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Chapter 024 – Interest (NSFW)

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – Only the soft sound of the door closing could be heard in the small living room. Gu Ze sat around for a while before walking barefoot into Meng Fu’s room. That man had left in such a hurry, yet his room wasn’t messed up in the slightest. Perhaps he was […]

Chapter 023 – Meeting

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – Meng Fu had a biological clock. No matter the season, and no matter how late he stayed up last night, he would always wake up in the morning right at six o’clock on the dot. When he opened his eyes, his mind wasn’t fully awake yet, and his eyes were […]

Chapter 022 – Waiting

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – The human brain often loses control in the face of panic. Just like a broken system, it becomes unable to follow the usual established procedures. Meng Fu’s brain finally regained its function after crashing for a few hours. Wasn’t Ye Yan the one Xiao Yi wanted to see the most? […]

Chapter 021 – Fired

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni He wanted to leave the hospital as soon as his drip was done. The doctor suggested staying for a day or two before leaving, but he was insistent. He didn’t want to waste money on things like this. Meng Yi parted with the young and cordial doctor with reluctance. “Big Brother, […]

Chapter 020 – Hospital

Translator: Helliot Editor: P’Raikantopeni – In the bathroom, he had stuck his own fingers into himself with much difficulty to clean out what that man left behind, little by little. After that, it was a long struggle back to his bed only to find that red and white stains still covered his sheets. He could […]

Chapter 019 – Smell

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – Many changes in the world happen out of nowhere. A thought from a second ago may not be the same as the thought that comes a second later, or even the next. For example, Gu Ze never thought he would ever screw another man, but he did that to Meng […]

Chapter 018 – Violation (NSFW)

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – His stomach hurt—it hurt so much that it made him curl up. He buried his head into his pillow and let out a muffled grunt. Before he could react, Gu Ze had already grabbed him by the waist. If Gu Ze still had any hesitation in his eyes just now, […]

Chapter 017 – Punishment

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – Gu Ze was sitting in a private room in a nightclub. Socializing with the big bosses of other companies had already become part of his work. Two beautiful women sat each to his left and right, one feeding him red wine mouth-to-mouth while the other peeled grapes for him. Chief […]

Chapter 016 – Grief

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – When the supervisor notified him that his paycheck had been credited to his card, Meng Fu went to withdraw his money after work that day. Since it was payday, they didn’t have that many customers, and so there was no overtime either. In fact, they normally worked only eight hours […]

Chapter 015 – Game

Translator: Helliot Editor: Isalee – Gu Ze had never loved anyone that way before, but He Manyu was a special case to him, and that was the reason he found her so hard to forget. It was also the reason why he hated Meng Fu so much. Countless women came and went by his side […]