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Chapter 5 – Envoy from Ruanyu

CHAPTER 05 ENVOY FROM RUANYU   A month passed since the day when King Song Min informed his only daughter that she would be entering the Emperor of Ruanyu’s Imperial Harem. At that time, Song Lijing immediately threw a tantrum and even threatened to run away from home. But King Song Min had made up […]

Chapter 2 – Flower Pavilion

CHAPTER 02 FLOWER PAVILION   Song Lijun walked through the street with his servant, An Liu. Whenever he’s in a disguise, he would don a different identity. That is, the Gongzi of a well-known family in the kingdom. Of course, the family is tied to the Royal family by marriage between Song Lijun’s granduncle and […]


  PROLOGUE   Kingdom of Dong Xing is located in the northern region of the great continent of Qianlong. It was only a small kingdom with a weak military strength. Despite that, Dong Xing Kingdom is rich with raw resources such as jade mines as well as the different kind of salts reserves found throughout […]

Military Ranks

Information is taken from the Hierarchy Structure. Unit Commander A commander was the military officer who headed the entire military hierarchy and possessed supreme authority of command in the military. This was the topmost rank in the ancient Chinese military hierarchy. Second in Command This rank was assigned to the military officer who followed the […]

Form of Address

The form of the address below is based on what I have researched. It may or may not be correct. This will be updated as the series goes and if there is a new form of address used. Zhen  How the Emperor refers to himself Ai Qing Beloved Minister, how Emperor addresses his ministers. Ben(+titles) […]


Tianzi Son of Heaven, Emperor. Wang King, the highest title conferred by the Emperor. Usually only reserved for the Royal Family. There are only a few exceptions that someone is conferred the title Wang. Such as a person obtaining the Emperor’s life-saving grace may be conferred the title Wang by the Emperor himself, bestowing them with a rank […]


Time is referred to as follows: 23:00~00:59 is called Zi Shi (子时). 01:00~02:59 is called Chou Shi (丑时). 03:00~04:59 is called Yin Shi (寅时) 05:00~06:59 is called Mao Shi (卯时) 07:00~08:59 is called Chen Shi (辰时) 09:00~10:59 is called Si Shi (巳时) 11:00~12:59 is called Wu Shi (午时) 13:00~14:59 is called Wei Shi (未时) 15:00~16:59 […]