CGPA – Chapter 123

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-three

This is what he’s like now! @WriterZeroSecondsAgo—Feng Ji

When Ling Miao saw the blog post, the sky outside the window was growing colorful.

Ling Miao found it laughable. He got out a novel and prepared to read, but he fell asleep listening to the sound of traffic honking outside the window.

Hu Yueyuan was watching television in the living room. She huffed when she saw Ling Miao come out of his room. Ling Miao ignored her. He went to the kitchen, made dinner, wolfed it down, and returned to his room.

He turned on his laptop and went to Su Yuyang’s blog. Instantly, his heart hurt.

The exclamation mark in the post conveyed all of Feng Ji’s feelings–his anger, his despondence, his inability to understand Ling Miao’s actions. Ling Miao couldn’t read many of Feng Ji’s emotions but he did feel Feng Ji’s anger.

Ling Miao looked at the man in the photograph. He was unkempt, his cheeks sunken, and his normally clear eyes were dark. Ling Miao touched the image of Su Yuyang’s face on the screen, his shaking fingers tracing Su Yuyang’s eyes, lips, and nose.

Why are you torturing yourself? Ling Miao seemed to be asking Su Yuyang and also seemed to be asking himself. Why is there such a rift between us? What did I do wrong? Or does heaven not wish for us to be happy?

Some questions have no answers. Even if someone could answer Ling Miao, he might not accept that person’s answer. Maybe time was the ‘person’ that could solve all problems.

Su Yuyang opened a new tab and made a new post to his microblog.

“Xiao Miao, tomorrow I will go look for you. Wait for me.” The simple words made Ling Miao uneasy. Although he was sure Su Yuyang didn’t know where he was now, there was great confidence in Su Yuyang’s words, as if Su Yuyang already knew Ling Miao had gone back to his old house.

Su Yuyang probably doesn’t know I’m at my old house. Even if he guessed I’m here, he doesn’t know the address. Thinking this, Ling Miao calmed down a little. Then a terrifying notion suddenly flashed through his head: If Su Yuyang gets the address from Mu Yu, won’t my location be revealed?

Ling Miao didn’t want to see Su Yuyang. He didn’t want to see Su Yuyang before he had thoroughly thought matters through. He packed his things and prepared to leave. Hu Yueyuan passed by his door and, seeing him in a panic, jeered: “Oh, did you kill someone? Or steal something? Are you going on the lam?”

“Kill… kill someone?” Ling Miao flinched. He raised his head and glanced at Hu Yueyuan. He put on a strong front: “Do you want to try? See if I can kill you?”

“You… you’re sick!” Ling Miao’s gaze was as sharp as a knife and his smile was hard and cold. Hu Yueyuan was afraid Ling Miao really would do violence to her. She left swiftly, trembling.

As soon as Hu Yueyuan left, Ling Miao deflated like a pricked balloon. He moved weakly to the door, shut it, and leaned against it, his body sliding slowly downward.

Ling Miao squatted on the floor, his hands around his calves and his forehead on his knees. He was like a lost child now, confused and helpless, facing the danger of being kidnapped and sold by traffickers at any time.

Inwardly, Ling Miao wished for Su Yuyang to help him find the way home, but Su Yuyang seemed to also not know the way. Reason told Ling Miao to run far away from Su Yuyang, to leave here quickly before Su Yuyang arrived, but the desire in his heart was gradually gaining the upper hand.

Ling Miao was as still as a statue. After several hours passed he suddenly raised his head.

“Su Yuyang, there are some things we have to hash out face to face!” Ling Miao grimaced.

It was late at night and the neon lights outside had gradually gone out. Several streetlights were still lit, creating a lonely atmosphere. Ling Miao braced himself on the windowsill and looked to the distance. He seemed to see Su Yuyang’s busy silhouette. A blink of an eye and the world went dark again.

Su Yuyang was currently hunting through his closet for clothes as if he really were going to meet his in-laws the next day.

A clean and neat button-down, light-colored jeans, white sneakers, a clean head of hair, and a sleepy face. All in all, a student’s look. Su Yuyang looked with satisfaction at himself in the mirror. He forced his lips into a smile, looking incredibly confident.

No matter how he looked at it, he looked like he was about to go take an important examination.

On deeper thought, finding Ling Miao and possibly also meeting his future in-laws was indeed an extremely important examination of life to Su Yuyang.

Su Yuyang planned to board the first train so he didn’t sleep all night. As the time drew closer, he left the house.

Feng Ji called as Su Yuyang waited for the train. Of course, it was to ask about Su Yuyang’s preparations. Su Yuyang said everything was okay. Feng Ji asked if he should bring An Yan and go with Su Yuyang—if Su Yuyang couldn’t settle things, An Yan would be able to help. Su Yuyang very decisively rejected this offer.

What a joke. Ling Miao was Su Yuyang’s lover, of course Su Yuyang needed to bring him home himself. As opposed to getting An Yan to help, he might as well wait for Ling Miao to come back of his own accord. A pity—Su Yuyang didn’t have the patience to wait for Ling Miao to come back on his own. Ling Miao’s condition worried him to no end.

In the train carriage, Su Yuyang got excited every time his phone vibrated. But he was disappointed time after time because he was anticipating a message from Ling Miao.

Whether on his microblog, the forum, or the group chat, Su Yuyang saw no messages from Ling Miao as he arrived at the stop where he had to get off to transfer lines.

He’s avoiding me, Su Yuyang thought despondently.

Compared to the emptiness on Line 6, Line 3 was always very crowded. Nevertheless, Su Yuyang still found a less crowded corner to stand in. He made a microblog post: On line 3. It’s so packed.

Ling Miao didn’t sleep well all night. Though he had made up his mind to talk it through with Su Yuyang, he still felt that once Su Yuyang got here the events that came to pass would make everyone unhappy.

Ling Miao lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling for more than two hours. Reflexively he reached for his phone on the nightstand and didn’t find anything, then remembered that his phone was at Su Yuyang’s house.

He turned on his laptop and went on his microblog. His dash contained only Su Yuyang’s microblog.

“On Line 3. It’s so packed.” Seeing Su Yuyang’s latest blog post, Ling Miao panicked. He’s really coming to find me?

Before Ling Miao had stopped panicking, a new post notification arrived.

Su Yuyang had reblogged the blog post with an addition: Xiao Miao, wait for me.

“Indeed…” Ling Miao stared in a daze at the words ‘Wait for me.’ He replied, “Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

“We are approaching Nanping…” Hearing the announcement, Su Yuyang put away his phone and walked toward the train door. Although he didn’t like being shoved about by people, his heart was relatively light.

Su Yuyang asked for directions all the way. After seven or eight twists and turns, he finally arrived at the neighborhood where Ling Miao’s parents lived.

Knock knock. A clear knock came from the door. Ling Miao thought agitatedly, Has he arrived?

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