Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Ten, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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The voices of two people could be heard in the recording. One was saying that it couldn’t be done, and the other was saying that it was small, and short. It ended up in a straight-out complaint. “It’s so thin, like an enoki mushroom! And this guy insisted on us buying big condoms too! I thought he was going to be an easy job with big equipment, but damn that was tragic. He took two blue pills and was done in five minutes. The condoms almost slipped off inside us too. How scary!”

The poster on Weibo also uploaded pictures of the small-time model and Cao Kun kissing and being intimate, and the model and another man, a foreigner, half naked in the bathroom. The most noticeable thing in the pictures was a pill-sheet that was familiar yet foreign to many who saw it. Exactly two pills had been popped from the sheet.

The name of the pills was: viagra.

Viagra was a drug imported from Country M, commonly known as ‘Big Brother’ or ‘the blue pill’. It increased bedroom time for men and slowed premature ejaculation. However, Cao Kun, who was famous in the industry for being a playboy, had actually taken two of these pills and lasted only five minutes. This was quite… er…

People who read the headline had faint smiles on their faces at first, and after a short silence, burst out laughing.

“Hahaha! I can’t take this anymore! Oh man, I won’t ever understand the world of the rich.”

“He can’t even handle one and he insisted on two. What is Cao Kun thinking? Ha! He’s been well and truly cucked now. His private sex life got exposed.”

“Look, he had the help of Big Brother but lasted only five minutes! This doesn’t make sense! Is there a problem with Cao Kun’s equipment?”

“Koff koff, Boai Hospital. They specialise in infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation and so on… Highly recommended to President Cao. No need to thank me, just being a good citizen.”

Cao Kun was well and truly famous now.

The nation had been focused on Xiao Lun at first but a lot of the attention was going to Cao Kun now. The popcorn-eating squad did find the ‘menthol balm and little soldier’ topic quite interesting, but ‘impotent guy cucked when he tried to have a threesome’ was also spectator-worthy.

Xiao Lun was also pumping money into pushing this headline up to the top. Cao Kun was on the Weibo hot search terms list in under four hours.

Good. He got his dignity dashed, but the other guy was not going to escape either. They were going to be the two hottest pieces of gossip on Weibo today.

Yan Qi sat at home, reading the Weibo posts, and didn’t know what to say for a while. He’d seen that the incident involving Xiao Lun had blown up and he’d been about to give Cao Kun a call to ask how to handle it. He also planned on sending a message to Xie Qianchen to tell him to lie low and out of sight for two days.

He had never in a million years imagined that things would turn out like this in such a short time. Even Cao Kun had become news.

This was quite awkward now.

The chat group of heirs, laughing over how Xiao Lun had become a national joke, was dead silent now. They had to be. Anything they said now would be poking at Cao Kun’s sore spot!

Just thinking of the title ‘5-minute impotent Viagra man’ was humiliating enough. Cao Kun had had a smooth-sailing life all this while — he had never experienced such humiliation.

The people in the industry were not idiots. They knew that this had all been orchestrated by Xie Qianchen. The gossip involving Cao Kun was indeed Xiao Lun’s revenge, but the one who had put Xiao Lun up on the hot search terms list was Xie Qianchen.

Even if Xie Qianchen had left no paper trail, Xiao Lun would not have thrown all caution to the wind and come at Cao Kun like this, no matter how mad he got. Xie Qianchen must have done something.

This was too savage! All the people who knew the whole story had their mouths open in shock, and a chill down their necks.

As for Yan Qi, he stared dumbly for quite a while, but still sent a message to Xie Qianchen.

“Qianchen, the incident got blown up too big to be contained. Don’t go to the company today. Stay at home. I’ll see if I can talk to Cao Kun and help you.”

Yan Qi was sincerely worried about Xie Qianchen. He also understood why he did that — it was plain that it was revenge. The incident involving the award-winning actor had been kept quiet back then, but Yan Qi had a feeling that Xie Qianchen would not just let it lie. As expected, he had sheathed his claws and laid in wait!

Even so, this was just a small matter to Cao Kun and Xiao Lun. It was just a bit of humiliation on a nationwide level. Their embarrassment would be forgotten with time and it wouldn’t hurt them deeply. It was different for Xie Qianchen, however. Cao Kun was no fool. He was angry right now, and it would be very easy for him to erase Xie Qianchen in his anger.

Yan Qi was afraid that Xie Qianchen would not be able to survive this.

He received Song Yucheng’s reply in under 30 seconds. “Thank you for your concern, Brother Yan but you don’t need to be concerned. I have my way to handle this.”

