Chaleuria welcomes Deep In the Act!


The month of October brings us new tidings.
Whilst many await the end of the month for their annual horror movies with their pumpkin chai lattes, we at Chaleuria have decided that we’ll dedicate a new novel to those who can’t deal with horror (aka scaredy-cats like me! Who else has those issues too? :P).

We are pleased to introduce our latest addition, Deep in the Act by Tongzi. Kotoni who helms this project (many of whom will recognize her as the translator in training from TLCPS) introduced it to me a few months ago and I fell absolutely in love with the story.

Haven’t you’ve ever wondered what could potentially happen when an actor gets too in-character? We’ve seen method actors on screen go to great lengths but how much is too much? Here, Tongzi spins an intriguing tale that will keep you at the edge of your seats.


The story:

In an attempt to diversify his career, Zhang Zhun agrees to co-star with award-winning actor, Chen Hsin.

When their eyes meet – before the camera, according to the script – Zhang Zhun feels the tips of his fingers go numb.

Who is he?
Has he become Gao Zhun? Or is he still Zhang Zhun?
Who is this before him?
Is it Fang Chi? Or is it Chen Hsin?

When the filming comes to an end, the characters will recover, the actors’ passion will fade, and they will forget each other eventually as they return to their individual paths.

In the end, how should they make sense of it all?
Have they truly been hopelessly and deliriously in love?
Or have they simply lost themselves too deeply in the act?


As this is a meatier piece, we will be splitting the chapters in half. However, we still intend to give you the full experience so our current schedule is Monday – Saturday. Enjoy~