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Chapter 133 – The Mysterious Woman

Jiang Yao’s mood was good as they continued through the wilderness. They soon reached the areas where Luo Xiao was capable of putting up a fight against the beasts that they encountered, and their advancement slowed. Previously, Jiang Yao had killed the beasts they came across with a simple wave of his hands. While they […]

Chapter 132 – True Form

Luo Xiao did not realize the sudden bashfulness of the beast, but Jiang Yao did. When he noticed that the beast withdrew his gaze, he too relaxed. The temperature which had dropped returned to normal, and while everyone was still puzzled, they did not think too much about it.  The two groups had been looking […]

Chapter 130 – Leaving the Cave

Luo Xiao was the only one awake in the cave. While the silence was overwhelming, he did not feel uncomfortable. Instead, he was seated with his legs crossed, his elbows resting on his legs, and his head cradled in his palm as he looked at Jiang Yao. Jiang Yao was extremely attractive. He had long […]