IPC Chapter 4: A Godly Woman

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 4: A Godly Woman

“Uncle Xiao, this is the Northern Ling District?”

After the fighter jet had flown for roughly an hour and forty minutes at medium-low speed, Lei Jue caught sight of an expanse of snow outside. Even though Lin City had clearly abounded with greenery, silvery frost had already blanketed the ground here. Also, because of the difference in time, it was currently light outside. If it were based on Lin city’s times, it should be about nine o’clock at night right now, but after his communicator had automatically adjusted itself according to his coordinates, the displayed time was 10:02 a.m. However, this also allowed him to observe the scenery during the journey.

“That’s right. Are you afraid of the cold, Little Jue? The Northern Ling district’s average temperature is lower than all four of the other districts. If you’re sensitive to the cold, you must put on some more clothes in the future.” Xiao Zhicheng pointed to the landscape outside. “We should be above the Tiger Bone Mountain right now, and we’ll arrive home very soon.”

“Grandmother’s anxious to see you, too,” Luo Yuling said, smiling. “But, when we arrive in a moment, don’t rush down at first, so you can avoid catching a cold from being hot one moment and cold the next. I’ll get someone to bring you thicker clothes first.”

“Thank you, aunty.” Lei Jue clasped his hands, looking forward to his new residence a little.

Not long after, the fighter jet gradually slowed down. About two minutes later, Lei Jue saw a city area; they’d probably reached the Northern Ling District’s biggest city—Bulacca City. The Xiao family was just south of Bulacca City. There was a mountain in the south, and the Xiao Residence, a large manor, was built on this mountain. Due to the low temperature, they didn’t use the special crystalline glass that the Lei family used, but something akin to reinforced concrete for their buildings, which Lei Jue was a bit more familiar with. The windows they used were French windows, too. It gave him an indescribable feeling of familiarity.   

Housekeeper Fu Bo, having received the instructions earlier, was already outside, carrying an overcoat. When the fighter jet landed on the ground, he hurriedly came forward to greet them. “Marshal, Madam, you’ve had a tiring journey. This would be Young Master Lei Jue, right?” The housekeeper quickly placed the overcoat in Lei Jue’s hands. “The days are cold here, you must be wary of catching a cold.”

“Thank you.

“This is Fu Bo, our housekeeper. He was originally the captain of Grandfather’s guards.” Luo Yuling led Lei Jue inside the house. Upon seeing the kindly-looking old woman inside the room, she smiled. “Mum, we’ve brought Little Jue back.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Grandmother Xiao,” Lei Jue greeted her, his tone neither haughty nor servile, and, following the older woman’s gesture, he sat down across from her. 

“You look even better than in the photos, just like your mother,” Grandmother Xiao said, beaming. “That’s right, how come I don’t see Lingyu?”

“He ran off halfway.” Xiao Zhicheng accepted the medicine handed to him by the servants, and after taking it, helplessly said, “Who knows where he went off to fool around.”

“This child, he’s already registered, yet he’s still not sensible enough to stay at home and keep Little Jue company. I’ll scold him later.”

“Don’t blame Big Brother Lingyu, Grandmother Xiao,” Lei Jue darkly called out the painful address. Good thing that he was younger than Xiao Lingyu anyway, “Big Brother Lingyu might have something to do.” He’d cry if Xiao Lingyu had actually come back to keep him company. It was a good thing that he and Xiao Lingyu—that lecher—only looked amiable on the surface, whereas they didn’t actually get along in reality. If they did, then oh boy, it’d be exciting alright. It didn’t matter whether they were interested or not right now, but if they really did get together, Lei Jue would only be bulldozed over by Xiao Lingyu. Although Xiao Lingyu didn’t have any abilities, the guy had a rank S physique—crushing him, with his double-E rankings, between his fingertips would be easier than stepping on an ant. 

“Look at this kid, how kind and how loveable he is.”

“Indeed. You guys slowly chat, I still have a few things to do, so I’ll take my leave and deal with them.” Xiao Zhicheng went out, along with the people in his guard. 

“Little Jue, are you tired?” Seeing her husband walk out, Luo Yuling said, “If you feel jet lag, you should sleep first. If you’re still not tired, I’ll get someone to take your measurements. We can pick the styles you like, order a few sets of clothing, and get someone to bring you some clothes you can wear for now.”

“I’m not tired yet, but won’t this cost you too much?” Lei Jue could feel his balls hurting at the thought of his twenty galactic dollars.

“How could this cost too much? We brought you into the Xiao family in order to treat you well.”

“Thank you, Aunty. Actually, you guys have already greatly helped me by bringing me here.” These were words from his heart. A camel who’d died from starvation was still bigger than a horse—even if the Xiao family really did show signs of weakening, it was still more powerful than most families. If he really could live a stable life here, it’d be heaven compared to the Lei family. Now, he was just waiting on the results of the election. If the Xiao family’s attitude towards him remained unchanged, regardless of whether Lei Jianwei succeeded in becoming the Minister, then he’d made the right choice in coming here. 

