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Chapter 11 – Familiarity

CHAPTER 11 FAMILIARITY   While walking to the banquet hall, Song Lijun’s figure was stiff and his palms were cold with sweat. Song Lijun had felt that the man sounded familiar when he heard his voice. But he simply couldn’t pin-point it. It wasn’t until the man introduced himself did Song Lijun finally recognized the […]

Chapter 10 – Second Meeting

CHAPTER 10 SECOND MEETING   “This dance troupe is really good. It is unfortunate that our Great Ruanyu doesn’t have dance troupe such as theirs,” Bai Ruohan said as he clapped his hands while staring at the group of females that had just finished their performance. Then he leaned closer to the masked man beside […]

Chapter 9 – Preparation

CHAPTER 09 PREPARATION   In the banquet hall, Song Lihui was busy trying to please the envoy from Ruanyu. In fact, he is currently engaging in a friendly conversation with Bai Ruohan, that is until a servant came over. Normally, Song Lihui would ignore the servant or simply let them wait. But when he saw […]

Chapter 8 – Missing Princess!

CHAPTER 08 MISSING PRINCESS   While the banquet was on-going, there was a place within the Song Royal Palace that are also busy. This place is where one of the Twin Jade of Dong Xing, Princess Song Lijing, lives. But unlike the banquet, the people within were actually busy trying to find their princess. “Your […]

Chapter 7 – The Banquet

CHAPTER 07 THE BANQUET At dusk, the banquet hall of Song Royal Palace was filled with liveliness. Tables were set on both the left and right side of the banquet hall. Each table could host four people each, and most that came are people who are of high rank as well as some well-known noble […]