Avenge Our Love – The Second Breakup – Seventeen, 1 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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What a slap. It was online, and just a small entry on Weibo, but that tone Song Yucheng used, and that damn image amplified it. Luo Tong felt like Xie Qianchen was standing right in front of him and giving him slap after slap after slap.

Luo Tong was so mad that he clicked the X on the Weibo page; he didn’t want to see any more. The burning anger in his chest seemed to burn at his internal organs too, and it hurt.

Song Yucheng really was destructive, and brutal. Fights between public relations managers were usually smokeless battles, and all the dirty fighting was kept private while courtesy was maintained on the surface.

But Song Yucheng had not done things the usual way. He had laid bare all the dirty fighting, and ruined the nice balance they had.

What was he aiming for?

Luo Tong paced back and forth in frustration. His head was filled with Song Yucheng’s words, and he started to get all confused. Should he just not do anything now? If he did something, he’d just be giving Xie Qianchen something to use against him later, right?

Xie Qianchen’s actions were too difficult to predict, and he was completely relying on his connections and being reckless with it. He wasn’t a celebrity either, and had no known celebrities under his care. The public would not care about all this fuss he was making in the end, after his few days of being in the limelight. As for those happy spectators and their popcorn… those people loved craziness like this.

Fighting with Xie Qianchen had made him a fool in the eyes of others. What a joke! This guy was just taking the piss out of him and he’d taken it seriously. This tussle with him was disgusting, like he’d swallowed a fly.

Luo Tong downed a large cup of coffee. The acrid liquid finally soothed his nerves, made sensitive by Song Yucheng’s provocations.

He told himself that this was that man’s strategy, and he could not let himself be led around by the nose. Xie Qianchen used to be the number one manager, but he, Luo Tong, was number one now!

Plus, there were many ways to divert attention away from a small thing like this in the entertainment industry. Yuan Yue was not the only competent paparazzi around. Xie Qianchen was only relying on the remainder of his old good relations. These personal debts, these favours, would only be repaid once and no more. Even if he was on good terms with half the people in the industry, he’d made such a big hullabaloo that his good relations were probably mostly spent. Luo Tong refused to believe that Xie Qianchen would be able to rely on his connections for life.

Sooner or later, there would come a time when he couldn’t.

Luo Tong put the matter aside with those thoughts in mind. He decided to treat Xie Qianchen like a fool. He blocked Xie Qianchen’s Weibo page and turned away to handle some matters he should be tending to. Luo Tong planned on commissioning a news article to put an end to all his rage.

The paparazzi guy he contacted was the same guy Xiao Lun had used. The paparazzi received a generous fee, and the article he published made a huge splash. Even Luo Tong did not expect that the news would go viral like this.

Famous Single Bachelor of the Entertainment World — His Child is Already Three Years Old. [pic1] [pic2]

The pictures were quite clear, and it was not immediately obvious whose child it was, but it was clear from her delicate features that she would be beautiful when she was an adult. As for the parents, they must be exceptional people for the child to be so pretty.

Such an explosive headline drew eyes immediately. The paparazzi was good at keeping their attention too. He did not release the gossip all in one go, but invited speculation, and wrote that he would see them all tomorrow with bigger news. His article came to a screeching stop at just the right point.

The public’s attention was diverted right away, and the speculation was rife in the comments section.

The person was popular, single, famous, and had to be good-looking. Given these parameters, there could only be a few candidates. The girl in the picture was wearing a dress and she looked to be about three or four. The netizens speculated some more, and grew more sure of who the father was.

“My guess is Qiao Mingyu. The “Seeking Dreams” programme he was in a few years ago was really popular, and he suddenly went overseas to study at the peak of his popularity. He only came back about half a year ago, and if you look at the timeline now, isn’t it also time for him to get married?”

“No, no! Qiao Mingyu didn’t leave the public eye even when he was overseas. And fans in his school also said that he attended classes every day. He didn’t skip a day, and even got a scholarship.”

“Then… can it be Xia Xi? He keeps saying he’s in poor health for the past two years and he’s not taking on as many projects. What if it’s because he’s going back home to spend time with family?”

“I don’t think so. Xia Xi fell ill at his concert, on set. He was sent for emergency treatment and the doctor gave him an ultimatum, saying he must rest. This can’t be fake news!”

“I don’t really care who it is. Isn’t it in bad taste to reveal someone’s child in public?”

“Stop acting like a holier-than-thou b*tch. Celebrities all have a contract. They’re prepared to have their lives on display as public figures. I don’t care if he’s a guy who acts like he wants a normal life, but if he’s one of those who have lots of female fans, says he won’t marry and will only love his fans for life, then he’s a cheater!”

“No, hey, @lastcomment What’s wrong with you? You don’t even know who the guy is and you’re scolding him already? Even if he’s supposed to be everyone’s boyfriend, you should go scold the celebrity instead of attacking others and calling other people b*tches without being provoked. Disgusting behaviour!”

The netizens were all typing furiously at their keyboards. The spat between Luo Tong and Xie Qianchen was soon forgotten, and all of them, except for some who were still interested in Song Yucheng’s flashy outbursts, gathered around the juicer gossip.



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