“Don’t do anything rash!” Yan Qi gave Song Yucheng a call in response to the message, but he heard him say, “I’m driving right now!” and the line was cut.

Song Yucheng sent him a message soon after. It said much the same as the previous message, telling him not to worry, and not to interfere.

How could Yan Qi not interfere? He knew Cao Kun’s personality very well, and Cao Kun was definitely not going to let Xie Qianchen off.

Yan Qi could not sit still at home with these thoughts bouncing in his head, and he snatched up his keys as he went out.

Xie Qianchen had come to him two years ago, begging him to help with the situation involving his juniors. He had hesitated, then reached out… and the lives of two people had ended.

A long time had passed since, but he still felt terrible about it. This was why he’d decided that he was going to protect Xie Qianchen for sure this time!


On his end, Song Yucheng was fearless. He was not worried about Cao Kun’s wrath at all, and he was very skillfully replying to all the messages coming non-stop to his phone.

Song Yucheng was actually a little emotional. He had gone through Xie Qianchen’s memories, and most of his memories were of darkness and despair. He now saw another side of him, or rather, a good side of him.

Xie Qianchen had made quite a few friends. He had kept his distance from others these past two years but a lot of people came forward to express their concern for him when he got in trouble, especially those who had been through tough times with him back then.

Yuan Yue, sitting in his car right now, was one of them.

“Qianchen, be honest with me. Are you sure you will be fine when you’ve made such a mess?” Yuan Yue had seen how the news had exploded on the internet, and he was really worried for Xie Qianchen.

He was considered the closest person to Xie Qianchen in the industry right now. It wasn’t that Song Yucheng’s methods were bad, but that they were unknown. If anything went wrong, others could get themselves out of it safely, but Xie Qianchen would be stuck.

Song Yucheng started on appeasing his senior after sending the text message to Yan Qi. “It’s all right, Yuan Yue. I entered the industry when I was 18, and I’ve been working for Cao Kun for ten years. Who understands his workings better than I do?”

“Look, I did nothing these past two years and Cao Kun still gave me a salary. Do you think he’s a fool? He can’t let go of the profits I can bring in for him. Profits in the film industry shrunk a lot since the incidents involving my juniors got out. How could he bear to let me go when I might have a solution to that problem for him? Don’t worry. He won’t do anything to me.”

They arrived at Yuan Yue’s workplace just as Song Yucheng finished speaking. Song Yucheng pointed at the gates, and threw Yuan Yue a smile to show that he was definitely going to be okay. Yuan Yue relaxed, just a little bit.

Before he left, however, Yuan Yue nagged at Song Yucheng, “Qianchen, you’ve got it all planned out so I won’t try to persuade you against it but you really can’t go at it alone this time. We have our friends who can help. Just let us know how.”

“I know. Thank you.” Yuan Yue’s full support warmed Song Yucheng’s heart. He hugged Yuan Yue tightly for a bit, then let go.

After he moved off, Song Yucheng transferred half a million to Yuan Yue’s account. He knew the rules of the industry well. Yuan Yue had definitely spent a great deal of money and effort to get those photographs to expose Xiao Lun. He could consider the time spent on it a favour to him, but he could not let Yuan Yue bear the full financial burden for it.

Song Yucheng calmly started the car up again and drove towards the company. He had a feeling that it was not just Xiao Lun going mad this time, but Cao Kun too. He had pushed all of the blame to Cao Kun after all.

Cao Kun had indeed blown his top. He was not stupid, and he knew that Song Yucheng had made him bear all the blame for what had happened. Xiao Lun would not have taken revenge in such a direct way otherwise.

“Hah! Xie Qianchen switched out his feathers for steel, huh? He’s baring his claws at me? How dare he!” Cao Kun paced about in his office. He felt like all of his dignity had been flushed down the toilet.

Heh. What was on Weibo? ‘Five-minute Viagra Man?’ That f*cking model had been the one who’d procured those pills for him, and the pills had been fake. That was why they had those problems.

He’d long forgotten that embarrassing incident, and the model had been suitably punished and sent away. What he had not anticipated was that Xiao Lun would know of this.

The public relations manager of the film department stood in front of Cao Kun, trembling with fear. He dared not breathe, for fear that he would become a target of Cao Kun’s wrath.

Unfortunately, this careful non-reaction fanned the flames of Cao Kun’s anger.

Cao Kun’s secretary delivered a message in a tentative voice just as he was about to lose his temper. “President Cao, Xie Qianchen is here.”

“Xie Qianchen?” Cao Kun’s face filled with a sneer. He ordered his secretary, “Get him in here. I have a score to settle with him!”



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