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UTDS – Vol 2 Chapter 24 The Truth

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 24 The Truth Translator: PandaWu Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.   Chapter 24 The Truth “Yes, it’s that simple,” Moxue said. “But we haven’t found the cat demon yet…” Shi Yitong was interrupted by the sound of a door opening. It was the old couple who opened the door. They saw us from the window and rushed down from the building. “Gu Yu, about the cat demon…” The old lady asked hurriedly, but she paused before finishing her sentence. The old lady stared at Mouxue with her mouth wide open. I was puzzled. I looked at the old lady and then looked at Moxue. Moxue appeared to be calm, so calm that she looked cold and detached. “What‘s… What’s wrong?” Suddenly, the old man began to yell. He pointed at Moxue with his trembling fingers and shouted anxiously, “It’s her! It’s her! She is the cat demon!” Shi Yitong and I were stunned. In fact, I was too shocked to react. “Wait, you say Moxue is the cat demon?” Shi Yitong explained to them hurriedly, “It must be a mistake. This girl is our friend, you must have made a mistake.” “How could we make such a mistake?!” The old man snorted and said angrily, “That face, we would recognize her face even she was burned...

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UTDS – Vol 2 Chapter 23 The Last Day

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 23 The Last Day Translator: PandaWu Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.   Chapter 23 The Last Day “Uh, I’m sorry…” I spoke hesitantly, “We’re trying our best, but we haven’t found anything yet. Afterall, it’s a cat demon that knows how to be stealthy.” After hearing that, a look of disappointment showed on their faces. “Child, I want to ask you, do you really want to help us?” The old man slightly raised his voice, and his voice was filled with anger, “Do you understand how precious our time is? Yingcai is getting worse and worse. He has a persistent fever and can’t eat anything. If you can’t find that demon, our Yingcai will die!” “Stop it, old man. It isn’t his fault.” The old lady glared at her husband, showing her dissatisfaction with his attitude, and then she looked back at me. “But we indeed do not have enough time. If you can’t help, we’re afraid we need to find another priest…” “Hold on, Ma’am!” I said hurriedly, “Is it okay if you give me one more day? I really want to help.” “But…” The old lady appeared to be in a quandary. “I swear, just one day!” I said firmly, “I only need one more day. If I can’t solve this problem, you can...

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UTDS – Vol 2 Chapter 22 Moxue And The Search

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 22 Moxue And The Search Translator: PandaWu Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.   Chapter 22 Moxue And The Search “Oi, Gu Yu.” “What’s up?” I looked back, perplexed. Bai’s face suddenly became somewhat serious. He lifted his chin in Moxue’s direction. “Be careful.” “What?” I was confused. When I was about to ask him, Bai stopped talking and nimbly disappeared. “Gu Yu! Come here quickly!” Moxue called out to me in a loud voice, “Come here, do you know what kind of flower this is?” Although she was giving me a headache, I had no choice but to come over. “What is it?” This girl was so energetic that she seemed never to get tired. She finally went to bed at nearly ten o’clock at night. However, unexpectedly, she held onto me and asked me to read her a bedtime story. “How old are you? Why do you still need a bedtime story?” I was caught between a cry and a laugh. “Please! I can’t sleep if you don’t read me a bedtime story.” Moxue looked at me with a sad face, her eyes starting to glisten like stars. I was afraid that if I did not do it, she would cry again, so I agreed immediately without thinking. “Alright, alright. I give in,” I said...

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UTDS – Vol 2 Chapter 21 Clingy Girl

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 21 Clingy Girl Translator: PandaWu Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.   Chapter 21 Clingy Girl “What’s your surname?” I asked. “I don’t have a surname. Just Moxue,” Moxue replied matter-of-factly. I sighed, then asked, “Fine. Moxue, what about your parents?” “I don’t have parents!” Moxue again replied matter-of-factly. “Do you have a guardian?” “Nope” It seemed that this girl did not want to tell us anything. Her arrogance made me annoyed. I rolled my eyes, turned around and left. Moxue got anxious when she saw me leave; she quickly caught up to me and grabbed my sleeve. “Please don’t leave. I’m sorry, I’ll tell you everything!” Moxue said hurriedly. “My… my parents work outside town; I’m living with my grandma now. I came here today to find some bamboo shoots, I didn’t expect to meet you! I want to be part of this fun activity! Please, I’m really interested, so bring me along to play, ok?!“ “This is not for fun!” Shi Yitong seemed furious. The angry look on his face frightened Moxue. “Exorcism is hazardous work. We face unknown creatures; if handled incorrectly, we could die at any moment!“ I thought of my experiences encountering demons and spirits and nodded in agreement. Moxue’s face filled with sadness when she heard Shi Yitong’s rebuke. Her eyes...

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UTDS – Vol 2 Chapter 20 The Bamboo Forest

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits Vol 2 Book of Xun – Chapter 20  The Bamboo Forest Translator: PandaWu Editor: Draygan First Published on Chaleuria.   Chapter 20  The Bamboo Forest Shi Yitong was right, his grandpa did nothing wrong. However, for the cat demon, that must have been devastating. “Perhaps…the Jinhua cat lost hope for humans because of what your grandpa did to her. Also, that explains why she hurt the old couple’s son.” “Mm, it’s possible,” Shi Yitong sighed. “I told you we should go to the bamboo forest and find the cat demon as soon as possible. We need to find out the truth.” I nodded and left with Shi Yitong, heading to the bamboo forest where the wild sugar cane grew. We spent twenty yuan on the fare and took a taxi to the bamboo forest. However, the bamboo forest was entirely different from what we imagined. As recorded in the journal of Shi Yitong’s grandpa, this place was depicted as a peaceful and quiet wonderland. However, when we got off the taxi, what we saw was a muddy and messy place full of scattered fallen bamboo. There was no trace of wild sugar cane other than small pieces of sugar cane rind, which appeared to be discarded by someone after peeling off with a knife. “How…how come?” Shi Yitong and I were both dumbfounded. The...

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