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Chapter 063 – Facade

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – He thought he wouldn’t leave, he thought he would see that man standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, watching the wintersweet flowers outside. He thought that he would smile and say “thank you” when he handed him the small pot of wintersweet flowers. He thought… These “thoughts” were just […]

Chapter 062 – Deception

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – The dim light illuminated Xie Zhenzhen’s fair and smooth skin, the crisscrossed scars that seemed to have been drawn by nails scraping across skin, and even the marks that seemed to have come from a belt, wrapped chaotically around Xie Zhenzhen’s arms, back, and even her chest. The only part […]

Chapter 061 – Apartment

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – The neighbors slammed their door on purpose, and the noise was so loud that it sounded as if their eardrums were going to burst. Xie Zhenzhen tugged at Meng Fu’s sleeve. “Meng Fu, I know it wasn’t you. That person just looked like you. He’s not you.” She had also […]

Chapter 060 – Monster

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – Aunt Zhang informed him that a woman had come to see him. A woman? Meng Fu’s mind went blank for two seconds. He could not imagine who it could be. Could it be Xie Zhenzhen? No, Xie Zhenzhen had already married, and they had long since broken up with each […]

Chapter 059 – Lonely

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – Ye Ting’s wedding preparations made Meng Yu even busier, so much so that Ye Yan could hardly even find the time to talk to her. “Mom…” “Ye Yan, your sister’s about to get married so mom’s in a hurry to go pick out a dress for her. If you’ve got […]

Chapter 058 – Debt

Translator:/strong> Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – After a month, Meng Fu has gradually regained strength in his injured wrist. He sat on the sofa, waiting for Gu Ze’s return. As soon as Gu Ze appeared at the door, he went straight over. “Mr. Gu.” Having approached him before he could shut the door, a breeze blew […]

Chapter 057 – Dead End

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – Chapter 57, Dead End There was no way that Gu Ze would hear Meng Fu’s weak pleas for mercy. The little strength he had to push him back was simply nothing for a strong and healthy man like Gu Ze. It felt like he was exploring a new world. He […]

Chapter 056 – Just Do It

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – “Aunt Zhang, has Meng Fu been reading the papers?” Gu Ze asked Aunt Zhang after recalling the news he saw on the papers he read in the morning. “Mr. Meng looked through them yesterday.” “Very well. You’re excused.” The fact that Meng Fu had seen the news meant that Meng […]

Chapter 055 – Avoidance

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – The Gu residence had a newspaper subscription, so the daily newspaper would be delivered to their mailbox each and every day. Aunt Zhang emptied the mailbox as usual and placed the day’s newspaper on the dining table. Usually, Gu Ze would flip through them after breakfast, making a quick skim […]

Chapter 054 – Beneath the Surface

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – “No?” Chief Liang lifted the boy’s chin and scrutinized his features with narrowed eyes. “Yes, you’re right… He’s not as pretty as Meng Fu. I’m sure Meng Fu’s taste would be much more excellent too, wouldn’t you say so, Chief Gu?” Gu Ze took a sip of his wine. “My […]