“There’s no need for thanks, family members shouldn’t act like strangers.” Luo Yuling dragged Lei Jue over to sit next to the old lady. “Mom, I plan on buying Little Jue some clothes. You should come along with us and see if there’s anything you like. We can order it together.”

“Huh, I’m already at this age, what would I buy new clothing for? You two can go check things out, I’ll just take the chance to join in on the excitement.” The old madam was all smiles as she shopped with her daughter-in-law, sharing a few opinions from time to time. 

Lei Jue still didn’t quite understand what was in style here, not to mention that most of what the original owner of his body wore were Lei Haige’s old clothes, so he still really didn’t have any clue about clothing. 

In the end, with the help of Luo Yuling and Grandmother’s advice, Lei Jue chose a total of four outfits to wear during the current season. Then, in holographic mode, he sent his clothing sizes to an haute couture house. By the time he had sent it, the entire morning and afternoon had passed. He wasn’t sure if it was because he’d slept for too long in the Regeneration Capsule, but he still didn’t really feel any drowsiness. 

Luo Yuling had a servant prepare some fruit and snacks. Lei Jue had only just eaten some when a robot courier arrived outside with the clothes, not even an hour after the order was placed. Lei Jue tried them on and everything fit quite well. He chose a slightly thicker outfit and put it on, then went for a stroll around the garden. The size of the grounds here was more than double that of the Lei family’s, and he couldn’t have made his way through everything in such a short period of time. There were patrols and lookouts every few steps, as well; the security was much tighter than at the Lei residence.   

“You might not be too used to it at first, but you’ll slowly get better.” Luo Yuling said, smiling. “Do you want to go see the animals your Big Brother Lingshu keeps? Many of them are unique to the Northern Ling District.”

“Big Brother Lingshu?” 

“The third child in our family. Your Uncle Xiao and I have five children in total. The eldest is called Lingqin, the second Lingqi, the third Lingshu, the fourth Linghua, and the fifth Lingyu. Apart from the eldest, the rest are all boys. Your Elder Brother Lingshu has enjoyed picking up small strays and bringing them home to keep ever since he was a child. You’ll know when you see it in a moment. There are so many species, I guarantee that it’ll blow your mind.”

“Your words are making me curious now, since I really like little animals.”

Lei Jue thought back to his days on Mount Fanjing, and he missed it a little. He’d been an orphan since he was a child. Later on, when he was adopted, he’d been sent back to the orphanage again because his adoptive parents had unexpectedly been blessed with a child after having tried for many years without success. After that, he’d never been adopted again—he had grown old, and everyone held the opinion that, because older children already had various experiences, it’d be harder to raise them so that they were close to you. Thus, nobody had adopted him. Later, under the recommendations of the orphanage director, he’d joined the military for two years, and after getting wounded on a mission he went to Mt. Fanjing.

He’d basically interacted with animals every day on Mount Fanjing, or he’d be with a vet, so he’d always been quite close to animals and was familiar with this stuff. 

“Excuse me, Aunty, someone seems to be calling me.” His communicator suddenly vibrated, and Lei Jue felt it. 

“Is it the Lei family?”

“No.” Lei Jue lifted his wrist and glanced at it. It was Feng Gu. That guy had switched paramours for the sake of profit, yet could never resist trying to have his cake and eat it too. 

“Take the call, I’ll go have a look ahead.” Luo Yuling didn’t display any hints of surprise or displeasure upon seeing that the caller was Feng Gu. Instead, she left very politely.

“Wait, Aunty,” Lei Jue called out to Luo Yuling, making her stop. “I don’t want this communicator anymore and I don’t recognize this caller, so could you please think of a way to help me destroy it?” He felt unhappy at the thought that the thing might be kept under surveillance by the Lei family, so he decided to change communicators.

“There isn’t any data you’ve saved or anything else important in here right?”

“There isn’t.” Because Lei Jue had always been watched by Lei Haige when he’d been alive, he’d had zero privacy to speak of, so Lei Jue didn’t save anything either. “Oh, right, there’s that marriage registration number and the information on pre- and postnatal care of young plant category ability users.”

“That’s simple, just get Lingyu to send you a copy later.” Luo Yuling took the communicator. “Are you sure you don’t want it?”


Crack! Luo Yuling crushed the communicator with her bare hands. She tossed the remains to the ground, then shouted, “Bao En, come and clean up the trash!”

“Yes Madam!”  

Robots really are machines, after all, Lei Jue thought. They can’t grasp the main point at all. Was the trash the main point? Wasn’t the main point that there was a woman here who crushed such a solid communicator into pieces in one go?!

“Tsk! You child, what are you so surprised for?” When Luo Yuling turned her head and caught sight of Lei Jue’s expression, she laughed and said, “Didn’t your Elder Brother Lei Jue tell you who he got his S rank physique from?”


“All of the children in our family have S-rank physiques, we are one-of-a-kind in the Empire,” Luo Yuling said, a little smugly. “They all inherited it from me.”

I feel as if I’ve lost my sense of security six times over! Lei Jue thought.