you’re interested, please contact us via the contact form below by telling us a bit about yourself, your past experiences and why you’ll like to join us. For reviewers, kindly provide a sample of your writing for assessment as well.