CGPA – Chapter 008

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

Translator: Jury

Editor: NomNom

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter Eight

Su Yuyang placed the elbow of his left arm on the table at his side and propped his chin on the back of his hand. He crossed his right leg over his left and placed his right hand casually on his right thigh. He leaned slightly against the back of his chair. His entire person radiated an air of indolence, but there was a crafty look in his eyes.

Ling Miao was a lot smaller than Su Yuyang. But Ling Miao was standing, so Su Yuyang had to look up at Ling Miao’s face from below. He took in every change in Ling Miao’s expression.

Ling Miao looked at his phone with his head bowed, and the furrow between his brows grew deeper and deeper. His fingers continuously slid over the screen, and it was over a minute before he put his phone back in his pocket.

Ling Miao took a slow deep breath. He moved his leg forward and stood upright in front of Su Yuyang.

Su Yuyang’s eyes showed suspicion. He was about to open his mouth and ask a question when Ling Miao yelled at him: “Su Yuyang, you gigantic bastard!”

Ling Miao had called him a bastard again. Su Yuyang was indignant, but more than that, he did not understand: How am I a bastard for protecting my privacy?

Su Yuyang sat up straight and prepared to reason with Ling Miao, but Ling Miao started yelling, again. “Su Yuyang, you’re not only a bastard but also an idiot! Aren’t you very concerned about your privacy? Then why did you mention me?! Don’t you know that some of your fans really want to know everything about you? When you mentioned me you put me right in the line of fire! So… what the hell are you looking at? Quickly, delete that post! I’m changing my handle now!” Ling Miao resembled a cat whose tail had been stepped on. All teeth and claws, he wanted to teach a good lesson to the offender who had stepped on his tail.

Only after Ling Miao had let out all his rage did he exhale heavily. Ling Miao’s chest heaved slightly, and the sound of his breathing was audible. All through his rant he had not stopped or drawn breath.

Compared to the raging Ling Miao, Su Yuyang was much calmer—his expression had not changed in the slightest.

And Su Yuyang had actually realized something. He felt that it seemed to be raining in the room, and this rain was very strange—with every word Ling Miao said, a drop fell on Su Yuyang’s face.

The rain had now stopped, and Su Yuyang reflexively reached up to wipe it away. When his hand slid over his chin, Su Yuyang realized something—ah, it was Ling Miao’s spit.

Su Yuyang did not know where to put his hands.

Ling Miao saw Su Yuyang’s dilemma, but he did not realize his spit had spattered all over Su Yuyang. Even if he had known, he would have only said: “You deserve it.”

Su Yuyang looked around the room. He held back an impulse to curse: Goddamn it, there isn’t even any toilet paper! Out of frustration, Su Yuyang could only pick up the clothes Feng Ji had left on the bed to wipe his hand.

“Hm.” Ling Miao huffed. As for what emotion his huff contained, Su Yuyang had no interest in pursuing. It’s not a pleasant sentiment, and that’s about it.

“Do you believe me now?” Su Yuyang asked.

Ling Miao feigned a chuckle then said coldly, “Believe? Like hell! Yu Yang, Su Yuyang, Shu Yang, Great Shu, my most, most, most beloved Great Author. Do you think I’m a monkey?! Is it fun to mess with me?!” Ling Miao had started off calmly, but when he got to ‘Shu Yang’, he got upset all at once. The volume of his voice increased until it almost burst Su Yuyang’s eardrums.

“I have no intention of messing with you.” Su Yuyang’s emotions did not change very much. He stood and prepared to explain to Ling Miao, but Ling Miao suddenly yelled, “So what if you’re taller than me?!”

“Eeh—” An inexplicable bout of awkwardness hit Su Yuyang. He thought, This guy gets provoked really easily.

“Did you look at the contract?” Su Yuyang was silent for a while, then returned to the original topic. Ling Miao coldly said, “How the hell would I have had the time to look?”

Su Yuyang clicked open the contract document. He placed his laptop on the desk, then said to Ling Miao, “Look at the contract first.”

Ling Miao read the contract word by word, found no issues, and electronically signed it.

After signing the contract, Ling Miao did not feel as happy as he had imagined he would. It was probably the blow he had been dealt by the fact that Yu Yang was Shu Yang.

The moment Ji Linxi opened the door, he saw Ling Miao with a lollipop in his mouth, staring at his laptop. Based on Ling Miao’s expression, he was silently cursing someone.

Ji Linxi glanced at Ling Miao’s dark expression then asked with worry, “You didn’t pass the interview?”

Ling Miao turned his head and rolled his eyes at Ji Linxi. He chewed at his lollipop, then rested his chin on his keyboard and said unhappily, “Do you remember the nutcase from yesterday?”

“From what you said yesterday, he probably likes you. Did he ask for your number or something?”

“Not only that.” Ling Miao’s entire face radiated unhappiness. “That nutcase is my boss. The secretive-as-hell Great Shu Yang, real name Su Yuyang.”

“So your boss is a nutcase!” Ji Linxi looked at Ling Miao with sympathy, and Ling Miao was so touched he almost gave Ji Linxi a bear hug. Then Ji Linxi drove the knife home: “A nutcase with a nutcase! A match made in heaven! Ling Miao, take care of the Great Shu Yang. Maybe he’ll even take you in, and then even if you don’t work, you won’t starve.”

“Get out!” Ling Miao spit out the lollipop stick, which hit Ji Linxi right in the chest and then fell conveniently into the trash can.

Ling Miao gnashed at the candy left in his mouth and muttered coldly, “Even if he wants to take me, that’ll depend on whether I want to or not. Besides, maybe it’ll be me who takes him.”

Ji Linxi looked at Ling Miao and did not say anything. But looking at the faint smile that briefly flared at the corner of his lips, for those three seconds, he must have grieved for Ling Miao.


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