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Chapter 137 – Ridgeflower City

There were many towns and villages close to the Beast Ridge, but if you traveled around half a day, you would also be able to encounter cities. These places were often more bustling with life and busy than the towns and villages, and they would contain a myriad of branches from the various merchant groups […]

Chapter 136 – Adoptive Father

Qin Zhaolu’s eyes widened in shock. She could not understand under what circumstances Luo Caihong could leave her child behind. It was even more puzzling for her to have sealed the child’s power. If the child had merely been left behind, then it would be one thing, but sealing his talent meant that whoever had […]

Chapter 135 – Qin and Luo

The lady took a deep breath of relief when she saw that he accepted her request. Her eyes were looking at him as if he was a great treasure that she had just come across. Luo Xiao felt a little uncomfortable as he saw her heated gaze, but suddenly he felt a gentle hand that […]

Chapter 134 – Parents

Luo Xiao and Jiang Yao were still moving through the forest, while Little Gold was frolicking in the surroundings. Luo Xiao had initially assumed that Little Gold was a boy, but after it had woken up, Jiang Yao, and the little dragon itself, had informed him of her gender. She was a cute and adorable […]

The Second Breakup – Part Thirty-Five

It’s not because they were very surprised, but because the two names involved, Shui Yang, the nephew of the CEO, and Great Swan Entertainment, were talking points. Great Swan Entertainment itself was a well-known large company in the country, and their A-listers alone already included about half of the current A-listers. The star-making ability of […]