CGPA – Chapter 090

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

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Chapter Ninety

For the next few days, Su Yuyang took Ling Miao to see the sights and enjoy good food. When they grew tired, they’d find a secluded spot to sit and flirt.

In the evening when they got home, Su Yuyang’s mom would have prepared a table of sumptuous dishes for them. Su Yuyang’s dad was out entertaining so he didn’t come home for dinner, which helped Ling Miao relax. Though Ling Miao had already eaten a lot during the day, when he saw the delicious food on the table his appetite rose again. In addition, Su Yuyang’s dad wasn’t around so Ling Miao didn’t feel pressure and was able to eat an extraordinary amount. Seeing Ling Miao sweep the table clean like he hadn’t eaten in three days, Su Yuyang howled, “Xiao Miao, if you get fat I’ll dump you.”

Ling Miao didn’t answer, but Su Yuyang gave a sharp cry. He raised his eyes and saw Su Yuyang’s mom moving her chopsticks away from Su Yuyang’s head. Su Yuyang held the place his mother had rapped and said in frustration, “Mom, which of us is your son, exactly?”

Su Yuyang’s mom said with pride, “Both of you!”

When Ling Miao heard Su Yuyang’s mother’s words, the base of his ears went hot. He continued eating in silence, warmth trickling through his heart.

After dinner, Su Yuyang went to shower. Ling Miao cleared the table while Su Yuyang’s mom washed dishes.

After clearing the table, Ling Miao returned to the room and went on the internet.

Looking at the single bed in the room, Ling Miao thought about what had happened last night, cursed softly, then turned his attention to his laptop.

—What happened yesterday night—

Su Yuyang’s house wasn’t big and only had two bedrooms. Due to Ling Miao and Su Yuyang’s relationship, they had to share a room. Ling Miao wasn’t opposed to any of this since he’d been sharing a bed with Su Yuyang for some time now. But why was the bed in Su Yuyang’s room a single?!

Su Yuyang’s bed was a single bed and fairly spacious for the six-foot tall Su Yuyang. But with another 5’ 7.5’’ Ling Miao in it, it felt like sleeping on the sofa. Ling Miao said he was going to sleep on the floor but Su Yuyang strongly opposed it and said that if Ling Miao really went to sleep on the floor, he’d carry him back onto the bed. Ling Miao objected but Su Yuyang overruled the objection and shoved Ling Miao onto the bed.

Ling Miao turned his head away to avoid Su Yuyang’s passionate gaze. He struggled and tried to stand up, but Su Yuyang held his arms firmly against the bed and pressed onto his legs, too.

Ling Miao struggled harder. Su Yuyang took in Ling Miao’s panicked, fearful expression and understood what Ling Miao was afraid of. He let go of Ling Miao and said apologetically, “Sorry, I was too rash. Also, I wasn’t thinking of doing anything like that. I just don’t want you to sleep on the floor. If you’re worried I’ll do something to you, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

Panting slightly, Ling Miao curled up into himself and said uneasily, “That… Su Yuyang… I…”

“Don’t say anything.” Su Yuyang ran his hands through Ling Miao’s hair. “Go to sleep.”

Su Yuyang went to the cabinet, got a blanket, and lay it over the floor like he was really going to sleep on the floor. Ling Miao got up and hugged Su Yuyang, saying with guilt, “The floor’s cold.”

“The bed’s too small. We won’t both fit.”

“We can sleep on our sides?”

In the end, Su Yuyang couldn’t out-argue Ling Miao and had to lie on the bed.

Ling Miao lay down facing the door and Su Yuyang lay on his side behind Ling Miao, his arm resting on Ling Miao’s waist. Ling Miao seemed to be worried he’d fall off the bed. He scooted backward, closer to Su Yuyang, who used his arm at Ling Miao’s waist to pull Ling Miao closer.

Ling Miao wasn’t used to it and twisted his body. Suddenly his cheeks flamed red and he didn’t dare move any more.

Su Yuyang pressed his lips to Ling Miao’s ear and said in a low, inviting voice, “Xiao Miao, don’t move. It’s unbearable.”

Ling Miao buried his head in his pillow and really stopped moving.

Su Yuyang pressed his body closer to Ling Miao’s, who felt as if all the air in his lungs was being squeezed out. Su Yuyang nudged Ling Miao’s hair with his chin and said sleepily, “Sleep. Tomorrow, we’re still going out to have fun and you have to be awake for it.”

Ling Miao mumbled something which Su Yuyang couldn’t hear. Su Yuyang made a questioning noise and Ling Miao said softly, “It’s all right.”

“You’re really all right?” Su Yuyang’s arm at Ling Miao’s waist exerted some strength, pressing Ling Miao and Su Yuyang’s bodies even closer. Ling Miao could feel Su Yuyang’s warmth. Su Yuyang’s motions were charged with a threat and Ling Miao gave up struggling. “If you’re like that, I won’t be awake tomorrow!”

Su Yuyang understood what Ling Miao was hinting at, but he pretended not to get it. He asked uncertainly, “My situation? What situation? What does my situation have to do with whether you’re awake tomorrow?”

Su Yuyang understood and pretended not to, but Ling Miao couldn’t pretend to be confused. He rolled over and faced Su Yuyang, placing one hand on Su Yuyang’s waist and pinching hard. “Yes, yes, yes. You don’t understand. Since you don’t understand, I’d better sleep in the living room.”

Ling Miao sat up, picked up the pillow and blanket, and started to walk out.

“Ah, ah…” Su Yuyang pounced onto Ling Miao and hugged him. “If you go out, Mom will toss me out the door tomorrow!”

“You don’t understand, right?”

“I get it, I get it!” Su Yuyang sat up and said with perfect comprehension, “I’ll go shower. You sleep first!”

Looking at Su Yuyang’s hurriedly fleeing back, Ling Miao felt as if his cheeks were on fire.

Su Yuyang returned to the room nearly twenty minutes later.

Su Yuyang scooted closer to Ling Miao, who felt the iciness of his skin. Su Yuyang turned on the light, took out his laptop, and said, “You go to sleep first. I’ll write.”

Ling Miao didn’t move. Su Yuyang looked at him uncertainly. Seeing the patches of color on Ling Miao’s cheeks, Su Yuyang teased, “Xiao Miao, your face is very red. Are you thinking of weird things?”

“You’re the one thinking weird things! Go to sleep!” Ling Miao pulled the blanket over his head and Su Yuyang reminded well-intentionedly, “If you’re going to cover your head with your blanket, be careful you can still breathe.”

“Who needs you to care!” Ling Miao’s muffled voice came.

Su Yuyang sighed. “Now you don’t want me to care? If you’re frustrated to death, will I have to be single for life?”

“Who believes it?” Ling Miao snapped.

“Actually, I don’t believe it either,” Su Yuyang said thoughtfully. “Ah, maybe I’ll go find one right now…”

“Scram!” Ling Miao flung off the blanket and yelled, “If you dare find someone else behind my back, I’ll get a knife and kacha you.”

Su Yuyang eyed Ling Miao, heat flaring in the bottomless depths of his eyes. Ling Miao recognized it for what it was, but he couldn’t accept it right now.

Ling Miao covered himself with the blanket again. Su Yuyang sighed and smiled helplessly.

Ling Miao heard the pattering of a keyboard and his heart gradually calmed.

The second day, Ling Miao was shocked awake, Su Yuyang went to shower again, then Su Yuyang took Ling Miao out to see the sights.

—End flashback–

Ling Miao finished editing the draft Su Yuyang had written in the middle of the night then uploaded his own draft. He was preparing to shower when Su Yuyang’s phone rang.

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