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Chapter 80 – Setting Out

Interstellar Power Couple Translator: Mukyuu Quality Check: Mukyuu Editor: Lala First Published on Chaleuria — Chapter 80 Setting Out  In just two days, all the servants of the Zuo family realized that Second Young Master, whose temperament had just been improving, seemed to revert back to his old self. However, it wasn’t like before when […]

The Second Breakup – Part Thirty-Eight, 3 of 3

Afterwards, plainclothes policemen came from behind the staff and handcuffed the bosses involved in the showbiz cases. The company heads of Picture Domain, Double Universe, Great Swan Entertainment, and quite a few others were taken away by the police for suspected criminal offences. Such a big arrest was simply unheard of, especially how crisply it […]

Chapter 140 – Handsome Tip

The meal was calm and enjoyable. Luo Xiao was truly famished, and the food was delicious, so he ended up eating much more than usual. He ate to the point where his stomach was bulging, and he felt so lazy that he did not want to make even the slightest movement.  Jiang Yao could not […]

Chapter 139 – A Lot of Medicine

Focusing on the cauldron, Luo Xiao took herb after herb from his storage bag, and began extracting the essence from within them. He had gotten decently good at doing it, given that making medicinal liquids wasn’t a process that was unfamiliar to him at this point in time.  He managed to refine the various herbs […]