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Chapter 58 – Debt

Translator:/strong> Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – After a month, Meng Fu has gradually regained strength in his injured wrist. He sat on the sofa, waiting for Gu Ze’s return. As soon as Gu Ze appeared at the door, he went straight over. “Mr. Gu.” Having approached him before he could shut the door, a breeze blew […]

Chapter 057 – Dead End

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – Chapter 57, Dead End There was no way that Gu Ze would hear Meng Fu’s weak pleas for mercy. The little strength he had to push him back was simply nothing for a strong and healthy man like Gu Ze. It felt like he was exploring a new world. He […]

Chapter 056 – Just Do It

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – “Aunt Zhang, has Meng Fu been reading the papers?” Gu Ze asked Aunt Zhang after recalling the news he saw on the papers he read in the morning. “Mr. Meng looked through them yesterday.” “Very well. You’re excused.” The fact that Meng Fu had seen the news meant that Meng […]

Chapter 055 – Avoidance

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – The Gu residence had a newspaper subscription, so the daily newspaper would be delivered to their mailbox each and every day. Aunt Zhang emptied the mailbox as usual and placed the day’s newspaper on the dining table. Usually, Gu Ze would flip through them after breakfast, making a quick skim […]

Chapter 054 – Beneath the Surface

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – “No?” Chief Liang lifted the boy’s chin and scrutinized his features with narrowed eyes. “Yes, you’re right… He’s not as pretty as Meng Fu. I’m sure Meng Fu’s taste would be much more excellent too, wouldn’t you say so, Chief Gu?” Gu Ze took a sip of his wine. “My […]

Chapter 053 – At First Glance

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – Excitement filling his chest, Meng Yi hopped up and down in front of the door after knocking on it. As soon as Ye Yan opened the door, he threw himself into his arms. “Big Brother Ye Yan, I missed you!” The sudden feeling of warmth filling his arms caught him […]

Chapter 052 – Reward

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – He suddenly turned around to face him and repeated the words to him one by one. “It’s your fault, Meng Fu. It’s all your fault.” “I’m sorry.” He lowered his gaze. There were a thousand words he could have said, but they merged into just two words, “I’m sorry”. The […]

Chapter 051 – Blank

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – A line segment is contained within two endpoints. A half-line is supported by one. But a straight line has no endpoint. Like a straight line, his pain extends infinitely without an end in sight. “You’re awake.” The first thing Meng Fu saw when he opened his eyes was Gu Ze. […]

Chapter 050 – From the Beginning

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – Sometimes, it takes more than patience from just one person for something to work. He conceded, he compromised, and even when he had lowered himself as far as possible, he learned that Xiao Yi could never go to the lengths he did. “I wanna go out, let me out! I […]

Chapter 049 – Obedience

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – The light in his eyes dimmed further and further. Gu Ze could feel his rejection. So it was disgusting, wasn’t it? Repulsive, wasn’t it, Meng Fu?! A large gorge was gouged into his heart. Countless wounds tore open, engulfing him in blood. Then, holding the back of Meng Fu’s head, […]