Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Eleven, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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He was done with simple interest collection. Next, was the biggest revenge. Song Yucheng’s take on why Xie Qianchen’s past attempt at revenge failed was that he had been too hasty. Those men had their families and businesses backing them up — how could they be taken down by a mere manager? But what if their companies were all in jeopardy?

The profit pie and traffic in the film industry was limited. Song Yucheng’s plan was to starve them. As for Cao Kun, he’d smashed the ball back in his court. Whether he could return that shot remained to be seen.

Song Yucheng decided to start from Luo Tong.

Luo Tong was the top manager at Double Universe Entertainment. He had access to all of the company’s resources, and manpower. Song Yucheng’s first move was to get ahead of Luo Tong.

Qi Luo still lacked popularity, but Shen Yi was almost there.

Acting skills could be taught, and there were methods too. What Song Yucheng wanted to do was to make Shen Yi’s skill grow quickly.

The Hundred Flowers Best Supporting Actor Award was not so easy to win.

Song Yucheng walked to the practice room with those thoughts running through mind. He wanted to see how Shen Yi and Qi Luo’s practice sessions were going.

After the left, however, another person appeared in the corner of the corridor. It was Lu Mian, and he had been watching him for quite some time.

“Xie Qianchen is close with Yan Qi?”

“Presumably. Young Master Yan has helped him out many times.” The subordinate replied quickly after a short pause.

“Yan Qi is soft-hearted. It’s normal for him. Send word to the Xiao family. If they can’t keep Xiao Lun in line, then he shouldn’t be let out in public. Tell him not to do anything outside of what he’s supposed to, keep an eye on him and keep him out of trouble.” Lu Mian frowned. He was a little pained by the view of Xie Qianchen’s back.

He had looked into Xie Qianchen’s past, and he knew what burden he carried. He wanted to help Xie Qianchen solve this problem in one go, but from Song Yucheng’s perspective, there was no need for it. Blood for blood. It was only revenge if Song Yucheng personally drew the blood owed from the people who had hurt Xie Qianchen.

Lu Mian suddenly recalled the script Song Yucheng had written. He had a feeling that the psychological state of the detective with a dark past in the script was actually based on Xie Qianchen.

Song Yucheng returned to his office while Lu Mian worried over Xie Qianchen’s matters. He picked up a few things and walked to the practice room.

It was three in the afternoon, the time when the practice room was busiest. Song Yucheng had come this time not to pick talent, but to see Qi Luo.

He was going to be grouped with Shen Yi later and won’t be able to see Qi Luo for about two months, so he wanted to get the child’s schedule all settled.

To his surprise, he arrived at the practice room to see Qi Luo standing with his head down, like he was being scolded. His forlorn little-boy look pulled at the heart and even the stern instructor softened, and could not bear to scold him further.

So what mistake had he made?

Qi Luo was an obedient boy, and Song Yucheng was of the opinion that he had unknowingly erred. When he heard what the problem was, however, he couldn’t help chuckling.

It was because of his eating habits.

Song Yucheng had told Qi Luo that he was a little meaty. He looked fine, normally, but he had to lose about five kilograms to look good in front of the camera. However, Qi Luo was going through puberty so he needed his recommended nutrition intake on top of losing weight. The fitness instructor was very strict with his diet because of this.

It was unfortunate that this boy’s only favourite was cheese. He could go a day or two without it, but any longer was very, very difficult.

It was the only food he could not go without, and he was cute too. His longing stares at the food melted the caterer’s heart, and he had been secretly given some extra food. The fitness instructor had found out about this, and pulled him aside after the end of the lesson to scold him.

Song Yucheng listened from the outside and couldn’t help laughing.

He had a soothing voice, so even his laugh was gentle. His laughter easily caught the attention of Qi Luo and the instructor. They turned their heads to look, and saw Xie Qianchen’s smiling face.

“Brother Qianchen…” Qi Luo was embarrassed, and he felt even more embarrassed when he saw Xie Qianchen.

