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Chapter 019 – Smell

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – Many changes in the world happen out of nowhere. A thought from a second ago may not be the same as the thought that comes a second later, or even the next. For example, Gu Ze never thought he would ever screw another man, but he did that to Meng […]

Chapter 018 – Violation (NSFW)

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – His stomach hurt—it hurt so much that it made him curl up. He buried his head into his pillow and let out a muffled grunt. Before he could react, Gu Ze had already grabbed him by the waist. If Gu Ze still had any hesitation in his eyes just now, […]

Chapter 017 – Punishment

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – Gu Ze was sitting in a private room in a nightclub. Socializing with the big bosses of other companies had already become part of his work. Two beautiful women sat each to his left and right, one feeding him red wine mouth-to-mouth while the other peeled grapes for him. Chief […]

Chapter 016 – Grief

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – When the supervisor notified him that his paycheck had been credited to his card, Meng Fu went to withdraw his money after work that day. Since it was payday, they didn’t have that many customers, and so there was no overtime either. In fact, they normally worked only eight hours […]

Chapter 015 – Game

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – Gu Ze had never loved anyone that way before, but He Manyu was a special case to him, and that was the reason he found her so hard to forget. It was also the reason why he hated Meng Fu so much. Countless women came and went by his side […]

Chapter 014 – Temptation

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – Chapter 14, Temptation There was a knock on the door. He quickly put on his pajamas, but when he placed his hand on the handle, he hesitated for a long time. He was sure that the person at the other end of the door had to be Gu Ze. Meng […]

Chapter 013 – Coffin

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – His body stiffened almost instantly, and his intertwined hands loosened. He subconsciously put his arms down, one hand vaguely fidgeting around his chair. “Mr. Gu.” His lips moved slightly, a tiny voice barely making it out of his throat. Gu Ze had only given him a single disdainful glance before […]

Chapter 012 – Cheap

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – That person kept on waiting for him, not saying nor doing anything. He just quietly watched him clean around the hospital, watched Meng Yi play with the children, and watched him read fairy tales to the children. Then, while Meng Fu was reading a story to one little child, Gu […]

Chapter 011 – Chance Encounter

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – Stunned. Staggering. Turning around. He instantly ducked into the hallway. Meng Fu had no idea why he would spot Gu Ze here, but he avoided him out of instinct. He leaned against the wall quietly counting. 1, 2, 3, 4…When he counted to 20, he figured that Gu Ze would […]

Chapter 010 – Virgin

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – Gu Ze narrowed his eyes as he looked at the nude man standing in front of him. The man’s chin was raised slightly, revealing a hint of obstinance. However, the fact that his eyes were turned to the side seemed to reveal his apprehension. He thought that something about him […]