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TLCPS – Extra: We’re Married! (NSFW)

Translator: Kotoni Editor: Espada Quality Checker: Isalee      They had been together for a long time. He once said that he would only give himself over completely after marriage.  Finally, the day had come. Today, he would finally give himself up completely to the one he loved. Indeed, today was the day of Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi’s wedding – a simple affair that consisted only of a modest banquet. In order to satisfy Wen YiHong’s desire to prank him, Ye RuiXi complied with his demand and wore a scarlet qipao. Unlike most brides who showed off their fair silken thighs under their qipao, however, Ye RuiXi’s legs were sheathed in black silk stockings that positively oozed with sex appeal.    “Do I really have to dress like this?” “Actually, you have been looking forward to this in your heart, haven’t you? Hm?” Wen YiHong asked probingly as he snaked an arm around Ye RuiXi’s waist. Ye RuiXi fell silent. Wen YiHong’s guess was spot-on. Although he had been fantasizing for days on end about engaging in all kinds of sexual play with Wen YiHong, he had never considered cross-dressing before. Now that he had an opportunity to try it out, he was definitely excited.   After plodding through a whole series of elaborate wedding procedures and downing countless drinks in return for the toasts offered by family and friends for all...

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TLCPS – Chapter 99: Surprise (END)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 99: Surprise   Translator: Kotoni Editor: Espada Quality Checker: Tezuka   “‘Seven years later, I met you again. You might have been surprised at how easily you found a job as a president’s personal assistant, despite being fresh out of university… I confess that it was a premeditated move on my part. You might never have guessed that I had been following the path of Qu Yuan1 all this time…’” Gu Zhun broke into uncontrollable laughter. “Are you referring to that famous line in Lisao: ‘On the road yonder, long and without end, I shall seek in all directions from the heavens to the earth’2? What a sloppy way to hide the fact that you can’t quote from memory! Hahaha…” “Stop laughing! Just… pay attention! What I’m going to say next is what I truly want to tell you…” Zhang Heng’s voice boomed loudly and surely from the speakers, replacing the voice of the previous speaker. “Gu Zhun, I know that I am not perfect. I’m attention-seeking and can never seem to leave you alone, and I am still immature in many ways… but you are the only one who will ever see these sides of me. Because I love and trust you, I want you to see me for who and what I am. Therefore…” Suddenly, as if on cue, the chorus...

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TLCPS – Chapter 98: Zhang Heng’s Odd Behavior

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 98: Zhang Heng’s Odd Behavior   Translator: Kotoni Editor: Espada Quality Checker: Tezuka   “What happened to Zhang Heng?” It had been days since Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun last had lunch together. Additionally, every time Gu Zhun tried to find out where he had been or what he had done, he was answered with nothing more than a dismissive wave and an indifferent look from Zhang Heng. He was nothing like his usual eager self; his cold detachment made him seem like a complete stranger. What’s wrong? What happened to you? Despite trying to immerse himself in work, Gu Zhun could not help but steal surreptitious looks at Zhang Heng, whose face remained just as impassive as it was when he returned from lunch break. Gu Zhun had never been as anxious and fearful as he was now… Had Zhang Heng stopped loving him? Why was the change so sudden? Surely there was an explanation for this? What could possibly be the cause…?   Filled with dread and unease, Gu Zhun brought his chain of thought to an abrupt stop. He did not dare to continue with his speculations; any further doubt seemed like an insult to the love Zhang Heng had shown him for the past seven years. But was it right for him to leave things as they were? Wasn’t...

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TLCPS – Chapter 97: The Calm Before the Storm

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 97: The Calm Before the Storm Translator: PKitty Editor: Espada Quality Checker: Tezuka   “Are you afraid? Afraid of how people would judge?” It was the wee hours when Zhang Heng suddenly stopped the car in the middle of the road.   “…” Gu Zhun was still level headed and advised: “Drive the car to the side and I’ll explain it to you.”   After thinking about it, Zhang Heng felt that he was right. Even though not many cars would be passing by at night nor was there a traffic camera along this stretch, he still obediently parked the car where it was legal. “Can you tell me now?   “… Yes.” Zhang Heng grabbed Gu Zhun’s shoulders: “Why are you afraid? Is it because I am unable to give you a sense of security?”   “No.” Gu Zhun shook his head to deny it.   Zhang Heng’s eyes were slightly red. What was the exact reason?    Seven years ago, I met you. I liked you and it was the first time I realized that I like you. Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, I’ve never doubted this love. I persevered and kept persevering until I secretly hired you as my assistant and kept you by my side. After experiencing so much along the way, could...

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TLCPS – Chapter 96: What’s Up With Another Couple Getting Married?

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 96: What’s Up With Another Couple Getting Married? Translator: PKitty Editor: Espada Quality Checker: Tezuka “That’s great.” Gu Zhun mused about the people around him gradually gaining their own happiness.   They sat on a bench under the setting sun and Zhang Heng hugged Gu Zhun: “Are you envious?” “…” Gu Zhun shook his head. “No, I am very happy now because I have you by my side.”     “You’ve always been so straightforward.”   Gu Zhun kissed Zhang Heng’s cheek: “Didn’t you think that my straightforward character was amusing so you always teased me?”   “Hahaha, that seemed to be the case.”     Recalling the events of the past, it was true that Zhang Heng was always the one who teased him one sidedly.  However, it was also because of those times that his monotonous school life seemed to light up. Slowly, it ignited from a spark and lit his world ablaze . “Thank you.”   “You’re welcome.” Now that Ye RuiXi and Wen YiHong’s wedding was over, Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun needed to return to their home country.   “What about you guys? You are going to conveniently spend your honeymoon here before going back? While you are at it, you’ll do it seven times at night?”   “…” Wen YiHong didn’t want to bother about Zhang Heng, who...

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