He was a good kid, and also understood that the diet had been for his sake. It wasn’t that he couldn’t bear it, but a life without cheese…

Qi Luo was torn, and his gaze turned pleading.

Song Yucheng felt like a big devil. Qi Luo’s look got to him, and he reached out to pull him close and ruffle his hair.

“Okay, okay, don’t get angry. I’ll lecture him later.” Song Yucheng fended the fitness instructor off and glanced at Qi Luo behind him out of the corner of his eye. His smile grew wider when he saw that Qi Luo was trying to hide behind him.

The fitness instructor couldn’t help smiling too. This child was just too adorable.

“Yes, yes, you’re the good guy. Get your kid out of here, then! I get mad when I see him — don’t say that I didn’t try my best when he looks fat on camera.”

“I wouldn’t. It was Qi Luo’s fault. He won’t do it again.” Song Yucheng put down a guarantee on Qi Luo’s behalf and took him away.

Qi Luo’s new contract was ready so he was taking him to sign it.

This was the busiest time for practice and the corridors were empty of people. Qi Luo trailed behind Song Yucheng, feeling more and more guilty as he walked.

He had been attending lessons under various teachers the past few days, and he had heard lots of things about Xie Qianchen. He also realised how difficult circumstances were for him. Xie Qianchen was going all out in training him with the level of resources he had.

Qi Luo lowered his head as his shame grew. He reflected on his efforts of the past two days, and felt that he had not done his one hundred percent best.

“Brother Qianchen…” Qi Luo grabbed Song Yucheng’s wrist to apologise. Song Yucheng’s reaction, however, was unexpected. A sweetness was shoved into his mouth as he grabbed at his wrist, and Qi Luo’s eyes lit at the taste.

There was a strong milkiness, and… his favourite — cheese!

Qi Luo forgot all about his gloomy thoughts and looked at Song Yucheng in delight. Another round sweet in pretty packaging was immediately put in his hand.

“You’ve worked hard these past few days. Hang on for a little more.” Song Yucheng held Qi Luo’s hand, guiding it to his pocket to hide the sweet. “It’s a milk-cheese sweet. Remember to train a little extra at night, or you’ll be found out.”

“Yeah!” Qi Luo nodded emphatically and smiled too. Brother Qianchen, sneaking him little snacks, was the kindest big devil in the world.

“Look at you smiling so happily because I gave you some sweets. You’re such a dummy!” Song Yucheng pinched Qi Luo’s cheek, and was rewarded with an even more adorable, silly smile. He had no retort for that smile, so he simply brought Qi Luo to his office.

There was no saving this child. One sweet was enough to make him smile so happily. The industry was a mess, so he had to keep an eye on this boy. Shen Yi, on the other hand, was more calculating and he didn’t need to worry so much about him. His acting skill though…

Song Yucheng mulled over how to improve Shen Yi’s acting and help him achieve a breakthrough in the shortest time possible as he walked. He’d passed the screen test, but what followed was scheduled group shoots. That was where the real battle lay.

Song Yucheng calculated the hours Shen Yi would need for the group shoots, and gave a call to the practice room booking department. He added one more lesson for Shen Yi in the evening.

Time was tight so he needed to use special methods.

Luo Tong was not sitting idle either while Song Yucheng was busy setting things up.

He had suffered a hit to his pride after the failure at the screen test, and the defeat nagged at him. He wanted to dig some dirt up to get his revenge on Xie Qianchen but he could not find any opportunity though his desire for payback grew. He only realised the true danger when the incident involving Xiao Lun hit the headlines.

Luo Tong could see that Xie Qianchen was taking revenge for what happened two years ago. If that was true, then there was no escaping for him.

No. No way. He was going to strike first and have the upper hand! Luo Tong then spotted news about adjustments to some requirements set by the National Radio and Television Administration concerning the qualifications of managers on the internet.

Luo Tong had an idea on how he was going to deal with Xie Qianchen after reading that piece of news. And if he did it right, he would be able to drive him out of the industry!



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