Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Twelve, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

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Meanwhile, Shen Yi and Qi Luo were in Xie Qianchen’s office, looking glum.

“What do we do now, Brother Qianchen?” Qi Luo was worried but he didn’t want to show it in case he made Xie Qianchen feel more stressed.

Next to him, Shen Yi stayed silent. His clenched fists, however, spoke of his anxiety.

Shen Yi had been suffering a lot these past few days from pressure from the lessons and work, and from Song Yucheng.

Like Qi Luo, Shen Yi had been given extra private lessons, but Song Yucheng’s attitude towards him was completely different.

He could see that Qi Luo’s skin was glowing though he was obviously tired. He could see from his lively spirits that this child was being showered with love.

Now look at himself — he was like a child with a wicked stepmother.

Qi Luo was praised for every little bit of improvement he made. Song Yucheng was harsh in his treatment of Shen Yi in contrast, almost overbearing. It was normal for Shen Yi to do well, but any problem at all called for a scolding.

Shen Yi did not have a strong background in the first place, so this sort of pressure felt like being stuck in quicksand to him. However, the only one who could save him from this quicksand is Song Yucheng. Too bad Song Yucheng didn’t want to save him.

Shen Yi had lost a lot of weight in just a few days, and his face was haggard. He looked delicate and weak before, but he now looked like he was made of paper, and just one touch would break him.

Shen Yi and Qi Luo’s visit to Song Yucheng’s office was a coincidence. They had been worried for Xie Qianchen when they heard of the news about the manager qualifications, and had come right away to see him.

Song Yucheng was not worried at all by their worry, however. He was calm, like this was someone else’s problem.

He only looked up at them when he finished what he was working on, and said, “You don’t have to worry about these things. I will take care of it. Well, since you’re here, I’ll tell you what I have planned for you two. Qi Luo, you go back with the assistant. You can’t get behind in your lessons — I’ll test you later, got it?”

“Mmhmm, got it.” Qi Luo was as obedient as ever, but he asked once more out of worry, “Will you really be okay, Brother Qianchen?”

“I’ll be fine.” Song Yucheng patted his head, and gestured for him to leave with the assistant. The child still had lessons at night, and he did not have many breaks. Song Yucheng didn’t want him to squander his rest time here.

Qi Luo understood his actions and agreed so that he wouldn’t be a bother to him.

Before Qi Luo left, however, he glanced at the assistant in the doorway, and suddenly took something from his pocket. He quickly put the thing in Song Yucheng’s hand and whispered in his ear, “I’m rooting for you, Brother Qianchen! D, Don’t tell the teacher.” And he ran off.

What was this? Song Yucheng stared blankly. He looked down in his hand and saw a crystal-clear sweet.

There was no need to ask — Qi Luo had the assistant in the palm of his hand. This child was really becoming quite capable now!

Song Yucheng didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. The little snacking Qi Luo was adorable no matter what he did. He was cute, but restrictions were restrictions.

“I’ll switch you out for someone else if you keep giving him snacks.” Song Yucheng raised his voice in warning to the assistant outside the room. He acted all serious, like he hadn’t been the one who had fed Qi Luo snacks. He was very professional.

“Yes, sir.” The assistant could tell that he was not angry. He added, “Little Luo is a good child. He only has one a day, and he practices a bit more on his own after he eats his snack.”

Song Yucheng did not say anything but the smile he hid in the corners of his lips were full of warmth.

Shen Yi watched this from the side, and his heart squeezed.

Why was there such a difference? Xie Qianchen did not treat him this way. Shen Yi lowered his head, his jealousy bubbling.

Shen Yi was good at hiding his feelings so no one saw. In truth, however, this sadness was all the more distressing. Shen Yi’s quiet struggle pulled at the heart-strings of outside observers.

System: Boohoohoo! What do we do, Milord? Poor Shen Yi! You like children, so why can’t you be nicer to Shen Yi?

Song Yucheng: Be nice to him? Who’s going to be nice to Xie Qianchen? Don’t forget that Shen Yi was the one who ruined Xie Qianchen’s hand.

System: #$%^&^%$… What the heck is wrong with this world! Waaah!

There was no doubt that the censored bit earlier were unsavoury words. Song Yucheng didn’t bother asking about it, and the constant whining from the System was giving him a headache. He blocked it out, and said to Shen Yi, “Have an early night tonight. You’re coming with me to film a short tomorrow.”

“What?” Shen Yi was stunned.

Xie Qianchen was actually telling him to go for a short film shoot now. This sort of thing was what losers who didn’t even qualify to debut would choose to do. No matter how far he fell short of expectations, he was a celebrity who’d debuted. Xie Qianchen was actually telling him to act in this? How was this any different from making life difficult for him?

He thought of Qi Luo being pampered by Xie Qianchen, and the tantrum he’d been holding back for days finally exploded out of him. He took a step forward, up to Song Yucheng, and went straight to the point. “Xie Qianchen, I admit that I wronged you first, but you should have had enough payback by now! It was only that small thing about Cao Kun, right? Even if you do hate me, you should have a limit to that!”

“It has nothing to do with Cao Kun.”

“Then what?!” Shen Yi was so mad he laughed. Xie Qianchen was being ridiculously hypocritical.

Song Yucheng didn’t seem to mind Shen Yi’s outburst at all. He picked up a file and started reading its contents.

This nonchalance made Shen Yi explode. He reached out in his anger and snatched the file from Song Yucheng’s hand, forcing him to face this confrontation.

“Enough! Just say it! What do you want from me? Bring it on — I’ll take it all.” Shen Yi’s eyes were dark, and he glared at Song Yucheng like a beast.

It seemed he really was being driven mad by Song Yucheng. He could believe that Xie Qianchen was a cold and unfeeling man if not for Qi Luo’s existence. He couldn’t lie to himself.

Shen Yi had some thoughts about Xie Qianchen he couldn’t figure out, and this incident pushed him over the edge.

Song Yucheng pushed him away calmly. “Let’s settle this now if you’re digging up old scores.

“Shen Yi, you’ve been putting the blame on Cao Kun all this while but have you ever thought or considered that the root of the problem is you? Let’s take a look at just the stalker fans incident. What do you think would have happened if I hadn’t taken measures?”

“What do you mean?” Shen Yi narrowed his eyes.

“What I mean is simple. Let me give you an idea then. What do you think will happen to me if that bottle of acid splashed on me?

“First, let’s consider the concentration of the acid, and the amount of it. My injuries would not have been light. You knew what it was like in my neighbourhood too. I live alone, with no one else to take care of me and I would need to report it to the police and call the emergency numbers. That stalker fan would have her case brought to the courts, but her father holds a high position and it would be easy to get her out of trouble before it got too big to contain. The father would, of course, want to cut the problem out at the root to absolve his precious daughter of this misdeed… so here’s the problem. What do you think will happen to me in the end?”

… He would have been ruined for nothing. Shen Yi stared at Song Yucheng, and a chill suddenly went down his back. He was no fool, and he understood that Song Yucheng’s assumptions were fairly logical.

After that incident involving the stalker fan had blown up, many in the industry said that Xie Qianchen had handled it brilliantly. It was because it had become such a public issue that Wang Rong had come under scrutiny, and his retaliation halted. If not, Wang Rong would have gone about his vicious ways in order to protect his daughter, and Xie Qianchen would have ended up needing a memorial service held for him.

Shen Yi’s anger dissipated at that thought. A chill crept into his hands and feet.

Song Yucheng looked at him, and pulled up one side of his mouth in a mocking half-smile. What he said almost made Shen Yi fall apart. “So, Shen Yi… What makes you think I will forgive you?”



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