Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Four, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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Meanwhile, Song Yucheng really was picking a new talent. Xie Qianchen had not taken a newbie under his wing for the past two years, and Song Yucheng had no one on hand, so he had to pick one, of course. He had to pick one to finish what he had planned.

The third floor. The largest practice room for trainees was on this floor. Song Yucheng leaned in the doorway, watching the kids practice with a somewhat leisurely smile on his face.

Ah, to be 15 or 16. Even dreams were beautiful at that age, Song Yucheng thought. He leaned against the fence and lit his cigarette. Song Yucheng was not a smoker but Xie Qianchen was, and a heavy one at that. Song Yucheng was affected by this nicotine addiction, and though he did not actually inhale the smoke, he would light a stick once in a while.

Song Yucheng let the cigarette burn, almost to his fingertips. The smoke wrapped solemnly about Xie Qianchen’s extravagantly beautiful face, accentuating it and drawing gazes. If it wasn’t for his rather special status, many would have come to strike up a conversation with him.

Even so, to the trainee children in the practice room, Xie Qianchen’s name was no different from a talisman of death.

Xie Qianchen was one of the top three managers of the company, and also the youngest and the most good looking.

It was also rumoured that the most valuable newbies and the youngest acting king were all personally groomed by him two years ago. However, these children, thirsting after their dreams, still saw Xie Qianchen as a nightmare.

They all knew that signing on with Xie Qianchen was the same as hanging a price tag on themselves and putting themselves on the market. It wouldn’t be too bad if the one who took them was Cao Kun, but if they were sent to someone else…

The thought of the methods of play those people favoured struck fear in the hearts of the young children. Who would be willing to sell his body if he had the option of getting results through hard work? So what if it meant that you would be a millionaire, or get lots of glory?

The newbies whom Xie Qianchen had groomed had all ended up ruined, and that actor king had lost his life. It was rumoured that he’d jumped from the 29th floor.

All this gossip had long been known in the entertainment circles.

The atmosphere in the training room went from peaceful to a state of agitation, and the gazes of everyone were starting to get panicked. The teacher conducting the lesson saw the state of the children and couldn’t help sighing. He knew that his lesson could not continue with Xie Qianchen here, so he simply ended it.

Song Yucheng waited outside the door. He saw the class dispersing, and he stubbed his cigarette out before he slowly walked in.

He had already read through the data on these trainees yesterday and he had his eye on some, of course. He had come over today to judge with his own eyes if the one he’d picked was what he was looking for.

Fortunately, he had a good result. The kid he had his eye on was more spirited than described in his profile.

He picked the kid out right away and told him, “Qi Luo. Wait for me in the garage after you’re done with classes in the evening.”

As soon as he’d finished speaking, Qi Luo, the child who’d been singled out, turned deathly pale immediately. He looked like he would burst into tears at any moment. The others looked at him with similar looks of pity, and they all thought: he’s screwed. He’s basically ruined since he got picked by Xie Qianchen.

To their surprise, however, the teacher’s reaction was very different from theirs. The teacher did not look worried at all about Qi Luo’s future, but he looked at Xie Qianchen with a bit of pity in his eyes.

But Shen Yi, who was close by, had much more conflicting feelings than them. He’d discovered that this Qi Luo had practically the same as he was. The only different thing about them was presence — Qi Luo was livelier, more naive.

Just what was Xie Qianchen up to, wanting to take him home right now? Was it because he simply had a good impression and wanted to groom him, or was it because he wanted to train Qi Luo like how he had trained him yesterday… Train this boy?

He recalled how seductive Xie Qianchen had been yesterday, and a great feeling of unfairness bloomed in his heart. This was his target! He was going to attack him, but the target had gone to find another rather unexpectedly. How was this any different from him ignoring him?

Shen Yi grew more upset.

Song Yucheng was done with handling the matters there, and spotted Shen Yi right as he made to return to his office.

“If you’re done with your lessons then go over the script again. Don’t waste time aimlessly. Wait for me in the garage tomorrow morning, I’ll take you to the screen test.”

“Then tonight, you’re…” Shen Yi started to say something, and stopped.

“This doesn’t concern you.” Song Yucheng turned away as soon as he was done talking. His attitude towards him was much colder than when they had gone their separate ways in the morning.

Shen Yi’s heart sank. He’d thought that attacking Xie Qianchen would be an easy thing, but it now looked like he had a long road ahead of him. No matter. He liked a challenge. One day, he was going to make Xie Qianchen listen to his every word, and be a loyal dog by his feet.

He dragged his exhausted body back to the dormitories with those thoughts.

On Song Yucheng’s end, he returned to the office and prepared the numbers needed for training. He was going to groom a newbie, so he had to be well prepared.

Shen Yi actually had a misunderstanding about him. What had appeared to be instructional acting last night was just him teasing him based off that he’d thought of him. If he’d really wanted to groom someone, then he would definitely groom someone who would suit his methods best, just like that Qi Luo whom he’d picked earlier. He was obedient, naive and had a good temperament. Shen Yi, who pretended to be a frail flower, was someone he wasn’t bothered to even say a line or two of coaxing to.

“So is Qi Luo your type?” The System was curious.

“How’s that possible? I’m just passing time.” Song Yucheng sighed meaningfully and continued working.

