Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Three, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

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“You don’t like it? Let’s play something else then!” The cold alcohol slipped slowly down, along Shen Yi’s collar; his wet clothing reflected his dishevelled state. Song Yucheng’s face was close, and his breath laced with the same alcohol on Shen Yi’s body, but this made him seem strangely charming and gentle.

This seduction sheathed with danger made Shen Yi’s body react instantly.


Shen Yi was in trouble now.

He was a newbie in the industry after all, and this sort of erotic tension in the plot was something which made him most at a loss. When he discovered the change in his body, he panicked and hurriedly tried to move away from Song Yucheng. However, he could put no strength in the right shoulder which had been injured in the day, and his struggle made him even more pitiful.

Oh, poor thing…

Song Yucheng looked at him coolly, and put down the script. He casually picked up a blanket by the sofa and covered up the part causing Shen Yi’s embarrassment.

Shen Yi, panicked, flustered, was moved by this instance of warmth and tenderness. However, his eyes soon filled with shame.

This was how people were. When in pain, you might grit your teeth and struggle to get back on your feet with no one to comfort you, but when you have kindness shown to you, you could subconsciously become quite delicate.

Tears came in a rush. Shen Yi was beautiful but he looked rather manly when he actually cried.

Song Yucheng sighed and reached out to hold Shen Yi in his arms. Shen Yi froze, but he clutched at Song Yucheng in the next second like he was clutching at the last straw which could save him. Choked sobs came unbidden from his throat. This pitiful sadness made Shen Yi seem like a beaten young cub.

Xie Qianchen looked fine with clothes on though his body was thin. Up close, however, Shen Yi was able to actually feel the frailty of his arms. Even so, the strength which came from him still settled him, and the warmth from his body made his embrace more comfortable; it made him want to indulge in it without abandon.

But the System suddenly spoke. “W, Waaah! So scary! He actually still has hate in his heart for you.”

Song Yucheng: Yeah. I humiliated him, so of course he hates me. But he wants to attack me now so he’s chosen to act this way to make me lower my guard

System: So it’s all an act? Clutch_SaltedFish_And_Tremble.jpg

This exchange between Song Yucheng and the System had taken just an instant, but in the physical world, Song Yucheng was still patiently holding Shen Yi in his arms as he cried and cried.

Towards the end, Shen Yi himself found that his curled up body had become quite stiff. Song Yucheng saw that he had calmed a little too, and called his name in a soft voice.

“Shen Yi.”

Maybe his view was now tinted with something, but Shen Yi felt that this calling of his name was very gentle, and he couldn’t help rubbing himself against Song Yucheng while in his arms. But Song Yucheng called his name again.

“Shen Yi. Lift your head. Look at me.” He held his jaw and forced him to look up at him and meet his eyes. This time, however, he was more gentle, and much less insulting.

Shen Yi did not resist. His crying red eyes were shy.

It seemed that both Song Yucheng and Shen Yi had become much closer because real feelings had been shown, but the System knew that these two people were not sincere at all.

Looks like he wouldn’t be able to continue today. Song Yucheng ignored the constant sighing of the System in his head, and gave up on the idea of continuing Shen Yi’s training.

What surprised him next was that Shen Yi seemed to have understood. He wiped his face himself, stood straight up, and handed the script to Song Yucheng again.

“I will practice properly.” Shen Yi had cried for too long and his voice was hoarse, but he was stubborn and he refused to give up. He had embarrassed himself enough for today so he could not keep embarrassing himself. With that thought in mind, Shen Yi did his best to focus. However, he had been up and about the whole day, and his body just could not take it anymore. He walked only a few steps before his legs grew weak.

“Hey, Shen Yi’s actually quite dedicated to his work.” The System could not help but comment.

“Of course! He’s dedicated to acting out his frail flower persona.” Song Yucheng retorted, and went along with Shen Yi’s act.

A one-man act was so awkward — this sort of drama play had to have people to act along for it to be interesting. Song Yucheng wondered how Cao Kun would feel if he saw that the little lamb he had his eye on was hitting on the supervisor of his inner court.

He’d probably be very happy. At that thought, Song Yucheng got up and went to the kitchen. He warmed some milk for Shen Yi and added some honey to it.

“That’s all for today.” Song Yucheng put the milk on the table in front of Shen Yi. “There are many guest rooms, so just pick one to sleep in. Also, wake up before 7:30 to go to the company with me. Your acting skills are too weak. I will get the teacher to give you more lessons.”

