Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Part Twenty, 1 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

First Published on Chaleuria


Han Feiran: Retribution. I’ll be waiting for you in hell.

“Han… Han… Han Feiran… Impossible! No way! I don’t even have his number.” Luo Tong was scared out of his wits after reading the message. He held the phone in his hand, and couldn’t stop its trembling. His legs grew weak and he fell to the floor, stunned.

Soon after that, however, his computer suddenly started up. It was daytime, but this eerie event was still so scary that his soul shook with fear.

Luo Tong felt his blood run cold in his veins. It was like his limbs were not his anymore.

This terrifying feeling of being haunted by a vengeful spirit broke his courage completely. What happened next was even stranger.

Luo Tong saw his own computer seem to come alive. It opened up a document on its own, and wrote out the dirty things he had done in the past years, word by word. As it typed, evidence hidden in the depths of the computer files was dug up one by one and copy-pasted into the relevant sections of the listed cases.

It listed things such as withholding performance fees from artistes, unfair contracts, falsifying quotes, and evidence of tax evasion. Every piece, every line, was meticulously unearthed and documented, without omission.

Last but not least was a separate file. It was the chat log of two years ago, when he had bought the services of a paid-posters company to frame Han Feiran, and marked out sections of his screenshots.

Luo Tong’s tone was vicious in the chat log, and this viciousness was so raw it seemed to lunge right out at the reader. The first line was ‘I want to make it so that Han Feiran wouldn’t even know how he died.’ Just this first line was full of malicious venom.

A piercing shriek suddenly came from the computer’s speakers, quickly followed by dripping, blood-red words. Luo Tong was almost driven mad with fear.

Han Feiran: Luo Tong, I know how I died. Evil begets evil. Have you heard of that?

“Rubbish! It wasn’t my fault! Who doesn’t use dirty underhanded methods in this industry? Everyone’s fighting and scheming against each other! That guy, that Xie Qianchen, he got to his position only because he snatched resources from others, didn’t he?

Yes, he can train talents and he’s got skill, but the industry doesn’t belong to him alone! How dare he take it all!

Han Feiran! There’s no need to come looking for me! Many factors played into your death, so why don’t you go to those heirs?! Go haunt the people who insulted you on the internet! What’s the use of coming after a manager like me?

No, that’s not right. You’re not Han Feiran. How can you be a ghost when you’re dead? You’re Xie Qianchen, aren’t you? Xie Qianchen, you’re behind this, right? You think you can get revenge for Han Feiran if you take me down? Hahaha! In your dreams! You can destroy me but you won’t be able to destroy Xiao Lun! Even if you could, you have to take down Cao Kun too, and those four heirs. You want revenge? You’re f*cking dreaming!

Han Feiran died for nothing. Lu Wenyuan went mad for nothing. You, Xie Qianchen, you’re the same. You’re just a toy that’s been used and broken!

Dream on! It’s all nonsense!”

Luo Tong panted as he cursed, on and on. Words appeared on the screen again, and what he read made him lose all his strength.

It was a simple message, written in plain black font and had no special effects or scary threats. The coldness and insanity of the message, though, was enough to send heart rates soaring.

“Don’t worry. None of you will get away.”

“. . .”

Luo Tong’s knees gave out and he knelt. The little bit of strength he had gathered earlier drained from him.

A loud knocking on his front door interrupted him.

It was the police. The reasons for his arrest was plain — they had all been typed out on his computer.

Luo Tong shut his eyes in defeat. He understood that he was going to pay for all his past wrong this time.

The wheel of karma turns, and what is owed will be paid back.


Luo Tong’s fall could be considered a matter of course. The impact it left on Double Universe was huge.

Luo Tong’s case was definitely the biggest one this year in the entertainment industry. The media was following it all the way, and revealing all of the details of his transgressions. Double Universe was put under lockdown, and all the activities of the celebrities under Double Universe management were suspended pending review. As for the upper management of Double Universe, they were called in at the police station for rigorous questioning, starting with the public relations department.

Xiao Lun was overseas and was fortunate to escape all this. However, his company had ended up in this state, so his losses were unprecedented. He was also under public pressure, and he could only admit to his bad luck. He could hate Xie Qianchen to the ends of the Earth, but he wasn’t able to move easily against him.

His elder brother was keeping an eye on him too!

While Double Universe was under investigation, the rules governing freedom of speech on the internet gained the important attention it should have had.

Luo Tong’s case had been extensive, and this finally made the authorities take action against the great harm that cyber bullying could bring. Decisions were made to enforce strict rules to combat cyber violence, in an attempt to avoid similar tragedies in the future.

One of the most high-profile bills put forward was a requirement to have real names registered on the internet. It was also recommended that cases where persons caused irreparable psychological harm to others through malicious manipulation of public opinion were to be treated as a criminal offence, and punished in accordance with criminal law. Persons who force the death of another would receive the penalty for first-degree murder. This bill was immediately met with the public’s approval when it was proposed.

Even those higher-ups who usually nitpicked about relevant policy changes were silent this time.

They had a bloody example set in front of them after all. The victims, children, were before their eyes. The families who had to bear the great suffering caused by cyberbullying were before their eyes.

They could pretend to be blind to it, but their conscience would not let them be deaf. This was why nobody pulled out the pompous cover of “freedom of speech” to hide the filth hidden in thoughts.



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