Song Yucheng clocked out at six in the evening. He went down to the garage and saw Qi Luo standing by his car. He was young after all, and so scared his legs shook, but he still greeted Song Yucheng obediently.

“You have good etiquette. How’s your culinary skills?” asked Song Yucheng.

“I, I can’t cook.” Qi Luo was nonplussed. He had not expected this question. He’d heard from others that Xie Qianchen had a bad temper though he was a good dog in front of Cao Kun, so charming that it was scary. In front of others, however, he was cold and acted weirdly. This was why Qi Luo was very scared, and trembling all the time for fear of what Xie Qianchen would do to him.

But when Song Yucheng heard that the kid could not cook, he smiled. Shen Yi’s skill in cooking had left an impression on him in the morning, and he, Mr Instructor, had been led to think that everyone in the entertainment world could cook. Actually, this Qi Luo was just a teen. He’d over-imagined things.

“Let’s go out and eat then. What do you like to eat?” Song Yucheng asked as he drove with Qi Luo to look for a dinner venue. He didn’t have much choice. Xie Qianchen was supposed to be someone who could not cook, and he was too lazy to clean up the kitchen.

“I… I’m fine with anything. I’ll have what you have.” Qi Luo was still scared, and he’d shrunk as far back into his seat as possible after Song Yucheng had started driving; he even subconsciously clutched a cushion in his arms.

“Pfft.” Song Yucheng could not help laughing. This child was like a snail. He reacted slowly to things and was trying to retract back into his shell at the slightest knock. Just how scared was he of him?

Song Yucheng saw his white knuckles, and his heart softened. He took out a sweet and offered it to him, and casually said a few words to settle him.

“If anything’s fine then we’ll have tomato rice at this restaurant that’s famous for it. Their tomato rice menu is pretty good. They even have options to increase the amount of tomatoes for those who like more sourness in their tomato rice. If you like it, choose the most tomatoey one with me later.” Song Yucheng’s mean streak showed in his words. He remembered clearly that the top thing listed in disliked foods in Qi Luo’s profile was tomatoes.

As he’d expected, Qi Luo’s expression changed once he’d finished speaking.

Tomatoes? And the most tomatoey?! Qi Luo’s eyes grew round with disbelief.

But Song Yucheng very deliberately misinterpreted his reaction. “You’re that happy about it? You sure aren’t picky with food. The dish also includes green peppers and onions so it’s really delicious.”


Qi Luo’s expression grew more and more pained, and he looked like he was going to cry. H, He didn’t like all of these! Xie Qianchen was the devil like the rumours said!

Qi Luo wanted to cry though he had no tears; he was very sad indeed.

“Dummy.” Song Yucheng couldn’t help laughing aloud in the end at how cute Qi Luo was.

Xie Qianchen had the perfect male voice. Though it was not the type that was a smouldering low bass, his deep chuckle was still quite warm. His relaxed, open face, was so, so beautiful.

More importantly, Xie Qianchen’s beauty was not the simple surface handsomeness of regular young men, but of seductive tempered manliness.

Qi Luo’s eyes were as large as saucers as he stared at Xie Qianchen’s face; he was entranced. Even the fear he had had in the beginning was pushed, forgotten, to the back of his head. What filled his head was: Oh my god, he’s so handsome. So, so handsome!

This kid was just so obvious! Song Yucheng was tickled by his reaction. He waited for a red light, and patted him on the head. “Snap out of it.”

“Ah! Sorry!” Qi Luo was suddenly aware that he had been staring for a long time, and the little snail started to retreat back into his shell again. One good thing was that he didn’t seem as nervous anymore.

Song Yucheng saw that it had been effective, and didn’t tease him further. He just drove to the restaurant.

They were silent on the way there, but the tension in the car had relaxed quite a bit. Qi Luo was stunned when they got to the restaurant and didn’t react for a while. When he did, his eyes shone with great joy.

The restaurant which Song Yucheng had driven to was not the one famous for tomato rice like he’d mentioned in the beginning, but another restaurant which specialised in cheese dishes.

Qi Luo really liked this restaurant, but it was expensive and difficult to get a booking at this place, so he hadn’t ever had the chance to come here before. Today, however, he’d been brought to this place by Xie Qianchen. Looks like the devil was a nice guy.

Qi Luo’s eyes shone, and his pure reaction was especially adorable.

But Song Yucheng’s mean streak showed again. He was going to tease Qi Luo a little more, but he discovered to his surprise that there seemed to be someone peeking at him in a car not far off. This figure seemed to resemble Shen Yi.

“Is Shen Yi here to catch a cheating partner?” The System’s excited tone had a deep shade of schadenfreude.

Song Yucheng: No, it’s likely that he’s come to see how differently I treat Qi Luo compared to him.

System: Milord, then are you planning to @#$^@#$%$…

The System had said something explicit, and Song Yucheng’s vision was assaulted by a whole lot of censored bleeps. He waited for what seemed like a long time till his vision cleared, and responded to the System like it was a fool. “Qi Luo is just 16. I am no paedophile. Do you think I’d make a move on him?”

“…” The System had nothing to say in response to the retort.

Song Yucheng deliberately teased Qi Luo in a pampering tone of voice after he ended his conversation with the System. “Eat up. This is going to be your last meal.”



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