Song Yucheng didn’t bother about Shen Yi anymore when he was done speaking. He turned away and went into his master bedroom.

And Shen Yi stayed in the kitchen, watching Song Yucheng’s back as all sorts of feelings swirled about in his heart.


Shen Yi had always been quite an obedient one as a tough little flower. After he’d confirmed that Xie Qianchen did not have any other designs on him, he went about very naturally to take a shower and go to bed.

After he fell asleep, however, Song Yucheng quietly pushed the door open and came in.

Shen Yi was exhausted and he did not react at all when Song Yucheng entered. He did not even open his eyes when Song Yucheng lifted his top and rubbed the herbal plaster on his right shoulder.

Seeing this, Song Yucheng’s touch turned more gentle. The cool herbal plaster and gloved hand, however, was not very comfortable on skin. The dreaming Shen Yi tried unconsciously to avoid it; he really was so tired that he could not open his eyes. In the end, he rolled right into Song Yucheng’s arms, tugged on the hem of his clothing and went back to deep sleep.

So… was Shen Yi doing this on purpose or was he naturally a cutie? The answer seemed rather simple.

Song Yucheng’s gaze grew meaningful as he watched Shen Yi. His touch on Shen Yi’s body had been gentle from beginning to end, and he gave him a little massage before he returned to his room.

“Mi, Milord.” The System called out to him in a small voice.

“What is it?”

“Aren’t you planning on punishing him? Why are you so gentle with him? Aren’t you going to ruin the persona you set up?”

Song Yucheng laughed. “Being good or bad all the time to a person like Shen Yi is useless. He just wants to use you. He will only properly help you and work for you when he’s really hurting. In other words, he’s a super masochist.”

Song Yucheng returned to his room as he spoke with the System. He switched his computer on and went about doing some personal things.

Song Yucheng wanted to write a script. He knew that with his current capabilities, he would have no problem keeping himself safe for now, but it would be difficult later when he carried out his revenge.

He had to find a new partner to work with, and it was best if this new person had a position much higher than Cao Kun.

Song Yucheng finished reading about the situation in this world, and found a target.

There was a special fragment in Xie Qianchen’s memories — Country M was currently holding a script writing contest. He would have a chance at entering the European film circles if he managed to get picked.

As for the sponsor, it was the new backer which Song Yucheng had his eye on, Lu Mian. Most importantly, Lu Mian was Cao Kun’s cousin, and the overseer of his finances.

Song Yucheng wanted to get into a partnership with him, so he decided to enter this script writing contest.

Xie Qianchen had serious talent. Song Yucheng wrote the first episode of his drama in two hours, and sent it right in over the internet. When filling in the pen name, Song Yucheng wrote his own name reflexively, and only realised it after he’d sent it in.

Oh crap! It’s wrong! Xie Qianchen’s pen name was ‘Rumour’.

It was fine, though. Song Yucheng soon dismissed his mistake. There won’t be anyone who would recognise him in this world after all. He would just treat it as a cover.

However, things would never be as carefree as he’d envisioned.

It was 11:00pm, and late at night at Song Yucheng’s home, but it was a sunny morning in Country M.

A bookish, handsome young man sat at his computer, reading something. He was exceedingly beautiful, with a mole like a tear under the corner of his eye which accentuated his eyes of romance. On his nose, however, perched a pair of stern silver spectacles, and he exuded cold.

But it was this contrast which made him even more attractive.

This young man was the one who held the reins of Cao Kun’s finances — his cousin Lu Mian. Few people in China knew about this, however.

Lu Mian used his mother’s surname, and the base of the Lu family’s business was overseas; he rarely returned to China. And as his father wished, matters related to the Cao family were mostly given to his subordinates to handle.

Him looking at Song Yucheng’s script right then was a coincidence. The timing at which Song Yucheng had sent it in was just so. Lu Mian had switched his computer on and seen Song Yucheng’s name right away as the first of the new contest entries. He was shocked by the name he read.

“Song Yucheng…” Lu Mian narrowed his eyes subconsciously, and he felt that this name was very familiar. He thought and thought, but could not recall meeting anyone with that name.

The doubt he had deepened when he read the script. In Lu Mian’s head, this person called Song Yucheng should be a young man, and a young man with a pair of skillful hands.

According to the rules set in this contest, though, the screenwriters must be over 25 years old to participate. That Song Yucheng he knew of was a young man of 18… So how had he got in? Was this a different person with the same name?



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